Deepwater Horizon


2016, PG-13,  blu-ray,  1:47  directed by Peter Bergsstars  Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russel, John Malkovich,  Gina Rodriguez, Brad Leland

Based on true events of the April 20th 2010  BP Deepwater  oil rig. The drama recounts the horrific experience of the crew of 126 on board and the courage that saved many lives. All due to the inept executives who want to save a few bucks by not keeping up maintenance on the rig.

Loved the daughter in this for the short time we got to see her in the beginning. I give her presentation an A+!  Makes me miss kicking butt in my grade school Science fairs! (never got to do a volcano like I wanted but what I did always seemed to get an A and an A+ anyway!)

John Malkovich and Brad Leland play the dips who basically cause the Big Problem  spill.

This was an interesting telling of what happened  in the moments of the accident all due to greedy ignorant incompetant Executives that never listen to their underlings. (Serves your asses  right when you lose money)

it took ( I think I heard) 11 lives and The spill lasted 87 days  (doing who knows what to the aquatic life)  I forget did any of these people go to jail?



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The Hateful Eight

by Quentin Tarintino 2015  R  3hrs Crime drama mystery Western                                                                                                                                             stars  Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russel, Channing Tatum, Zoe Bell


I don’t see why the masses ‘loved’ this movie.  It was such a yawner, watching golf or paint dry would have been more interesting.

Who the hell did the make-up FX, they should be fired & “never work in this town again’.  The blood looks like iodine or spraying tan (you know when people are more orange looking than tan…)  and yes I can do better I am the queen of halloween after all. It such an orange brown color as though rust has turned to liquid.

I never liked those who complain about the length of a movie considering the cost of a ticket alone (a matinee is $11!)  I don’t even want to know how much General Admission is. but for the setting and talking mostly taking place in a cabin with a good sized group of people… I may as well watch Phonebooth again. This was too long even if you get to working on some crafts or playing games on the computer or something while watching it. It’s time I will sadly not get back, I’d rather have rewatched one of my favorite movies in my home library.

I didn’t see what all the hype was about but all the yelling started  to annoy me. I did have one or 2 laughs at a couple of lines but that’s all. Not even memorable enough to be able to get them written down.


Maybe I need it to be December when nothing is on other than holiday specials repeats then it might be interesting, or so I hope.




Furious 7

2015 PG-13 2:08 starring Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

Michelle Rodriguez, Tyreese Gibson, Ludacris, Dwayne Johnson Kurt Russel

Torettos crew of racers return to the u.s. to settle down but Declare is out for revenge. His brother left from fighting for his life in a hospital bed.

WAIT what kind of car has Neptune’s Trident as its emblem? I’ve never seen that before.


“They say we live in the hearts we leave behind…”

“I was reading your files and really impressed with your team; but meeting them, now…you truly have a gift”- Russell’s agent

A fave moment was the crew in Russell’s team’s workshop and s#!+ how do you top the tank stunt screen from last movie? Hint..(I’m singing) free fallin. A+ on that!

I think theres more cars in this movie than the past ones. As usual one giant car commercial!

I kept getting anxious in parts as i had forgotten that production had ended before Paul’s accident happened, so the part with the convoy had me freaking out and a couple others. Happy to say his character gets a happy ending and was classy,tho I think doing more movies wouldnt be.

Statham and Diesel fight…” What tools”😆

Can’t they do a spin-off with Ludacris and Tyreese? If i watch the movies beyond this one it would just be for their comedic refrain.

Great fight. Paul walker vs. Martial arts assassin “too slow” guy

“Woman i am the calvary” -the rock

Forget the name if that rare car in abu dabi but that was intense.

Paul’s Last scene (and the mock up of him) abd the look back on some scenes from the previous movies along with the song written for the movie after his death made me start crying.

I didn’t want to see the movie and tried to out it off as long as possible as imknewnits Paul’s last and thought I probably wouldnt be able to enjoy it with a geavy heart.

There were some parts i enjoyed Even tho i believe they were in the trailer i watched maybe once or twice, as i boycotted trailers after seeing them once or twice, cause they just make me sick of the movie
(like what i am currently experiencing with batman vs superman…over shown. even though i have ignored it, i hear it every commercial break it seems. so even trying to avoid trailers that may show too much…hearing them
Too often doesnt help at the point i dont think i want to see it so ben as bat boy is the first strike (basevall not bowling)
Against and now this

I alsobdidnt mind the rock in it this time and the stunts topped those of the past. I felt indifferent while watching with a bleeding heart for paul so a B but likely an A if tradgedy had not put a damper on watching