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Now see… I’m not happy about the new Mummy remake..(reboot whatever) and I come across this   How 2017 s THE Mummy would look in black and white    and it pisses me off even more!!!I hope they do some sort of release where it’s in black and white (or maybe somehow release 2 versions) becasue the black and white one actually looks creepy. The color version just like any other movie. I doubt this will be as good as Dracula Un-told which is supposed to be part of the shared universe as it was from Universal pictures. I just really don’t like the casting for the other monsters. maybe Jarvier Bardem is ok for Frankenstein for his height and stature but the rest really think they should have went with at least 30 somethings.

Bat signal shines in Honor of Adam West TVs Batman

Game of thrones trailer….

Game of Thrones 7 LOT of visual effects    &   character posters 

Vampire couple ties knot

The 5 Killer Shark movies you need to see (this summer )


does sean bean really die more than other actors?  Considering those in the top 3 of dying in movies… and ‘The BEan’ as I call him is still kicking around… I think it would be safe to say he is likely to beat them out!


‘American Gods’ EP on what to expect in season 2: ‘Be very worried for Shadow Moon’

NHL has  partnered with Addias here’s what the Devils’ Look like 

The Most Depressing Movies ever made 

News 8 – May Day

Ok so I thought I had published this already (or at least had it scheduled) but then again I have not been on the computer much this week. Really just on the Kindle and I don’t like working on the blogs on that.

Anyway Happy Late Mothers day to all of you and In case I don’t get another news post out before hand, I hope you have a happy Memorial day weekend

Arrow’s Stephen Amell get’s his wish!! He will be on American Ninja Warrior May 25th 



Did Lego Just Spoil Another Superhero Movie By Releasing Its ‘Justice League’ Toy Set Early?

Marvels Inhuman’s come to life

Dark Tower trailer and POsters


Game of Thrones could get 4 spin-offs 

THE THING board Game

avengers infinity war harry potter hogwarts durham


travis-fimmel-named-2016-most-handsome-australian-actor-vikings-season-5-alum-beats-out-chris-hemsworth-hugh-jackman maybe NOW he’ll be in the Sexist Man issue?!!?!?


Rosanne Revival

Game of Thrones  Who has a Valerian Steel?

Gal Gadot: ‘Of course’ Wonder Woman is a feminist


Early On Thursday the 18th the news came out Lead singer of Chris Cornell lead singer of Grunge rock band SoundGarden, Audioslave and was even part of Temple of the Dog   (and that ‘Jesus Christ Pose’ was found dead.

Later on that night I came across an article it said it was an apparent suicide


6 News

Arrow: Manu Bennett Will Return as Deathstroke Despite the Actor’s Public Denial

Worst Main Characters from TV shows


Big little lies

Major Villain from Doctor Who past returning to series?

Deathstroke returning to Arrow


Why Guillermo del Toro is not directing Pacific Rim 2

New Game of Thrones character posters 

Venom Movie Listed As Horror-Science Fiction

Power Rangers Cast Lobbying For Green Ranger To Be Female WHY Not the black or Blu Rangers??

5 Action Movies That Deserve A TV Reboot

And the Next James bond is… My Vote is for Tom but I’m still PRO-CAVIL


Justice League Trailer Proves Marvel’s Superior Strategy
The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand Nails Hilarious Movie Impressions With A Twist
Spider-Man: Homecoming – Official Trailer #2 Teaser [HD]

Small Blackend Cyber News

To my fellow Viking ‘kin’ Don’t forget Tonight the 2nd half of season 4 returns



Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix In December



The Walking Dead’s Alanna Masterson Puts Body Shaming Trolls In Their Place

Cryptic Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Images Appear…But Are They Real?


20 Incredible Movie Easter Eggs You Never Noticed

Meet Admiral Raddus, the ‘Rogue One’ Character Inspired by Winston Churchill

‘Game of Throne’ star Emilia Clarke joins ‘Star Wars’ universe with young Han Solo movie

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News Skwad

Currently in the theater waiting for Suicide Squad to start, will post review asap If I cannot get it done today I may have to post it on sunday or monday as this is a busy weekend for me

Remembering Wes Craven On His Birthday   August 2nd, 2016

Jared Leto Wants His Joker In Ben Affleck’s Batman Movie


J.K. Rowling Says No More Harry Potter Stories After Cursed …

01 got share candidate dt
HBO Wants You To Vote In Game Of Thrones Election



New Pokemon Go Bug Causes Pokemon to Transform After They’re …
August 2nd, 2016

Niantic Labs Releases Statement on Recent Pokemon Go Updates

No, Legendary Pokemon Have Not Sprung Up in Pokemon Go

X-Men’s Legion Seemingly Confirmed As Part Of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Pokemon Go Shuts Down Pokevision and Other Tracking Apps



Here’s the Thor Ragnarok Teaser but note its not that great of a recording

The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Reveals Where We Find Rick …

11 Sega Genesis Video Games That Should Be Movies By Now

Star Trek” Icons Celebrate 50 Years of Going Where No One Has Gone Before

Why “Suicide Squad” Replaced King Shark With Killer Croc


It’s Official: “Game of Thrones” Will End With Season 8

10 FInished Films Never released 

Winter Is Coming On The Walking Dead

‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’: Bookstores prepare generation-spanning release parties

10 Times Superheroes Suffered Amnesia and Ended Up Better For It



Phantasm Ravager    (wait that will only be the 5th movie in the series?  WOW!)

