Can the DC Universe be saved?

If you have known me long enough, I love going to the theater to watch the superhero movies. Lately that has been one sided! Marvel has gotten all my money he last DC movie that got in my pocket was Suicide Squad since then… none of the movie look like they are worth any form of admission to the theater, let alone my time should I rent it. Frankly the DC universe is stale I don’t plan to see another one of those movies again unless its Suicide Squad.

So that means I now have a problem with the DC movies. Yes I am more a Marvel Missus than a DC dame, and that would just be as a movie goer not a comic reader (i’ll read something I find here or there but not enough to call myself a comic book fan) The TV series I’m sure you’ve read I keep telling DC to stick with that! So it’s not the actual brand, its the quality, at one point even I didn’t want to watch Gotham because  I think this is the first season that seems to be exciting, or maybe ‘interesting’ is a better word. More well rounded and as much as I don’t want to like him…Penguin is my favorite! (isn’t Young Bruce or Gordon supposed to be the favorite of the show though?) I think Gotham is the first show where I’ve rooted for the villians. They are so much fun, and honestly I really wish they could get a cameo from someone from the Suicide Squad movie. This is another thing the movies need to learn to do. While yes there are many earths etc and who the heck knows what earth each movie takes place on and so on. But one of the reasons Marvel is better is they can use a cross over cameo with someone from a show into a movie or movie into show. That makes thing more fun.

I know those who have read and continue to read the comics have their problems with this or that in the Marvel movies. no matter what, there is going to be something we always have a problem with.  My problem isn’t the ‘nit picking’ we all do, that of this part was not done right, or the accent is off or was totally lost like with Taylor Kitsch’s Gambit. I love the actor and all but even I was disappointed when he couldn’t keep it going..

My MAIN problem with the DC universe extended or not… is the tone… it’s one thing if in the Batman movies you go for the dark tone, all black costumes or Muted colored costumes (like that Bronze with red and blue bronze looking Wonder woman one) Also I think Zach Snyder  did all the batman movies,and some of the other DC ones as well? Oh man it looks like he did them all. In that case ditch him. He  can only do let’s say the batman side of things. Get different directors to work on each of the separate characters’ movies and someone else for the Justice league movies.

EVERY movie has the same look, I think Man of Steel was the only one that has any color to it. Suicide Squad if Zach wants to do a group

Something tells me this is NOT the Aquaman we shall see. Though I think I’d rather see this than the Black swan thats in the movie

series besides the Batman movies.. then I was happy with the first Suicide Squad and part 2 is the only DC movie I next plan to see in the theater. Did I see Wonder Woman? honey I had the Under roos but with the crappy casting, and the FX I saw (the background matched her costume) NO I wasn’t paying for a wonder woman in a Batman tone world (not to mention starting off as if it was Captain America First Avenger…honey You are NOT Chris Evans nor Sebastian Stan..) Hel anyone having to do anything with that movie is lucky if I were to rent the disk from Netflix (and how much do they get from each rental disk or stream from Netflix?)  Justice league came out 2 days before my birthday (which is November 19), usually that is my tradiation I’ll go see the superhero movie (or Fantasy movie)  that is out then but They’ve got the wrong guy for the flash, not to mention AQUAMAN didn’t have long hair let alone Brown hair! Oh and let’s not forget Aquaman was colorful. He had orange and Green for his costume. now I know that would be horrible in the movies but why not change it to something blue (or teal)  on his legs and a yellow shirt? (he could be a male dory instead of looking like a freaking eel or shark) as that costume looks straight black in the trailers.Frankly I think I would have preferred the costume to be that hokey green and orange (see my casting choices for one of the Smallville versions of the Aquaman costume and the ‘real’ aquaman!



Marvel has different tones to each of their movies, different tones in the lighting  as well as for each of the characters. Captain America first avenger was sort of dark and muted but that’s because of the time it was set in (which I can kind o f understand for Wonder woman but it just looked like a rip off of the first Avenger plot. Winter soldier which considering the subtitle didn’t have much of him in it and as Sebastian Stan aka the Winter soldier joked, “I had like what, one line to speak in it?”  That had brighter lighting I guess you could say. While you might say SHIELD being taken over in ‘soldier was darker than the first movie, the cinematography was not. Meanwhile I hear in Spider-man homecoming there was ‘too much’ of iron man and I complained it’s supposed to be THOR Ragnarok NOT HULK ragnarok. I’ve got no problem with the Hulk or other Marvel characters crossing over, but when they have the same or more time than the title character… then I do have a problem.

