While Supergirl was on CBS, the only episode I watched was the Flash crossover. being as I watch Flash I figured it might be a good idea to watch in case something carries over from the Supergirl episode. With this one episode..

To me in the coming attractions and even this one episode I really could not stand the actress that played Supergirl,to me she came off as insecure/self conscious and there was something else I  still can’t quite pinpoint what it is or was, I could barely watch crossover episode, even with Flash in it.  Also I wasn’t crazy about the overall pace and storyline of the cross over.

So maybe others felt the same way as I in one way or another, and so with the show

Now on the CW for season 2, I thought I’d give it a try (well when its posted to the free on demand channel)

I still can’t figure out why CBS had the show in the first place, especially when all the DC comics shows are doing so well on the CW.

before I get to Supergirl herself  I will say I definitely did not like the actor portraying Superman…in this. I do wish ‘Smallville’ would make an appearance in some way ..sorry I should say Tom Welling and anyone else from that show, After all, this is a multi-earth/dimension universe. Well so far no ‘Smallville’ but we get Dean Cain!!!

So far she still comes off as… maybe its not insecurity but awkward to me and that’s WHEN she’s Supergirl. This is even as I finish writing this up in March (of season 2 with the finale likely to air in May). I would think the ‘Awkward’ and anything I didn’t like about a character or actor would have subsided by now. I do in a sense like the actress, she’s cute Kara wise, even when she’s perky and I hate perky but for her it works. There is still a little something there that bothers me when she’s Supergirl. I will also say the show is a lot easier to watch than when it was on  CBS.

Well if I didn’t watch it before or skipped an episode here and there… I’ve been making sure  I watch each week now that the charming Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries, Containment) in blatant CW fashion has yet again recycled (or is it re-purposed) him into another CW show. For him I’ll watch and see how his story arc goes. Plus I’m waiting for more crossovers of the collective shows…

I heard something about a possible musical but I don’t recall if it was flash and supergirl (which sounds really annoying to me) or maybe the crossover (nope… thankfully)… but I think a musical episode would have been better with Arrow (as long as John Barrowman was in it)

I do hope we get a mini movie with all the heroes in one show (one epiosde) at some point…maybe a 2 hour TV movie special. That would work well as a follow up on (or lead up to) a crossover story or the best way is to finish a season, and even better use for a series finale!

Hello @CW @DC do you hear me!!!! I’ve got some ideas for your show(s)!!! Make.It. Happen.!!!!

(Can we make the #ArrowMusical happen?  I saw @Stephen Amell & @JohnBarrowman singing at SDCC   (San Diego Comic Con)…

Definately IMPROVED (and saved)





The video reviews are by my friend Rich @ The B.A.R. and I won’t be seeing them in the theater and the reason I am posting them here

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I’ve added return dates to the Telly Talk page. starting with the end of August, of New & returning shows. As I find out premier dates I will add them, so stay tuned.

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The dark Gothic gloom of Gotham City is about to get darker so break out that spotlight and have some Villainous fun.

7 minute rehash of season 1


This season will be divided into 2- 11 episode halves.They are aiming for a grander saga type construction in which  they can sit and get to understand their motives and how the turbulence of their lives affects the landscape. It’s the Morgue the merrier with a new slew of voracious villains joins the rising mosh of season 2.  (minus a few down)



Now before we start ‘to watch’ get a drink ready as I’ve come across

The season 2 Drinking Game!

Season 2 Episode 1 Rise of the Villains:Damned if you Do

Gordon no longer seems to be president of the PAL (I think that’s what it was when we ended last season)

His former partner is now a bartender, and Gordo for some reason is a traffic cop.

While directing traffic he sees   ‘Vaardo or is it Zaardo’   is toting a couple of rifles and shooting them off.  So he goes to apprehend him, meanwhile his relief or new partner comes along late and so Gordo goes postal on the fellow for being late and so Gordo gets canned by the crooked commish.

Jim’s ex-girlfriend  Barbara (Erin Richards)  is in Arkham and we can see she is going to be Queen B (no puns intended) there. I saw something that said she may become the joker, but I think that’s the creepy red head guy.