New & Re-Release for your video library


Check Out The Trailer for Blumhouse & M. Night Shyamalan’s Newest Movie! – Blumhouse.com


No, Legendary Pokemon Have Not Sprung Up in Pokemon Go

Arrow’s Colton Haynes joins Scream Queen season 2

Q&A: James Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd on How to Save Moviegoing

News Round Up

What Do Fans Really Want From R-Rated Superhero Movies?

TMNT 2’s Brian Tee Wants to Play Namor for Marvel …

Fox Issues Official Apology Over Controversial X-Men: Apocalypse Ad

Infinity Gauntlet Oven Mitt Recalled By Loot Crate For

Injustice 2 GAME Trailer Released

First Look At Hogwarts In Harry Potter And The Cursed …

Purcell injured on set of Prison Break

Here Is What Tom Welling Could Look Like As Superman

Stephen Amell Teases Four Night DC TV Crossover Event

John Boyega Joins Pacific Rim 2

Th walking dead will be forever changed by Negan’s arrival 

TMNT 2 Stars Stephen “Sheamus” Farrelly and Gary Anthony Williams ..

Lea Thompson Is Returning To Howard The Duck

‘Game of Thrones’: Ian McShane breaks his silence on secret role

Chris Evans Weighs In On Brie Larson As Captain Marvel NO I want Katheryn Winick!

Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, & Anthony Mackie Want X-Men To …

Hayley Atwell Is 100 Percent Up For Doing More Agen

Sheamus Talks Winning Money In The Bank And Shooting TMNT .

Hopkins Transformers
Anthony Hopkins Joins Transformers: The Last Knight
June 3rd, 2016
Jones Queen
Stephen Amell Picks Who Wins In A Fight Between Green …
June 3rd, 2016
arrow smith
Stephen Amell Would Love To Have Kevin Smith In Arrow …

Sheamus Wants To Be On The Walking Dead Or Game ..

Josh Brolin Says Playing Thanos Makes Him ‘Nervous,’ Requires ‘Imagination’

Suicide Squad Officially Rated PG-13

Fuller House Has Bigger Ratings Then The Walking Dead

 Justice League Movie Official Title Revealed By Geoff Johns

Stan Lee Cameos In New Yoga Hosers Trailer

“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” Tops “X-Men: Apocalypse” at Sluggish U.S. Box Office

CBR’s top stories for June 4, 2016

Fandom Isn’t Broken, But It May Have Road Rage

News reel

Honestly I really think this was ‘scripted’ as no one seems to actually feel Awkward etc. and man ‘Hodor’ really is a big guy!

First Movie Filmed on Snapchat, ‘Sickhouse’ Starring Andrea Russett, Debuts on Vimeo

game-of-thrones-fan-has-awkward-moment-when-he-asks-hodor-actor to hold the door

First Sharknado: The 4th Awakens Teaser Trailer Released

Cursed Child reveals first look at Harry, Ginny and Albus Potter in character

Thor: Ragnarok To Reportedly Have Planet Hulk Element In It

Alien Covenant  

Filming is currently well-underway on Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel, and this week we got our first glimpse at Katherine Waterston’s Daniels. [Read more…    

Beauty & the Beast  The first teaser for Disney’s live action Beauty And The Beast is online now, and it’s conquered the first Force Awakens trailer in views… [Read more…

First Look at DC Rebirth Designs For Bizarro, Red Robin, Batman Beyond & MoreFans React To Harry Potter And The Cursed Child First

Arrow Season 5 To Introduce New Vigilante

Game Of Thrones To Have Shorter Season 7 Says Director

First Look At Draco And Scorpius Malfoy In Harry Potter 

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Reveals How Game Of Thrones’ …

The following is a WARCRAFT review.. I have not read it so I don’t know if it knocks the movie or not but i do try to be fair  and bring you all the ones I can if you are interested Though I prefer to choose for my ownself and NOT read or listen to any reviews until I see the movie.


Warcraft: The Beginning

Duncan Jones’ videogame adaptation “embraces Warcraft’s world with laudable commitment: but when it comes to charging it with life, sheer bulk gets the better.” [Read more…]

CBR’s top stories for May 29, 2016

CBR’s Guide to Comic Book Television





New Suicide Squad Posters Revealed

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Explains What A Cliffhanger Is

Aquaman Director James Wan Weighs In On Batman v Superman ..

Brevoort Talks “Captain America’s” Shocking, Controversial Twist

Hot on the heels of Guillermo del Toro’s Twitter-evangelising of Halloween director John Carpenter came news that Carpenter will exec-produce the series’ 10th sequel, due 2017. [Read more…]