Another thing is Marvel (Well minus those who did as well as directed the first 2 Thor movies… Let me hit you with MY Mjolnr! (unlike in Thor, Hela spewed me back out of Hel so….she doesn’t have a chance in with me, or destroying my hammer!) And Loki, Thor and Hulk can smash & trash too!Obviously has better writers).  The jokes are varying degrees from ha ha  chuckle  to out right hilarious laughing (sometimes a little too loud)! Yes sometimes there’s a gag that might seem a bit forced but usually still funny even after seeing it a million times in the trailers!  DC needs some help from their writers and a few comedians like Dennis Leary, Jeff Dunham, Foxworthy and a variety of others. No matter what, the jokes are just not funny. I get dark humor, dry humor,  sarcasm, morbid even and usually everything in between. I’m the one who gets the jokes in the vampire movies that  no one else does. Their Jokes just come off flat and when they do hit,  maybe just muster a ha and then its no longer funny like the one with Batman where (Flash?) asks him what’s his superpower and batfleck says he’s rich.

Watch all the DC movies (currently under Snyder or most of them).

Man of Steel.. ruined by WAY of too many trailers. I didn’t even need to buy a ticket, I saw the whole first half of the movie in the trailers. I was also quite surprised at the end as everyone else was with him ‘killing’.   Then there was what was supposed to be the sequel  to man of steel (or so seemed to be)  Superman vs Batman… Honestly it seemed more like a Batman movie with the tone, and cinematography then it did a superman one. Not to mention WHY (spoiler alert) would you kill Superman in what is his 2nd movie? Not a 3rd or 5th? Or even in a another characters.

Suicide Squad while not perfect, this is the series I’d say made for Zach. The tone of the film etc is suited to the types of  characters in the movie. Please DC take his ass out of the rest of the DC universe. That is one way you can make the movies better. He’s a ‘one hit wonder’ in he way every movie has the same bells and whistles of tick this off the outline and here’s that trick covered.

Sadly it’s too late now but you should have used the actors from the TV series, either that or at least if there’s a cameo of a character in a movie, use them that way.  looking at the actors, aside from Cyborg they are all wrong!


There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in DC. I’d say a major upheaval.

Sadly with the actors already set that is one that cannot be fixed. (At least try to get bale back for real!)  Batfleck  sounds like he’s trying to be Bale as well as  phoning it in. We certainly need a new batman.. but who else auditioned or was looked at to replace Bale? I’d love to see the list for the other characters as well. Basically the actors for the characters are fully interchangeable why not have gotten someone unknown to play the flash? Especially being his movie wouldn’t be out before Justice League. maybe an even number of known actors and newbies. if this was years ago I would have said to make Angelina Jolie Wonder Woman but sadly I don’t think she could hold a candle to Linda Carter Either.

For Batman I see jake Gyllenhall may replace Benny boy, I’m not sure about that but even if we have do Batman films with an ever revolving door of actors as batman (ahem like Marvel’s hulk) til finding the right one, that’s fine for me! If David Boreanez wasn’t already in Seal Team I’d say he could be a good choice for Batman! Superman I’m happy with Henry Cavill but I heard about Matt Bomber & Paul Walker almost being cast as Superman.  Where should Joe Maginello go? Aquaman I nominate Alex or younger bro Bill Skarsgard (but mostly Alex) or how about (to me) ‘The Real aquaman’ Alan Ritchson from Smallville. To me he looks like someone grabbed the character right out of the comic book. Though I remember him more often with just shirtless with green board shorts.


Other ideas for actors for various characters Colin O’Donoghue for superman or batman?Zach Efron for Aquaman even Joe Manganiello for Batman (or some other upcoming character) How about Ryan Phillippe? Nah..I’d rather him as a Marvel character just not sure who. Ben robson, Ihe would have made a better long brown haired Aquaman after seeing his surfing scenes on Animal Kingdom. And being as The Rock oh sorry he’s supposed to be a serious actor now… Dwayne Johnson is listed as Black Adam (WTF?) on IMDB’s Suicide Squad 2 cast, how about say Roman Reigns, Finn Balor, I know Dean Ambrose was in one of the 12 rounds movies. How about one if not both of the Hardy Boyz?

