Strange but True VAMPIRES from Beyond the Grave – Rowan Wilson

Vampires: Blood Suckers from Beyond the Gravewith a copyrite in the 1990s

“What is a vampire” The theoretical start of this book asks. It covers mostly the metaphoric sort rather than the fictional.  It goes through some old cases more of superstition because at the time the decay rate was not known as it is now, it then goes into that its a type of possession (oh so wait I’m possessed not Obsessed?)

The book in the chapter ‘Monsters of the carpathians covers the story of Vlad Dracul and Elizabeth Bathory however I am not sure how reliable this book is as some of the 2 stories sound different to what I’ve read once before but there is also additional information that I had not read before either so I’m not sure about this book.  Then there’s the chapter on Vampire murderers Vincenz Verenzi, Peter Kurten, Fritz Haarmann, and Wayne Boden  and the flesh eaters Jeffery Dahmer and Issei Sagawa. as I said it’s more along the lines of the metaphoric vampire of blood lust, sex or drug addiction.

There’s also a quick look ay vampire in Fiction with the original Vampyr and Varney the Vampire: Feast of Blood. (Both of which I have on my kindle to get to.. Varney as it was part of the Penny Dreadfuls clocks in at 800 something pages) as well as Dracula which put the vampire story on the map. There’s also vampires in Film as well. There’s also miscellany facts strewn through out the book in boxes

The writing is decent enough but I feel some of the information is repeated so I would get a little confused thinking I was re-reading the same thing over. Maybe they didn’t take such good notes, (or couldn’t read them so well) Otherwise I got through it just fine. It was an interesting read if all the facts were right (even the variations in the stories of Vlad and Bathory.

It’s a short read

Dog Gone, Back Soon by Nick Trout

Dog Gone, Back Soon (Cyrus Mills, #2)    Fiction, Animals, Humor, Romance

Wait how did a fish write a book?!?!!

Mom has one of those Reader’s Digest large print  book subscriptions. She had a few laughs at this and told me a couple of them. At the start (just a chapter or so in) a big Mastiff comes in, the kid Stu made brownies tells the vet its that chocolate toxicity when in fact it was pot brownies! The dog ate the plate of them!

Being as the book large print books mom gets are 2 in one and therefore condensed, when I got to the end of the book I was just like that’s all? That’s the end? I enjoyed reading the book but wasn’t happy with the ending as it felt like it was someone brushing lint off their shoulder.

I do think it would be cool as a movie tho (maybe a tv movie would end up on Hallmark or some girly station that would be awfully written and acted.

I’d say get the real book, as this just felt like it was missing something but I’m guessing it was just the filler.

Get the paperback, or kindle version here


How to get a date with a vampire

Paranormal Fiction humor


This came out when I was either in my last year of Junior High or my first year of high school. I would stare at it every time I went into Walden-books, hoping it would be on sale and I could afford it (on my allowance…do kids still get those?)

You can tell just by what the female cover model is wearing that it’s from late 80s or early 90s, so now I have officially just put a date on myself.

So one day in my travels I came across a copy in the Goodwill store. You would think I found a buried treasure! I held onto the book like someone was gonna steal it from and and I’d have to fight for it!


“Vampires are everywhere, if you know where to look, and they are yours for the taking, if you know what to do”


The books tells you How to spot a vampire, Breaking the ice as well as their type and I don’t mean blood type, How to meet the family and so on. Oh yeah and they seem to have this natural affinity for the damaged and fragile.

The writing had a nice flow except when the author had to put some broken French or Italian in there while mentioning some wine or something.. I enjoyed the book, but I think I would have more so when I was younger.

as I sort of mentioned the time it came out (the book says ©1990) it is a bit dated and I wish an update could be done with the way the dating scene is now. I read a couple of the GoodReads comments and no one seemed to get the humor, unless it was all those parts with the broken language. I see the humor part being it is a guide to dating  vampires. I know they were probably actually looking for jokes within the writing which I guess, like me, you just need to be a ‘Vampire girl’ to get the humor!  (as my friends sit stone faced in movie theaters during a vampire movie like Blade… and I’m the one laughing at the jokes and they have no clue why its funny!

