Friday Bind ~ Fool by Christopher Moore

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started May 2

finished June 9


304 page story  ( 310 Pages with author’s note)

I guess I’ve been getting distracted a bit hopefully I can get back on course

I have previously read a few of Moores books in the past. They can be mildly amusing to hilarious. So far I think my favorite has been the Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (which might be because that is one of my favorite titles, at least by how it sounds. I just love how the title sounds

Ironic Imagery – like lovely squeak turning you on a spit over a fire, an apple up both ends for color



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Book Bind ~ Ghouls just Haunt to have Fun

I took into consideration how long it took me to read (and give up on) the last book I read. So with that I wanted something that was familiar and I enjoyed once before, so first I thought to read a Stephanie Plum book by Janet Evanovich, but I’d have to dig through my pile (and I was too tired from the past two nights as I couldn’t sleep) So I thought to choose something that was on my to-read shelf.  I had a few choices but this book I thought would be the one I could most likely Hopefully finish in a week or less.


See the source imagepages  310 (not including an excerpt from next book)

Started- April 1st

Finished- April 7

I’m not sure if I mentioned it in the previous book of this series I read but I do love that Victoria Laurie mentions what inspired her or gave her the idea for the story.

This story not only covers a living mystery (or 2) but a paranormal one, and the two are connected! One deals with the death of a resident guest,  another is the appearance of a dagger and the spirit attached to it.

M.J.’s partner Gilley has set up a gig without speaking with her first (a running gag and very bad flaw of his). So M.J. and her team go to San Fransico for a ‘Haunted possessions’ show, that she was heavily against figuring it would exploit her abilities even though she’s the real deal.   There are three other mediums that will be on the show, sadly not all are real. There is Heath Whitefeather and 2 others. Of all places, they have to do it in the VERY haunted Duke hotel.

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Dog Gone, Back Soon by Nick Trout

Dog Gone, Back Soon (Cyrus Mills, #2)    Fiction, Animals, Humor, Romance

Wait how did a fish write a book?!?!!

Mom has one of those Reader’s Digest large print  book subscriptions. She had a few laughs at this and told me a couple of them. At the start (just a chapter or so in) a big Mastiff comes in, the kid Stu made brownies tells the vet its that chocolate toxicity when in fact it was pot brownies! The dog ate the plate of them!

Being as the book large print books mom gets are 2 in one and therefore condensed, when I got to the end of the book I was just like that’s all? That’s the end? I enjoyed reading the book but wasn’t happy with the ending as it felt like it was someone brushing lint off their shoulder.

I do think it would be cool as a movie tho (maybe a tv movie would end up on Hallmark or some girly station that would be awfully written and acted.

I’d say get the real book, as this just felt like it was missing something but I’m guessing it was just the filler.

Get the paperback, or kindle version here


2015 Library on the Fly

On the Fly

In 2013 I did ‘The Year of the Book series’ in hopes to read through & get rid of a significant amount of books on my shelf. I did it as a major challenge for myself. I could Only read what was part of a series, and I’d also have a time limit to read them  and so on.  I read 38 books (including the ones I cut short)  You can find the previous years’ and  any future  Book Challenges under the Book Nook Tab.
 Disclaimer:  some links may be to Amazon for your convenience to read more about it and if you’d like to purchase as well.

I decided on the 31st of December that I will start my new year with Novel 4 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, so I guess I better post the series page as well?