The day after writing this up I noticed my current issue (#1492 December 1st 2017)   of Entertainment weekly had their own 4 point version on how to fix the DC Universe. Without going into serious details (and retyping their whole article) they are…

  1. Sign Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins for a three picture deal
  2. Erase  Continuity
  3. Find the Next Christopher Nolan
  4. Let henry Cavill  have some fun

My comments to these, I think I already covered the first with the casting… as for the Wonder woman director… wait it wasn’t Zach Snyder who directed it?!?!?!? Could have fooled me with the trailers…

Erasing  continuity ..with the Flashpoint movie the DC universe could in a sense erase their crappy movie past they also mention to lose Batfleck hot Topic Joker (which I disagree with… And to Keep Gadot and Margot Robbie’s Harley Queen Oh yeah and the obscurous Flash Ezra

On point three I already covered that Get rid of Snyder! or at least just give him one part of the universe!

Let Superman have some fun! first off what the Hel is a mother box? Is that the DC version of the tesseract? How about introducing some red kryptonite and have Superman go batboy? Silver kryptonite for a bad acid trip or maybe some  “periwinkle” so he can lose his inhibitions or even more fun… how about some rainbow kryptonite? maybe a mix of the 3 mentioned?

Hopefully we get our wish and they seal the Bat cave without Ben in it, get new writers (which EW forgot to mention) and a better director with more than one vision (unlike every movie he’s done previous)

What the MCU gets right and the DCEU gets wrong

Movie babble’s DC’s X-universe can still work  Here they have listed past, upcoming movies with dates and projects without.




While Supergirl was on CBS, the only episode I watched was the Flash crossover. being as I watch Flash I figured it might be a good idea to watch in case something carries over from the Supergirl episode. With this one episode..

To me in the coming attractions and even this one episode I really could not stand the actress that played Supergirl,to me she came off as insecure/self conscious and there was something else I  still can’t quite pinpoint what it is or was, I could barely watch crossover episode, even with Flash in it.  Also I wasn’t crazy about the overall pace and storyline of the cross over.

So maybe others felt the same way as I in one way or another, and so with the show

Now on the CW for season 2, I thought I’d give it a try (well when its posted to the free on demand channel)

I still can’t figure out why CBS had the show in the first place, especially when all the DC comics shows are doing so well on the CW.

before I get to Supergirl herself  I will say I definitely did not like the actor portraying Superman…in this. I do wish ‘Smallville’ would make an appearance in some way ..sorry I should say Tom Welling and anyone else from that show, After all, this is a multi-earth/dimension universe. Well so far no ‘Smallville’ but we get Dean Cain!!!

So far she still comes off as… maybe its not insecurity but awkward to me and that’s WHEN she’s Supergirl. This is even as I finish writing this up in March (of season 2 with the finale likely to air in May). I would think the ‘Awkward’ and anything I didn’t like about a character or actor would have subsided by now. I do in a sense like the actress, she’s cute Kara wise, even when she’s perky and I hate perky but for her it works. There is still a little something there that bothers me when she’s Supergirl. I will also say the show is a lot easier to watch than when it was on  CBS.

Well if I didn’t watch it before or skipped an episode here and there… I’ve been making sure  I watch each week now that the charming Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries, Containment) in blatant CW fashion has yet again recycled (or is it re-purposed) him into another CW show. For him I’ll watch and see how his story arc goes. Plus I’m waiting for more crossovers of the collective shows…

I heard something about a possible musical but I don’t recall if it was flash and supergirl (which sounds really annoying to me) or maybe the crossover (nope… thankfully)… but I think a musical episode would have been better with Arrow (as long as John Barrowman was in it)

I do hope we get a mini movie with all the heroes in one show (one epiosde) at some point…maybe a 2 hour TV movie special. That would work well as a follow up on (or lead up to) a crossover story or the best way is to finish a season, and even better use for a series finale!

Hello @CW @DC do you hear me!!!! I’ve got some ideas for your show(s)!!! Make.It. Happen.!!!!

(Can we make the #ArrowMusical happen?  I saw @Stephen Amell & @JohnBarrowman singing at SDCC   (San Diego Comic Con)…

Definately IMPROVED (and saved)





The dark Gothic gloom of Gotham City is about to get darker so break out that spotlight and have some Villainous fun.

7 minute rehash of season 1


This season will be divided into 2- 11 episode halves.They are aiming for a grander saga type construction in which  they can sit and get to understand their motives and how the turbulence of their lives affects the landscape. It’s the Morgue the merrier with a new slew of voracious villains joins the rising mosh of season 2.  (minus a few down)



Now before we start ‘to watch’ get a drink ready as I’ve come across

The season 2 Drinking Game!

Season 2 Episode 1 Rise of the Villains:Damned if you Do

Gordon no longer seems to be president of the PAL (I think that’s what it was when we ended last season)

His former partner is now a bartender, and Gordo for some reason is a traffic cop.

