While Supergirl was on CBS, the only episode I watched was the Flash crossover. being as I watch Flash I figured it might be a good idea to watch in case something carries over from the Supergirl episode. With this one episode..

To me in the coming attractions and even this one episode I really could not stand the actress that played Supergirl,to me she came off as insecure/self conscious and there was something else I  still can’t quite pinpoint what it is or was, I could barely watch crossover episode, even with Flash in it.  Also I wasn’t crazy about the overall pace and storyline of the cross over.

So maybe others felt the same way as I in one way or another, and so with the show

Now on the CW for season 2, I thought I’d give it a try (well when its posted to the free on demand channel)

I still can’t figure out why CBS had the show in the first place, especially when all the DC comics shows are doing so well on the CW.

before I get to Supergirl herself  I will say I definitely did not like the actor portraying Superman…in this. I do wish ‘Smallville’ would make an appearance in some way ..sorry I should say Tom Welling and anyone else from that show, After all, this is a multi-earth/dimension universe. Well so far no ‘Smallville’ but we get Dean Cain!!!

So far she still comes off as… maybe its not insecurity but awkward to me and that’s WHEN she’s Supergirl. This is even as I finish writing this up in March (of season 2 with the finale likely to air in May). I would think the ‘Awkward’ and anything I didn’t like about a character or actor would have subsided by now. I do in a sense like the actress, she’s cute Kara wise, even when she’s perky and I hate perky but for her it works. There is still a little something there that bothers me when she’s Supergirl. I will also say the show is a lot easier to watch than when it was on  CBS.

Well if I didn’t watch it before or skipped an episode here and there… I’ve been making sure  I watch each week now that the charming Chris Wood (Vampire Diaries, Containment) in blatant CW fashion has yet again recycled (or is it re-purposed) him into another CW show. For him I’ll watch and see how his story arc goes. Plus I’m waiting for more crossovers of the collective shows…

I heard something about a possible musical but I don’t recall if it was flash and supergirl (which sounds really annoying to me) or maybe the crossover (nope… thankfully)… but I think a musical episode would have been better with Arrow (as long as John Barrowman was in it)

I do hope we get a mini movie with all the heroes in one show (one epiosde) at some point…maybe a 2 hour TV movie special. That would work well as a follow up on (or lead up to) a crossover story or the best way is to finish a season, and even better use for a series finale!

Hello @CW @DC do you hear me!!!! I’ve got some ideas for your show(s)!!! Make.It. Happen.!!!!

(Can we make the #ArrowMusical happen?  I saw @Stephen Amell & @JohnBarrowman singing at SDCC   (San Diego Comic Con)…

Definately IMPROVED (and saved)




the CW Invasion ~ Heroes vs Aliens

Based on the 1988 comic book miniseries Invasion! event from Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, and Bart Sears, the plot of the story is The Dominators descended on Earth to bring an end to the “threat” of Earth’s burgeoning meta-human community.

So Supergirl kicks the whole thing off, however I don’t think I qualify it as cross over material. We just get what turns out to be a few time holes that pop into this scene or that and at the end (like the last 30 seconds…literally!) Barry and Sisco show up . For me that’s just a Supergirl episode, now if they had popped in half way through and participated more in the epiosde I would consider that a cross over. So as far as her episode goes, I’m not happy with it. If this were still on CBS I would chalk it up to that but sadly for me Barry and Sisco feel like they were just added to the story at the end and of course the time holes too. 

I will be re-watching the shows but this one I won’t as I do not recall anything in it having to do with the Aliens (aside from Supergirl herself and Mon-El)


I hope the Flash’s entry into the crossover event will be better.

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Happy NEWS Year

I’m going to try something different this year.  I waited 2 weeks before sending out the first Edition of the news of the new Year… I will try t do the same making the news bi-weekly.