 List of abbreviations:

DNF= Did not Finish        Stikethrough = already Read

My 2015 reading Plan

FrankensteinThe Secrets of Blood and Bone: A NovelStake-OutBad Moon RisingThe Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teaching, and EnchantmentsScouting for the ReaperWicked AppetiteA Pinch of Poison

The American Girls Handy Book: How to Amuse Yourself and OthersAnne of Green GablesMenace Under MarswoodHiss of DeathFour to ScorePanther ProwlingGet a Grip on DreamsDark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures CrewLover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)
(no specific Order)

#4 & 5th books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood Reading 2015 challenge

Panther Prowling book #17 of the Otherworld series

1 Classic  = Anne of Green Gables  

A Pinch of Poison     

I Am Haunted; Living life through the dead  by Zak Bagans

Four to score  novel   Wicked Appetite  Janet Evanovich

Bad Moon Rising Sherrilyn Kenyon 

Hiss of Death Rita Mae Brown


Tales of Irish ghost stories



So To start


Lover Revealed

 started = January 1 2015 12 midnight

Finished = January 17

quickie review:  Butch gets abducted by Lessers,  May have Vampire blood somewhere in his line, lots of the romance part, and pretty funny.

The review will be posted on The Black Dagger Brotherhood Page itself.  You can also find it by  Hoovering on the Book Nook Tab and then the drop down menu will come out, and you will see the option for the Black Dagger Brotherhood page.  (There’s lots of stuff on there, reviews, notes, facts, quotes, and even the actors that fans would want to play the characters, I’ve included my own as well. (though I am still coming up with more as I read the books, but mostly who to play the guys.

Interested? Lover Revealed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 4)

  Dark World by  Zak Bagans

Dark World: Into the Shadows with the Lead Investigator of The Ghost Adventures CrewStarted- January 18 – 26

I’m Re-reading the book as he has another coming out February 10th (see the upcoming 2 books)

While re-reading I have been thinking that this could have been organized a little better, though I’m not sure if ‘organize’ is quite right. It’s a look back on previous lock-downs, somewhat a beginner’s manual to being a paranormal researcher and some facts on Zak throughout. It is not this of what I mean about the organize part. The parts which he talks about the equipment I thought that maybe that should be talked about first then go into the apparitions, Orbs etc. I do still enjoy reading it, and love remembering the ones I’ve seen on the show. This is somewhat a behind the scenes as they take footage from a few days and edit it down to an hour so some of what they couldn’t get on tv (or may not have been aloud) Zak talks about in here.

You can checkout My official Dark World Review (the first time I read it) & to  read about Zak


Temporoparietal junction


Double histogram – basically it’s a bar chart

So Blizzard of 2015 has delayed me from getting  book #17 in Yasmine Galenorn series

So I am going to start reading

Get a Grip on Dreams

Get a grip on dreamsby Maeve Evans & Jennifer Parker  and is from Time Life Books

Started-January 27

Finished– February 2

pages 189

The Pages are weird, I’d swear they made the book out of paper bags, that’s what it feels like to me but thicker. So a bit hard to open enough to read esp. if you are like me & hold the book open with one hand.
Get a Grip on Dreams

I like the way they have it, as it’s written more like you are reading facts so you can read it while reading another book. Also there are varying views not just that of Freud’s Or Jung etc. (Freud I swear is a Quack! He had a ‘gutter’ mind)  Some of what I have read has enlightened me to a few dreams I remember having in the past, but sadly doesn’t explain all of it for instance like the one you are late or totally miss an exam (I have been out of school for years… but have had a few dreams that I have not had a chance to, Purposely put off studding or just miss the test altogether  So what the heck would this mean for me?)

So as the cover looks, the inside is illustrated the same way, sort of like a graphic novel I guess I could say. They also include ‘Themes’ the dreams of which we all have at one time or another and that people have been having since we at least could record and study them.  A Nice ‘Read between commercials’ book.

I am about 2 days behind in my reading I think it’s like 30 or more pages to go in this book

I thought I would have started my review for panther Prowling by now.. Let’s hope sometime tonight (Friday the 6th)

18072609Panther Prowling

(Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon #17) series by Yasmine Galenorn (Goodreads Author)                     ISBN  0515154768    (ISBN13: 9780515154764)

