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Arrow: Manu Bennett Will Return as Deathstroke Despite the Actor’s Public Denial

Worst Main Characters from TV shows


Big little lies

Major Villain from Doctor Who past returning to series?

Deathstroke returning to Arrow


Why Guillermo del Toro is not directing Pacific Rim 2

New Game of Thrones character posters 

Venom Movie Listed As Horror-Science Fiction

Power Rangers Cast Lobbying For Green Ranger To Be Female WHY Not the black or Blu Rangers??

5 Action Movies That Deserve A TV Reboot

And the Next James bond is… My Vote is for Tom but I’m still PRO-CAVIL


Justice League Trailer Proves Marvel’s Superior Strategy
The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand Nails Hilarious Movie Impressions With A Twist
Spider-Man: Homecoming – Official Trailer #2 Teaser [HD]

Thankful News

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Here’s Everything Leaving Netflix In December

Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix In December

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story TV Spot Focuses on Imperial Reign of Terror

The Walking Dead: Why Season 8 Needs to be a Reboot Does this person understand what ‘Reboot’ means?

Somehow I knew who it was all along! Alchemy’s Identity Revealed On The Flash

Full Trailer For Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow Crossover: The Dominators

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Release Date Gets Pushed Back
Florence Henderson of The Brady Bunch Fame Dies Age 82
First Full Trailer For A Series Of Unfortunate Events Released
Terminator: Extermination Animated Trailer Teases Exciting Reboot Story
The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln And Lauren Cohan Nominated For Peoples Choice Awards

Pixar Releases First Look At Cars 3

Ryan Reynolds Pleaded With Fox To Greenlight Deadpool Before Taking On Green Lantern
New Doctor Who Christmas Special Clip Shows Mysterious Superhero In Action
What Green Lantern Taught Ryan Reynolds About Deadpool
Roman Reigns Burns A Troll on Twitter

Kevin Feige Closes The Door On X-Men In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

CM Punk Might Be Returning To The UFC Soon

Scott Gimple Thinks A The Walking Dead Movie Will Happen

Arrow’s Stephen Amell Gives Update On Being Attacked By Fan
Fantastic Beasts Sequel To Feature Mysterious Major Character
Pacific Rim 2 Set Photos Show John Boyega Filming On Set
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Cast Address Big Easter Egg
Goldberg Defeats Brock Lesnar At Survivor Series In a Devastating Ending
WWE Stars React To Brock Lesnar’s Devastating Loss To Goldberg  OH SH* Knocked him on his ASS!



Not into Football But I LOVE this.. LOL

Odell Beckham Jr Wears Jared Leto Gloves To Laugh Off Critics

OMG the green Power Ranger (original) looks creepy in this

Michael Rowe, Jason David Frank On What Ninjak And Bloodshot Think Of Each Other
Voltron Season 2 Release Date Revealed

a Much more MAGICAL Fantasitc Beasts trailer… & I have that feeling I did when I first saw and read the Potter series!

Hello Kitty Wine Is A Real Thing

These ‘Horror Happy Meals’ Could Be The Perfect Way To Celebrate Halloween

THe WASP will be in Avengers 4, comfirmed by Evangeline Lily

Matt Damon Says He May Call Kevin Smith For Advice On What Comic Book Character To Play
Batman Invites Captain America To Boston


Ash Vs. Evil Dead: How To Kill A Deadite


Marvel Is Doing Something With Blade According To Kate Beckinsale

New Justice League Footage In Behind-The-Scenes Video From Zack Snyder

Marvel Netflix NYCC Panel: First Iron Fist Footage, Punisher & Defenders Cast Reveals

Lauren Graham: ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is ‘Sneakily Feminist’

The Legends of the Hidden Temple TV Movie Trailer Released
Death Race 2050 Trailer Released
Hayley Atwell Returning As Agent Carter
Marvel & Netflix Cast Sigourney Weaver As Defenders Villain

Odds & Ends: Grumpy Cat to Join Cats Cast, Idina Menzel on Frozen 2 & More

Michael Rowe, Jason David Frank On What Ninjak And Bloodshot Think Of Each Other

‘Outlander’ Season 3 First Look: Clash of the Tartans

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Martin Lawrence Says Bad Boys 3 May Start Filming In March

NYCC: Adam West’s Advice for Future Batman Actors

Doctor Who News

First photos of Kit Harrington, Gwendoline Christie and more filming Game of Thrones season 7

WOW! I remember when the show first started, ‘Green Ranger’ still looks the same, just throw a pony tail on him I think Jason David Frank & Ryan Phillippe should be in some ageless wonders museums!

Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse

I started this 26th October and it has taken me I’d bet a full month to get through as I finished it on November 28th.

I wasn’t able to gain any momentum in reading it, as the writing or the typos the editor missed (unless the person self edited which is never a good thing) ruined any as I was getting into it.

The story was about a being that was and at the same time was not physical. It fed off the negative thoughts of the people in the surrounding area, this creature s the Bah-Zokar. The creature is in the golf course (great place for negative thoughts and emotions). When an elderly woman was young she found the egg which looked like a golf ball but without the dimples.

After reading this I much prefer to watch Doctor Who rather than read another book especially if it’s from the same author A.J. Kenned.  The writing was not well at the beginning and did not flow well (and likely the reason it took me so long to read it.) and that’s with excusing the typos I ended up re-reading for the fact I thought I read it wrong.

To me just like some book to movie adaptations do not work, tv to book does not always transfer well. I know it also depending on the writing of the author. For instance:

I read a book from the Supernatural series, and it was as though the writers of the show wrote the book itself. I was wishing for the story from the book to be an actual episode, it was written so well. (there’s one other of the supernatural series books I was interested in reading as well I need to find)  now I don’t know if its on particular author that writes the books or a variety (like how there can be different directors for each episode of a TV show, but maybe that should be the case that only one author writes the stories or the person who does the writing for the show give a quick read to see if it translates well or not (like how J.K. Rowling had say in much of the Harry Potter movies).

Another thing I wasn’t crazy about was though it seems as though it was the Doctor who I call Doctor Scarf… I’ve seen a picture or even a clip or 2 of the actor as Doctor Who but I’m only familiar with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi (and some of David Tennant’s) Doctor. To me the cover should note  in some way that its the scarf doctor (not everyone reads the back covers especially when many end up only having blurbs about the book and not what it’s about. The back of this book doesn’t even give any hint as to which form of the Doctor it is. While reading I kept switching between seeing Capaldi then it would refer to the Doctor’s scarf and then I’d go back to a blurry image of a figure with the scarf or even funnier Capaldi in the Scarf!!

for me at least there should have been a warning which it was, because though the Doctor can travel through time and space… I cannot and was born in the 70s and our Cable just started carrying BBCAmerica a few years ago. So to me this came as a little outdated for the use of I think he’s the 4th doctor the one with the scarf .

Aside from getting through the first half of the book, the last at some point became more readable, though not sure about smooth.

For those that take their time or just reading during commercials, in waiting rooms, or in the Bathroom this book is fine, and for those that are just die hard Whovians.


You can also check out my updates for it on Goodreads

I received this book complimentary from Blogging for Books to read and review

More INfo  * Author Bio

Doctor Who Infographics

If you are like me & more  or less jsut got into Doctor Who, then you need to check this out

Here’s a page I made on the show (& am still working on it always adding info when I find it out)

and came across this

Two Doctor Who Infographics via Two Doctor Who Infographics.