(no I’m not saying I stalk the night in search of blood, I have just always gotten ‘Vampire humor’ you know like there’s English humor or ironic humor and morbid humor…yep! I’m the one that laughs at the morbid, ironic Vampire humor! )

I had no expectations of the book which was good, I mean how good can this sort be, especially getting it decades after it was written? I will be saving it for another read in the future and putting it with my vampire book collection!(call me a Vampirologist!?!?)

I also would have appreciated her making up ‘Vampire zodiac signs’ as she phrased that the zodiac signs were different instead of just libra its ‘the libra vampire) what she wrote for those…. (well I only read my scorpio one) sounds exactly like the real scorpio traits! Why not make something up (and be actually original) and make up some up like make up constellations or just use ones that aren’t as popular :::checks out my planisphere) like Phoenix and Draco … woujld be PERFECT for  vampire a  zodiac signs!) mmm maybe that’s an idea for something in my Vampire Bible  (you can find it on  There’s a post but the PAGE in the menu is the one you really want!)

L is for Lawless by Sue Grafton

L is for Lawless (Kinsey Millhone, #12)

Crime/ Mystery  adventure

Cast of Characters    Kinsey Millhone   Ray Rawson  Gilbert   Laura Rawson  Helen Rawson

Kinsey is a twice divorced no kids Licensed P.I. (private Investigator) who while on vacation (for a friend’s wedding) is hired pro bono to get down to the bottom of why Bucky can’t seem to get the benefits his grandfather is owed from being in the air-force. So far the military etc cannot ‘identify’ him. (as in find his military records, as the family does not know his serial numbers etc…) He had no money but an old friend Lawson shows up. He wants to rent the place out, though it is not yet available. He’s pretty mysterious and is not telling Kinsey everything he knows.

Chester and Bucky are dipsticks, good for nothing but checking the oil IF that.  When Kinsey stakes out their place and sees someone leave with a duffle bag, she goes in pursuit to get to the bottom of things.  First, she has to be atop everything., the duffle is going on a plane though for some reason I thought this might be a red herring. As after the person leaves the scene of the crime, they pick someone up and leave with what looks like the same duffle. So what is the deal?

Not only is it a mystery thriller, but is a bit of an adventure as well as it takes Kinsey to Texas and Louisville. Plus somewhat of a scavanger hunt or I should say treasure hunt
. I pretty much saw the end coming and speaking of which I could have just rad 3-5 of the beginning chapters and just the last 2 of the 226 page novel as there’s 25-50 pages of story that was really not needed.

The main deal is getting through the first half of the book, it took me a few days over a month to read as it started out slow and was built up too much and too long. The last 1-2 chapters is where the story actually ends. everything to me between the chapters mentioned is really filler (aside from a couple of clues)

This was the thinnest book (I have on hand)  in the series so I thought it would be a nice test run to see if I liked the writing. it’s ok, but definitely the rest of the books are better to read when I am not trying to read a lot of books so I can make a dent in my pile!

Addition by Toni Jordan

Bought this book from my cousin before she moved to New Zealand years ago. Though I don’t think its part of a series, I’m still reading it, as when I’m not sure what series to read, I pull a slip of paper from my little trinket box, to help me decide what sort of book to read. I don’t remember what it was

Started this on  January 16th

Finished February 11

Yes I started off slow

As I mentioned on Goodreads …

Welcome inside the mind of Grace; a counter, she counts everything and some of it in an obsessive compulsive way! Where if there’s poppy seeds on her Orange cake she counts them and the number of those is the number of bites she must take to finish the cake!!! Counts the numerology of peoples names, that counting on a base of 60 is a pagan tendency.. (never heard of that.. 9 is normally the number)

Not all that great for my anxiety but I am staying with it just to test myself! Though there are times I can only read a page or 2 at a time.  There are times it makes me want to scream but most definitely need to read in a quiet environment to keep up with all the counting babble, and her panic attacks (if you want to call them that.) She counts her steps from bed to door, the length of her fingers, and so much more. She started doing this as a young child. She’s now or was a math teacher,  and tutor  and does all this un-needed counting.