What You Need to Know About A Series of Unfortunate Events

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Constantine Picked Up By CW Seed
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Charmed Reboot To Be A Standalone Show
Constantine CW Seed Series Poster Released

Just heard Peter Dinkledge may have a key role in upcoming  Thor Ragnarok (to be released Nov 3rd of this year)


New Transformers: The Last Knight TV Spot Released
Star Wars: Woody Harrelson Officially Cast in Han Solo Movie

CW Renews Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow

Sarah Michelle Gellar Comments On Possiblity Of A Buffy Revival
Internet Reacts to Carrie Fisher’s Prozac Pill-Shaped Urn

and the Joke of 2016 continues!!  Batman V Superman Appears On Razzie Nominations Shortlist More Than Any Other Film

20 Top Grossing Movies Of 2016
WWE: Ric Flair Is Deadlifting 400 lbs At Age 67!
Agents Of SHIELD To Reveal How Mace Got His Powers
AMC Releases 14 Bizarre New The Walking Dead Teaser Images

Birthday News

I’m sending this a few days ahead of time as Friday the 18th I will be out celebrating my birthday (which is actually Saturday)


Voltron Live-Action Film Heads to Universal with Writer David Hayter

The Rock’s Rampage Gets A Release Date

OMG I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this!!!

Michael Shannon Fell Asleep Watching Batman V Superman

It WOULD have been nice if they tried to decode what they are talking about here

Were Daryl And Rick Sending Hidden Messages During The Walking Dead?


That massive CW Arrow, Supergirl, Legends & Flash crossover? ….Happens starting Monday 28th

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Talks How Long Rick’s Been Keeping A Secret

Oh yeah it was such a big secret! Gee who forgot that whats her face was cheating on her husband (when she thought he was dead and more so after he came back?) I so wasn’t surprised!  I figured Judith was Shane’s if not Rick’s I mean she was preggers all too fast.

The Walking Dead: Daryl’s Morse Code Message To Rick Decoded

Danai Gurira Compares Black Panther Role To The Walking Dead’s Michonn

Legends of Tomorrow Moving to Tuesday Nights

Oliver Faces An Alternate Timeline While Team Arrow Faces “Invasion!” In 100th Episode
The Flash and Cisco Come to National City in Supergirl’s “Medusa” Synopsis
The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow Synopses Give A Good Idea What Invasion! Is About
Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted by His Twin in GQ Interview
Suicide Squad Ends Domestic Theatric Run With $325 Million
Dungeon & Dragons Inducted Into Toy Hall Of Fame

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Spinoff Movie Gets a Writer

Marvel Announces Inhumans Series On ABC

Arrow EP On A Character Death For Episode 100: “I Always Want Everyone Worried”

Jeremy Renner’s Daughter Is Already Following In Hawkeye’s Footsteps

Experience Suicide Squad In 360 And As Harley Quinn


2016    tv series  CW adapted from movie


I remember I watched the movie with Dennis Quaid and liked it at the time, though aside of what it was about I really cant remember it. So thanks to my regular show being switched to another day and have not yet started and nothing else being on the same night as the pilot, I gave it a try.


In the series its the daught in our present 2016 and the father in the past in 1996. Its interesting and from vampires to zombies…. having been and still being a trend for tv series apparently time travel is the new trend be it leteral or figurative. This one being technical…as only speaking to the past and changing things by the past person changing circumstances. Meanwhile Legends of Tomorrow and Timeless being the actual time travel shows, I think we may be in for more shows of this ilk.

As for this, the father was a cop but was double crossef and killed. The daughter grew up to be a cop, and now though apart, father and daughter solve crimes together. They sometimes send evidence and other things the way he’d get her birthday cards and gifts to her, a tin can irvwas it lunch box buried near the house, there’s aslo the crawl space.

I enjoy watching this to see how they work together, and how the present and past come together to solve crimes.



*sorry this and many other reviews have been delayed, been having medical problems

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Low-flying Star Destroyers! Man Vs AT-ACT! Rude robots! The new Rogue One trailer has it all. [Read more..

Vin Diesel Responds to The Rock’s Rant, Promises to Tell Fans ‘Everything’

Dolph Lundgren To Appear On Arrow Season 5  &

Arrow S5 will be the end of the Flashbacks 

The Justice League Has Started A Band
Rumor: Deadpool 2 Eyeing Kyle Chandler For Cable & Mackenzie Davis For Domino

Shane Black Wants To Do A Monster Squad Sequel


The first one I like.. looks like Loki! The SLimer one I had to laugh at, never noticed the ‘family resemblance’ & The Dr. Seuss one gave me a smile…

godsmack-sully-erna-hometown-life-song-premiere  Keep in Mind this is NOT a godsmack song this is Sully’s solo project and the songs are more (I think you could say) light and melodic.