Urban Fantasy Paranormal romance

started February 8 – 22

4.21 of 5 stars 4.21  ·    Mass Market Paperback, 316 pages
 (306 for Panther Prowling & a few for the preview Bio & the 2 ‘ads’ for the previous otherworld series & Indigo Court series novels.)
We’re the D’Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. My sister Camille is a wicked-good witch with three gorgeous husbands. Menolly is a vampire married to a werepuma. And me? I’m Delilah, a two-faced werecat and a Death Maiden.
    The Wayfarer is ready for its Grand Re-opening after burning down a book or 2 previous, and Delilah has re-named her PI agency to the ‘Cat’s Eye Investigations firm’. Her first client under the new name is cousin Daniel (in which the girls recently learned of) who has procured a valuable rare sword but has  some ghostly hitchhikers attached to it. They protect the soul of a King from times past that’s locked within and is about to break free to recover his crown. Ooh Vikings! I will have to go thank Yasmine for that! As usual, never a dull moment in the lives of the sisters & their very Extended family. Some nasty creature attacks their home, and a necormancer is trying to free Said King from the Sword.
Fugue – 1. a contrapual composition in which a short melody or phase is introduced
              2. a state or period of loss of one’s identity
Then this comes out 2 weeks after!

  I am Haunted: Living Life through the dead

by Zak Bagans


Started February 23- March 7

out February 10 (already have ordered & paid for my copy!) I picked it up the day after it came out and being they still had them treated myself to the Barnes & Nobles Best Book Bag Tote  that I’ve been eyeing for YEARS!!!

So Upon just skimming through the pages on the way home, I see it’s somewhat like the previous. It looks like he will be covering some more lock-downs from the show, however I didn’t do a full check out o it like the chapter titles etc.

Read More :book-bind-zak-bagans-i-am-haunted-preview-review/

Wait what’s up with the Green covers?!

book to ereader

Hey stupid Digi book… You’d go up in flames too! Print kicks ass.. it gets wet.. I dry it out, or is cheaper to buy a new one. You well you short out and too expensive to replace! ….Checkmate!

(Is that gong to be a cover trend of 2015? we’ll have to keep watch won’t we?)

  Awaiting the Night

Awaiting The Night

Started I think March 8th   DNF= March 23

order via Amazon here–> Awaiting the Night (Awaiting Werewolf, Book 2)

Seriously Frustrated with this one.  am still working on it. I should be at least 100 pages in but sadly I’ve been slow to get into. It’s now the 20th and should be done with it (even if I did miss 2-3 days of reading)

Well I do have my rule of reading the first 100 pages or first 10 chapters (whichever comes first) so this is apparently a waste of MY time. Its noted as Historical Paranormal Romance but I can’t find what is historical about it. (I don’t recall seeing any years etc at least not yet anyway)

Melisande Davidovich is staying at Wolfram castle  Christoph Von Wolfram is going through a form of male PMS or more like PWS (Pre-Wolf Syndrome) Charlotte, Christoh’s sister seems for the moment a background character.

Melisande’s father is staying here as well after being attacked by Russian’s. Then 2 russisian travelers come back Count Gavril Roschkov and Count Kasimir Vasilov. One of these 2 says he’s a friend of Count Von Wolfram who is currently away; while the other is I’m guessing there to do something to Meli’s father who was accused by the russians of stealing something.

It’s the 23th & I haven’t even reached the 100th page, so right now I’m saying Screw the rule (esp. being as chapter 10 ends on page 100, anyway so I ended up falling asleep while watching something & reading this so I believe it’s time to cut the chord (er page ?) and start on the next book, probably something Janet Evanovich as those seem to go fast have catching up to do)

Vocabulary –


Contretemps- Unexpected and unfortunate occurrence

obstreperous- Noisy and difficult to control

gauchirie -awkward or embarassing ways

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

started March 24 -April 4

Four to Score (Stephanie Plum, No. 4) (Stephanie Plum Novels)

Stephanie gets another bail jumper and has to track down a waitress who doesn’t want to be found, and who has sent her Ex on a scavenger hunt of sorts.Her arch-rival Joyce is on the tail of of her and the case. She’s also being accused of stealing someone’s boyfriend, which doesn’t end there as the accuser takes justice for lack of a better term into their own hands taking it out on Stephanie’s personal (and even some Public) Property.