While directing traffic he sees   ‘Vaardo or is it Zaardo’   is toting a couple of rifles and shooting them off.  So he goes to apprehend him, meanwhile his relief or new partner comes along late and so Gordo goes postal on the fellow for being late and so Gordo gets canned by the crooked commish.

Jim’s ex-girlfriend  Barbara (Erin Richards)  is in Arkham and we can see she is going to be Queen B (no puns intended) there. I saw something that said she may become the joker, but I think that’s the creepy red head guy.

Oswald ‘the Penguin’ Cobblepot is now the King of Gotham, or so sees himself as. One person that should be in Arkham that’s not, is that sadistic bald head guy (Victor?) of Falcone’s now under Penguins regime. Gotta love him on a demented funny level.

A deal with Penguin to get his job back, and oh I think I’d have to say the Penguin is my fave Villain (come manipulate a few people for me).  The Commish ends up retiring and could this be the time when Gordo becomes Commish? Ugh No please not James Frain AGAIN! Please someone call the cops & help me file a stalking report! (see my Staunking post) Don’t tell me this prick Theo Galavan gets to play next commish?  Oh good suspicion wrong.. but just as I thought that he breaks out the baddies and plays their leader. Is he going to be the Scarecrow? There was a part that made me think so, however I have read he is a newly created character.

Well I was right, Queen Barb she is. Wait How did nail polish get into the asylum? and WHY did they let her have it?

Now on to young Bruce, who is trying his hardest to get into pop’s secret ‘not the bat cave’ and when Gordon shows up to apologize because he won’t be able to keep his promise because he was sacked… shows wisdom beyond his years.  That sometimes you have to do a bad thing in order to do good,  or as the exact quote goes:

“Surely sometimes the right way is also the ugly way”

So what’s skeleton’s are in the elder Wayne’s closet?  You’ll have to watch for yourself! I will tell you there is nothing batty about it

The psycho lunatic band of baddies that escaped Arkham have upstaged the rest of the cast and run amuck of  debauchery throughout Gotham. One in which is Jerome Valeska played by Cameron Monaghan whose fiendish basket case with the wicked cackle, and demented grin, and infamous delusions just add up to if not a winner, then at least amassing many awards noms (one of which will be this year’s Avatar Awards). With this portrayal of what may be the Joker in Gotham, i’m wondering what Jared Leto’s joker in the Suicide Squad movie will be like. I hear it’s really crazy but, I’m thinking I or I should say the Avatar Awards  may have a battle of the Jokers category next year!

Love the mayhem and carnage  one of which comes at the expense of a bus full of cheerleaders, which when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh.  However in the wake of the Arkham menaces our would be ‘Riddler’, Edward Nygma seems forgotten. Why not unfurl the riddler to his full glory and unleash the fun (and funny?) the character would bring? Cory Michael Smith’s forensic tech who unleashed some demons upon an abusive cop and fellow co-worker’s boyfriend last season.

His id has exploded, with a cracked  mind and 2 personalities loudly competing

I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes of this season. Last season was just slow burn while this year well the gates have been torn open (by our villains) and its outta the gate. The storylines seem a bit more interesting and we  have to look forward to at least a couple of the villains starting to come of age  (Riddle and maybe a joker!)

Don’t Get The new Captain angry he’ll turn all rocky and orange and want to smash things. Michael Chiklis plays the new  Captain of the GCPD. He wants to run things in a straight line, even firing most if not all the current cops in the precinct!

He won’t take any of the back alley B.S. they’ve been doing, no matter how small a window that is broken, they are to bring the vandal in. Why because it leads to bigger windows being broken, which leads to graffiti, shoplifting & then killing. In other words if it goes unpunished, and you had the chance to, then anything that follows the criminal does is the would be arresting officers ‘ fault.


More on IMDB



The show has injected a host of  new villains (and the reason season 2 is titled the Rise of the Villains) we will meet Tigress Jessica Lucas) , Mr. Freeze, Clayface Firefly and Jerome (and may or may not become the joker)


DC Hero Height Comparison Chart

I want to make note that  the designers of the chart in this repost contacted me   (I didn’t know nerd Nebula got it 2nd hand)  here’s a direct link to their page it is on


as well as their Costume Collection 

The Nerd Nebula

So a while back I put up a post with a height comparison chart of our favourite heroes. A fellow blogger has brought the DC Hero height comparison chart to my attention:

DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart

Rounding up (because we never round height down) my height most closely reaches that of Nightwing. He’s cool, I like his outfit. I could definitely go to work dressed like that every day. Looks comfy. Who is your height the closest to on the chart?

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