Man Of Steel 2

DC has taken another kicking of late, with Suicide Squad going down like a fart in a lift, but it seems plans are afoot for another solo Supes movie. [Read more…]

“Arrow’s” Amell Addresses Oliver’s Political Leanings & His Hopes for a Flash Forward

17    of the 1990s horror movies that need remakes
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Lance Henricksen Cast as JSA’s Obsidian on Legends of Tomorrow

“The Flash” & “Supergirl” to Stage Musical Crossover Event

The CW President Mark Pedowitz Confirms Flashpoint Bleeds Into Other DC Shows

“Gotham” Debuts New Season 3 Footage

New Look At Pennywise In Stephen King’s It Reboot
Stephen King’s The Dark Tower First Footage To Debut In October

Star Wars’ Peter Mayhew Writes Heartfelt Remembrance Of Kenny Baker

Rouge One A Star Wars Story Had The Biggest Social Media Buzz Over Past Week

‘Vikings Season 4’ Return: Lagertha And Aslaug Come Head To Head In A Battle For The ‘Endgame’

Is Tony Stark Going To Cameo In Doctor Strange

Kenny Baker, R2-D2 of “Star Wars,” Passes Away



containment-poster-5CW   Fridays  Limited series Event   Drama

David Gyasi,   Christina Marie Moses, Chris Wood, Claudia Black, (imdb

George Young, Kristen Gutoskie 

 Fear is viral, Hope is Contagious

To start, I was sick of seeing the coming attraction for it. Over hype can lead to  no ‘hype’  or shall I say no Buzz. Buzz is better than hype. Buzz is basically us telling friend and family how great a movie is like Deadpool which could have fallen flat but was Awesome! That is the difference between Buzz & Hype the media creates hype (before and after a movie or series is released.)The Batman vs Superman movie was over hyped, it was the movie I was excited for until they showed the trailer EVER. Commercial. Break. to the point I no longer wanted to see it in the theater as I figured with the over hype that meant the whole movie was in the trailer. (Not quite but close enough) over hype can create weariness, weariness (doubt) can make your movie (or whatever) bomb.

ok so with that…

The first episode starts with a scene of things to come from Day 13 of the contagion. Then we start from the beginning where Jana is trying to pack to move in with her boyfriend Alex. Alex is called to work along with his friend Jake played by Chris Wood who has to go track down who is thought to be patient zero.

Walking Dead fans (like myself) may have a ironic laugh as for one they are in Atlanta and two they show the CDC…. sadly we are not headed (so it looks) for the zombie apocalypse in this.

Oh and maybe I should put a bit of a warning in this as well for those with sensitive stomachs…

There are images of Blood, Puss and gore. The image to your right is a cold compared to some of the other victims it has shown

Episode 2 is Night one of the infection   where it is made official that from infection to death takes 48 hours while they autopsy patient zero.

One thing that has annoyed the hell out of me with this… WHY hasn’t the cop (who played the Gemini twin in Vampire Diaries)  put on a medical mask under his helmet’s it’s plastic and doesn’t come down far enough for my taste. Then there’s the woman taking care of the kids… with the medical gloves on… (instead of using a new pair) pops a poll or 2  eww  just nasty I’d want a box of them gloves of my own and one for the room or maybe change the gloves each hour. No I’m not some germaphobe but with a viral infection that is contracted as easily and fast as this one… I’d want my own hazmat suit if I had to be in a room of kids because as far as I’m concerned.. every last one of them has it. I say this because once I graduated school I never got sick, the only time I got sick after that was when I was working (around other people who came into work while sick)

Plus I’d ask for pitchers of orange juice and pomegrante juice and anything else esp. dark chocolate which has antioxidants!

Ok enough of that… I forget the cops name but I am liking how he is handling the public, I just wish and think the government should divulge a bit more information (at least what they have) because I see that’s when people panic more.

The show is a mini series so whether you watch now or save it for a binge or to watch an episode a day (hey all of you… do NOT erase your spouse or siblings DVR programs! )  It’s a save when there’s less to watch on like this time of year when your shows are sa confusing mess of what already had their season finale and which ones are still on, plus even when things settle and there’s not as many interesting shows on.  same for Syfy’s Hunters!

Watch Containment  Via Amazon