Oh and nightmare twin (well sort of) her love interest  drops he used to have nightmares about snakes under his bed  and they would come out at night and crawl over him! Thankfully mine did not get so bold and go as far when I was little and dreamed there were some under my bed, and had to go to the bathroom so bad I was screaming cause I was afraid if I put my feet on the floor the snakes would get me. I woke my parents to carry me to the bathroom. To this day I see a snake and my feet reflex onto the bed!

There were a few parts of the book, that I, having delt with  depression and anxiety..and still do have felt.

For instance in my copy on page 235 Grace our Protagonist asks us to consider the number of times you see your body. In the mirror, windows as you walk, or your hands as you are typing or washing something. Your legs in bed and so on. All these times to be confronted by the sight of someone who is not you-not-your hands at the end of not your arms can fill you with a sense of dislocation each second of each minute of the day.

That is similar to how I feel only it’s not my whole body, it’s when I look in the mirror. This has only been a problem since 2011 when I has to go to the emergency room as that;s the ONLY place you can get the help you need when you are depressed! (And so the reason why many likely end up killing themselves when they are)  Since then I look at myself and I wonder who it is in the mirror. Certainly it’s not me, I feel the same inside in the sense that I am me but I have changed. I want the me that I was before 2011 back, and sadly I don’t think that will ever happen.

There’s a good thought she had that made me snicker…the ‘IDIOT’ conference

International Dickheads In Overpriced Ties

The character also explains how everyone may know E=MC2  because they heard it in school or was game show quiz answer but they don’t know what it Really means.  That being

“Matter and energy are the same  thing and everyone and everything is connected by a mathematical formula

In the back of the book there are questions for (I guess a book club) discussion!


  1. How would you describe the character of our protagonist, Grace Lisa Vandernburg? Did your Impressions of Grace change throughout the novel?
  2.  Grace can be considered an unreliable narrator, though perhaps not willfully so. How do Grace’s views on Jill her mother and Seamus differ from the views you formed as an objective reader
  3. What Parallels and differences did you discover betwen Graces life and the life of her idol Nikola Tesla?
  4. Do you think the novel is successful in presenting the perspective of someone with obsessive compulsive  disorder? Has it changed your perception of the condition?
  5. How is humor used in the novel?
  6. How and why does the tone of the novel change when grave is undergoing treatment?
  7. One one level Addition is a romantic comedy. How does it deviate  from the typical romantic comedy?
  8. Did the novel end the way you expected? Why or Why not?
  9. Is there a difference between eccentricity and insanity? Why or why not?
  10. Addition is a celebration of small things. What does this mean? What small things might you celebrate in your own life?

Friday Bind- War & Peas by Jill Churchill

War and Peas (Jane Jeffry, #8)War and Peas by Jill Churchill

A Jane Jeffry Mystery

In the Burbs outside Chicago next door neighbors Jane Jeffry and Shelley Novak Who’s (whose?) quirky community seems full of murderous intent, the two friends always seem to end up stumbling (or is it bumbling?) over corpses. They sift through the scandalous mystery of motives, agendas and gossip. It’s not all serious but it is definitely not as funny as the Stephanie Plum series.

This story there’s a Pea festival put on by the Pea museum. (really?) This year it even has some sort of war re-enactment as part of the entertainment (What does that have to do with peas? are they using pea shooters?) during which one of the museum’s employ is killed.

