2015   R  1:26

Five American friends go to Panama where the Surf’s Up!

Pleasure turns to terror when they come face to face with the crypto bloodsucking beast known as Chupacabra.

From Descriptions, I’ve heard or images seen the creature usually looks somewhat like a dog type animal, some look like a werewolf, or gremlin, or alien bat-like creatures. None of those are scary looking, this one looks more like a ghoul but scary. I did see one image that was close or spot on to the one in the movie so I figured it was conceptual art for it.

Maybe a better way to explain the chupacabra in the movie is sort of what the creature in the Decent looked like. Anyway so I wish I could get an 8×10 or bigger of this things face to put in a window at Halloween,or maybe to just chase solicitors away.

Now aside from what the creature looks like (besides humaniod) there’s a part where its in a cave where I was pausing it on and off and when I saw it Just went DAMN!

The really scary bit (at least for anyone who has ever broken a bone… is toward the end. I had a tear come to my eye and flinched when it happened. Any time someone breaks something in a movie or show I wince. Can’t help it.

Moral of the story, sometimes its best to listen to he voice or reason, and not break promises. Stick with the tourist traps as the trail left un-traveled leads to psychos and mythic creatures that will eat you.

The may have avoided all that if they listened to me and stayed at the waterfall!