four-to-score-partial-review-wicked-charms-chapters-1-and-2 tide you over 

If you want to see more please see my whos-stephanie-plum page for the full review. (after the weekend)

The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teaching, and EnchantmentsThe Wiccan Rede

The Wiccan Rede: Couplets of the Law, Teachings, and Enchantments

Started- April 4 -May 23

This exlains the the meaning of the couplets to the Wiccan rede to better understand the rules

Wicked Appetite (Lizzy and Diesel)

Started April 5th -13

The first book (I believe) of the Lizzy and Diesel series and a 3rd dubbed Wicked Charms will be out (if it hasn’t already been released) Find more on my Stephanie Plum/ page which will have all notes and full review.

So far I’m digging this, and I at least don’t have a load of books in the series to catch up on. There’s a new one coming out this summer and it’s ony the 3rd!)  It’s funny but not sure if it’s funny like the Stephanie Plum books! Those are like Lucielle  Ball scheme & sitcom funny.  Glo is the character you shake your head and laugh at, Lizzy & Deisel are in a way like Stephanie & .. maybe Ranger if one needs a basis.  Diesel is cosmically connected to Lizzy,and can read her mind becaue of it… or so he tells her . She is an unmentionable which means she’s able to find mystic objects, by touching them. When she does they seem to vibrate &  get warm.  Some weird collections due to a mystical inheritance, a finger flipping monkey named Carl which can be quite amusing, and I would love to see the following part in a film….Olive oil skating ferrets too~!

A nice flow to the writing.  never a dull moment with these two Flirting (and with danger as well) a scavanger hunt err treasure hunt is really what I should say Bakery disasters and spells gone wrong (if they did at all)


Hiss of Death

by Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown


Started – April 15- 25

A friend of Harry’s community dies, from what seems like a natural cause (or at least what she’s deathly allergic too) but Harry has a fishy feeling about it.  There’s also Harry’s health to consider, diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, she has to undergo radiation and decides to goto the gym . All the evidence seems to point to someone from a support group or the hospital. There’s also a part that may make you think twice about buying a hybrid car.

A true mystery to the end, I didn’t figure out whoit was (but not sure if I was trying to either)

if you don’t read it for the mystery, read it if you love animals. The character’s pets ‘talk’! (well amoung themselves & to the other animals, but they are the fun of reading the book. Pewter is a bit of a curmugeon, Mrs. Murphy is a level headed ginger tabby, and Corgi Tucker well Pewter would tell you she’s a bubble butt. I say she’s quite smart, if only these pets could truely talk, they’d solve the mysteries on their own! Also they save the day!
pg. 79 with ‘Harry’ reconizing Pewter (the silver tabby) getting ready to be a bad kitty, to taunt Mrs. Murphy & Tucker.

“She’d be asleep wake up shoot straight up int he air and race around the house then pounce on tucker.The dog suffering endless abuse from her, who would wrap jer front legs around the corgi to wrestle herto the ground. THey’d growl but it was usually play. Tucker growling and flop down as though the cat really threw her. Mrs. Murphy normaly watched but but on the occassion joined in though with her pewter for effect for unleash the claws


“You and a Porche have one thing in common, 60% of you weight is in your rear”- Mrs. Murphy to Pewter
Annalise : two wrongs don’t make a right

Cory: no. but 3 lefts take you back to the freeway

 words of wisdom:

Happiness is simple: Someone to love, something to do, something to look forward toanimals to love and a place to love

Menace under Marswood

by Steraling E. Lanier


started= April 26 – June 25

Takes place in 23rd century  which has been Terraformed for humans, it’s called the ‘Teef’  for erraform, and even more commenly known as The Ruck  as well as ‘The  most  dangerous  duty in the solar System and where ‘a man’s best friend is his side-arm’ .