Why? Was it for the directors position of a small museum? Over some peas that are by name one’s inheritance or for some nasty words?

ooh it was who I thought it was, and they were my ONLY suspect. I didn’t fall for any of the Red Herrings. The writing has good a good flow definitely an enjoyable mystery. With most of the characters being likable except for a few bad apples and one really sour lemon! One of the characters, a lawyer has a very eccentric fashion sense.

I just hate that when I get off to a good start reading a book that it seems like getting the last 50 pages seems to take longer than it should, a page or 2 one day or a few more another when I should be able to read the last 50 throughout the day. But so goes life!

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How to talk to your cat about Gun Safety

The American Association of Patriots presents

How to Talk to your cat about gun safety

Genres: humor, parodies, form

When this showed up in my email, I thought it was one of the offers I get from a few different mailing lists. I read it and said WHAT? Then awwed over the cute fur-ball kitten on my cover. The cover looking a bit serious, like a pamphlet.  I wondered if it would be written in a fashion where it is humorous, serious or both.

From   Three Rivers Press, this 136 pages of  ‘political’  hot topics showed up in my mail box. How could I not give that little cutie on the cover a home?  The book covers what many of use would consider  hot button (political, religious and life) topics. Some of which sometimes fall in to more than just one of those, for instance.”Abstinence, drugs, Satanism, and other dangers that threaten their nine lives” 

After reading the first essay with ‘purr’fect puns, a few laughs at the writing and pictures of cats with guns..I’m on the 2nd topic which is evolution. Whoever actually wrote this sounds like a religious zealot or some sort if cult member to me. I am having a hard time remembering this is a humor book as it seems more serious even if you take it both ways.

Now here is where in my draft I had written my own two cents to a few things but I am trying to keep that sort of thing out of the review(or at least wait until later to include )

mentioned, there are pictures which I just wish they were in color (or at least some if them).

Now whether this ‘pawson’ is serious or not with this book, the back does say its supposed to be humor, but there’s no actual laughing moments.  Its something that could be used to teach your child about these things if  the topics were cleaned up a bit (taking out anything in here that Donald Trump would say) as they also had to include their beliefs into it (it would have been nice to have a warning  the cover…I mean after all in the 1990s they slapped explicit lyrics labels on CDs, how about religious ones so we know what we are in for? Unless you are writing a book on religion as a topic, or the story is based on it, then leave it out especially if you are already dealing with politics. (even if the book is supposed to be humorous.)

Humor or not, This should only be sold to KKK members and slavers… and maybe Trump! lol


I have received this book complimentary from Blogging for Books for this review.”


More Info        *     Author Bio

This person is an idiot, They said cats are 7 years their age, but that’s dogs. Cats are actually x5 years  their age.

As for the mention of surviving a Gaggle of Ghosts…. Holy water and crucifixes don’t work unless they are evil spirits or actually demonic (never having lived)  the only thing you could use on Ghosts if using a fire arm is stuffing it with rocksalt, as far as Supernatural goes.

Wait a minute ‘Theory of Evolution’ a myth?!?!!? I thought they had proof of evolution?   Also Creationism and Evoution are 2 different things.. If you want to believe some higher power created the universes etc… fine but after that… (Unless you watch the original 1980s ‘V’ tv series) how do you think we now have house cats and dogs? Alligators and Crocodiles are living dinosaurs!   Homo-sapiens evolving from Gorillas ( as much as I really would not like to admit it, as I don’t like them) Every animal on the earth evolved from being much bigger Sabertooth cat is now say a cougar or the largest tiger. Mosquitoes Thank gods they are no longer the size they once were when the dinosaurs were around.  So as far as the fossils, dinosaur bones etc that have been found and those modern day dinosaurs mentioned are MY proof evolution is a fact.

NOw another note I had made is if this got did his just right he would have found that cats were worshiped in Ancient Egypt as Gods and they have not forgotten this. Their god is not the christian god, they have their own and that is Bast/Bastet the Cat Goddess