2016    PG-13      Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams, Forster Witacker, Ian Donnaly     1:56

Adams plays linguist Louise Banks who is approached by the military for her language skills after the landing of multiple space craft ‘land’  all across the globe. They haven’t actually landed as last I checked, you need to TOUCH the land to do so, but more parked themselves hoovering feet above.

Not sure I should mention what the aliens look like but then that WOULD be a spoiler!

The movie starts out interesting enough, aside from the fact of all the ships ‘landing’ making me think it was going to turn out to be a knock off of Independence day. However the movie declines for me the last half of the movie.

The whole time I thought the governments and military should only be a support system as a small group NOT running the whole damn thing. The aliens speak in what looks like a bunch of Oroborus designs

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Captain America: Civil War


2016  Action, Adventure, Sci-fi, superheroes, Comic adaptation  146 minutes

Chris Evans,, Robert Downey Jr. ,Sebastian Stan Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, & the rest of the usual suspects  add Paul Rudd as Ant-man and Chadwick Boseman as the Black Panther + too many more to list…  via IMDB
Directed by Anthony & Joe Russo one of which makes a cameo!


News Update…July 5th captain-america-civil-war-blu-ray-includes-the-usual-bonus-features-plus-a-doctor-strange-preview/

…..Captain America: Civil War Crosses $400 Million At U.S. Box .

“Captain America: Civil War” Blasts Off to $200.2 Million Internationally

Captain America: Civil War Projected For Top Five Opening Weekend  Forget top 5 I’d say #1

Captain America: Civil War #1 Movie In The World TV …

Passes Deadpool at the Box office

Captain America: Civil War Wins Second Weekend At Box Office,


The Preview


Here’s my reviews of Captain America : The First Avenger and Winter Soldier

The Short of it…..Political interference puts our heroes at odds and  pits them against one another.

Fearing the past actions of our superheroes (it’s not like they hurt you, they saved your asses you traitors) our government wasn’t to pass a bill for the “Ant-hero registration act” which limits the heroes actions (& therefore likely with the limitations may not actually be able to help you or the world when in need). This leaves the Avengers divided. After his F** up with Ultron, Tony Stark is pro-act…that if it doesn’t happen cities would keep on being destroyed (I don’t see any way that could be avoided when you have an alien invasion going on). Cap with more common sense feels as though the government can’t be relied upon to protect the world. (They can’t protect us all… not with all those protocols, and going through the ranks to send an order by then the earth may no longer exist!)

Choose your side

Team Iron Man Iron Man, Black Panther, Vision, Black Widow, War Machine, and Spiderman

Captain America: Civil War Producer Explains Why Black Widow Chose Team Iron Man

Team Captain America (Captain America, Bucky Barnes, Falcon, Sharon Carter, Scarlett Witch, Hawkeye, and Ant Man

How they recruited Spiderman and Black Panther

How Spider-Man Joined The Marvel Cinematic Universe

5 Times Captain America Was Your Favorite Avenger

Chris Evans Discusses Captain America’s Global Message, Making More Marvel Movies

 The Review

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Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

2015 PG-13 2:11 Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Ving Rymes


That ‘so big’ stunt that was so hyped up and talked about with the plane dangle… it’s the beginning of the movie it’s not even a climactic one.  and being we saw it 5000 times before the movie came out it was worthless in the story, now if it happened in the middle or around the ending and not really have been in the trailer other than maybe a blink and miss it… THEN it would have been a payoff!

(do I have to go on another trailer rant?! Don’t put the whole movie in it… just tell us the plot and leave it at that let word of mouth help you cause hype like assume makes you look like an ass in the end!)

The IMF has been absorbed into the CIA which Alec Baldwin is the head I think. Ethan hunt is tracting down the syndicate and trying to also prove they exist.  What goes for jokes in this are the sort you’d SAY is funny without laughing or just a ha.  They dion’t muster enough of a tickle for  a giggle, chuckle or actual laugh (ie: ‘The Funny scale’)

ok that last joke  was a good one actually got a sound out of me at least, what the joke was… don’t remember and I didn’t want to ruin it so I didn’t even note it (or what scene it was in)  I do hope this is the last one, but somehow I doubt that.

For me the series needs to go away for 3-5 years and have someone OTHER than Tom Cruise as the lead…    C-