Their fort sits on an artificial mound, where nothing grows for 2 hundred yards around the walls except  the mutated grass and eindeer moss clipped to 6 inches in height.  Nothing can approach without being seen as the walls are partolled 24/7 night & day  by sentries useing every sensry device the UN labs could turn out.
Characters: Sr. Lt. Slater (& his tiny turtle Grabbit) , Lt. Helge Nakamura, Col.  Muller Danna  Konsel Thau Lang  JayBee Pelham
Honestly I’m a bit mixed up as parts I got distracted in while reading. Some sort of group of the natives are causing trouble so the Leader of them and some humans aka Greenies by the native folk are heading out to nip it in the bud. I’ve lost track of what their mission is supposed to be out in the Ruck (from Hindi for Forest) as it’s called.

This ended up being a menace! it was a chore to read and got relegated to bathroom and waiting room fodder! This would have been better written as a movie script or mini series I think, not a book to read. It shouldn’t take me 2 months to read a book that is 213-15 pages long! The last few pages better thrill me otherwise it’s getting an F

 Scouting for the Reaper


by Jacob M Appel

Started May 24 – June 9

I received a complimentary copy from the Goodreads author as I kept submitting to the giveaway for a copy. Just because it’s complimentary doesn’t mean it will get by without a fair honest review, frankly I think when I receive something in this manner, I am a bit more critical than I normally would be. However I will likely not grade this other than making note of what I liked and did not.

I would think the title ‘Scouting for the reaper’ would be exactly what it sounds like at least before reading the first story. After Reading the First story   “Choose  Your own Genetics” which was interesting with it’s look into genetics and bringing back memories of High school my Sophomore year, with the experiment they did to check what their blood type was, which was one of my few favorite memories  from High school.  There is one part I did not care for which is the cliche of the girl with a crush thinking if she could get preggers with the boy she likes it would help her snare him. Then she admits she’s not the type but as smart as  ‘Louise Natalie Limburg’ is; she’s still just as much an idiot for thinking that way as the ‘gutsy free-spirited, willing’ girls who DO take that risk.

The 2nd story called  Creve Coeur is about local celebrity , the love that got away or as far as  I take from it.  The Obsession and resentment that goes along with crushes and how our ‘love’ for them  ‘kills’ us. Not really sure how I feel about this story, as I don’t know if I’ll remember much if any of it like I know I will the previous  (but then  in ways it’s a personal memory, so that’s likely the reason and maybe a slightly biased one as well that I’ll remember it.)

The 3rd story Scouting For the Reaper    I was surprised to see a mention of my city and the close by Scarsdale mentioned as well.  I’m wondering if this was the reason that the author offered me the book! as for the monument shop, I wonder if it’s the one I’m thinking of (if it’s a real place) down the hill from Sprain Ridge pool. This is somewhat the same story as the previous as there’s a Natalie, Instead of a Sheila change around the letters and add a couple of new ones and you have Delia. Instead of the husband seeing an old friend, it’s his ex-wife who wants to buy a tombstone off him as she is dying.   I liked this better than the last one but then again you are talking to a person who wanted to work at a funeral home just for the prank she thought she could pull on someone! (Yes I have a morbid sense of humor)   next up is

Ad Valorem  which I need to see if I can find a translation of that, as I think it’s Latin, though it sounds familiar. I’m thinking something having to do with money?  An accountant’s deceased client’s widow gets involved but is also suspicious of the accountant.

Rods & Cones  – I’m not sure what I think of this one but it’s a happy ending. I guess as a pet owner and animal lover I can understand, but this lady is having a serious episode of empty nest syndrome.

The Extinction of Fairy Tales– was able to read this in full on a saturday night. While she is younger (i think in the 1960s or 70s) Edith purchases a home  and the previous owner’s landscaper, offers his services. He’s good worker and never takes off so when he does not show, Edith has a very hard time with it even refusing to let anyone else cut the lawn. It’s an emotional story in which in a couple parts I wanted to enter  the book and have some choice words with her neighbors who are badgering her. Sadness in ways of stubborness is how you meet your end and a lesson of do today instead of putting off til tomorrow. This was another favorite.  Only 2 more stories to go

Linsang –  Part ferret part cat?