Oswald ‘the Penguin’ Cobblepot is now the King of Gotham, or so sees himself as. One person that should be in Arkham that’s not, is that sadistic bald head guy (Victor?) of Falcone’s now under Penguins regime. Gotta love him on a demented funny level.

A deal with Penguin to get his job back, and oh I think I’d have to say the Penguin is my fave Villain (come manipulate a few people for me).  The Commish ends up retiring and could this be the time when Gordo becomes Commish? Ugh No please not James Frain AGAIN! Please someone call the cops & help me file a stalking report! (see my Staunking post) Don’t tell me this prick Theo Galavan gets to play next commish?  Oh good suspicion wrong.. but just as I thought that he breaks out the baddies and plays their leader. Is he going to be the Scarecrow? There was a part that made me think so, however I have read he is a newly created character.

Well I was right, Queen Barb she is. Wait How did nail polish get into the asylum? and WHY did they let her have it?

Now on to young Bruce, who is trying his hardest to get into pop’s secret ‘not the bat cave’ and when Gordon shows up to apologize because he won’t be able to keep his promise because he was sacked… shows wisdom beyond his years.  That sometimes you have to do a bad thing in order to do good,  or as the exact quote goes:

“Surely sometimes the right way is also the ugly way”

So what’s skeleton’s are in the elder Wayne’s closet?  You’ll have to watch for yourself! I will tell you there is nothing batty about it

The psycho lunatic band of baddies that escaped Arkham have upstaged the rest of the cast and run amuck of  debauchery throughout Gotham. One in which is Jerome Valeska played by Cameron Monaghan whose fiendish basket case with the wicked cackle, and demented grin, and infamous delusions just add up to if not a winner, then at least amassing many awards noms (one of which will be this year’s Avatar Awards). With this portrayal of what may be the Joker in Gotham, i’m wondering what Jared Leto’s joker in the Suicide Squad movie will be like. I hear it’s really crazy but, I’m thinking I or I should say the Avatar Awards  may have a battle of the Jokers category next year!

Love the mayhem and carnage  one of which comes at the expense of a bus full of cheerleaders, which when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh.  However in the wake of the Arkham menaces our would be ‘Riddler’, Edward Nygma seems forgotten. Why not unfurl the riddler to his full glory and unleash the fun (and funny?) the character would bring? Cory Michael Smith’s forensic tech who unleashed some demons upon an abusive cop and fellow co-worker’s boyfriend last season.

His id has exploded, with a cracked  mind and 2 personalities loudly competing

I’ve enjoyed the first few episodes of this season. Last season was just slow burn while this year well the gates have been torn open (by our villains) and its outta the gate. The storylines seem a bit more interesting and we  have to look forward to at least a couple of the villains starting to come of age  (Riddle and maybe a joker!)

Don’t Get The new Captain angry he’ll turn all rocky and orange and want to smash things. Michael Chiklis plays the new  Captain of the GCPD. He wants to run things in a straight line, even firing most if not all the current cops in the precinct!

He won’t take any of the back alley B.S. they’ve been doing, no matter how small a window that is broken, they are to bring the vandal in. Why because it leads to bigger windows being broken, which leads to graffiti, shoplifting & then killing. In other words if it goes unpunished, and you had the chance to, then anything that follows the criminal does is the would be arresting officers ‘ fault.


More on IMDB



The show has injected a host of  new villains (and the reason season 2 is titled the Rise of the Villains) we will meet Tigress Jessica Lucas) , Mr. Freeze, Clayface Firefly and Jerome (and may or may not become the joker)


DC Hero Height Comparison Chart

I want to make note that  the designers of the chart in this repost contacted me   (I didn’t know nerd Nebula got it 2nd hand)  here’s a direct link to their page it is on


as well as their Costume Collection 

The Nerd Nebula

So a while back I put up a post with a height comparison chart of our favourite heroes. A fellow blogger has brought the DC Hero height comparison chart to my attention:

DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart DC Heroes Height Comparison Chart

Rounding up (because we never round height down) my height most closely reaches that of Nightwing. He’s cool, I like his outfit. I could definitely go to work dressed like that every day. Looks comfy. Who is your height the closest to on the chart?

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