New Zealand Tuatara Lizard

Hazardous Cargoes – a truck driver with live cargo is going to Orlando with Gentoo Penguins, Iguanas,and somethings called Linsangs and New Zealand Tuataras WTF are they you ask? I asked myself the same though for some reason I have a feeling I should know what at least one of them are (well my cousin lives in NZ so that would be the one more logical to know already plus  I do watch those animal shows so…let’s give a ‘net search…) Aw the Linsang is so cute!! I want one! as for the lizard.. well looks the same as an iguana to me. Well they said one of them was supposed to look like a Civet and I’m guessing that is why I thought I should know what one of them were. Anyway… The truck drive finds a stow away and is OC about his inventory on the truck. He always makes sure he has no more or less than he’s supposed to (hey try explaining to boarder patrols etc) It felt like a quick read  and oooh I hate even when in books an animal is harmed. There’s a giveaway in the book you know what is going to happen before it does (I hate that but it was done in a good way)

The Vermin Episode – I’ll just say the vermin son as no idea how or why but some characters son has become a giant bug! They are trying to get him buried. The family is Jewish and Catholic in belief and the church won’t bury him cause apparently he made a sin so bad it turned him into vermin!

I would Definitely recommend. I think each story has it’s own style and voice as well as maybe genre. A little ‘romance’ sci-fi horror and maybe even what to me sounds like it could have been a true story or 2!


Bad Moon Rising ~Were Hunter series #4

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Find a Preview on Goodreads, look under the image and rating

Series wiki Slang, Families etc

Started: June 10th -july 2

My first impression  is it’s a werewolf version of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, or at least as far as some of the names like Fang, Fury and Vane (so far) They’re all part of the Katalakis Grand Regis Lykos …Katagaria  clan. They are normally seen by bears as being violent, filthy and arrogant to the extreme. Though there are so far 2 or 3 different packs about.

Strati – Katagaria warriorors who are the fiercest of the bunch and usually quick to anger

Slayers- indiscriminate killers to any one or thing that gets in their way

Arcadians- applied to any Katagari  soldiers as a justification why they need killing.

Dark Hunters- are immortal  warriors who fought for artemis and hunt down the were Hunters cousins the Apollites and kill them whenever  they turn daimon and start praying on human souls to live.

Whoa.. mama bear is 800 years old but only looks 40! WTF!

A variety of were-animals  that were cursed by the ancients. So one of the cursed (a king?) took it upon themselves to experiment so their children would not die (I forget what reason they were cursed in the first place.) What became of those experiments, ‘would have the heart of an animal  who lived as animal by light of day and  who held the hearts of a human by day’ (does that make sense to you, cause I originally had to re-read that a few times thinking it a typo or missed by the editor. from the Mother’s Apollite race they inherited magic and psychic abilities, from their fathers work they would live by day as their base form human or animal and night they’d switch.  Under the full moon their powers were strongest. Now they are immune from the curse Apollo put upon them. The gods not pleased wanted the King to kill the lot of them but would not let his children suffer so spared from the original curse, a new one was cast aout them that they’d not be able to choose a mate of their own free will (only the fates could) and there would never be peace between the Katigaria (animals) and the Arcadian Humans; and this is how the were-hunters came to be.

For me there were too many species and ‘classes’ and because of this some parts were confusing for me. The last 75- to 100 pages could have been better or just edited out as most of the book is the species crossed lovers  who should not be together and would likely be cast out because of their feelings for one another just. Most of it is just whining “oh we can’t we have to stay away from each other our families wouldn’t be happy blah blah blah. That gets annoying. after 3x it becomes old and o me means you have no idea what you are doing. You do not create more drama  that way.  Its sounds more like an annoying broken record or a lazy song writer that has to repeat one lyric 10 times because they have nothing better to say. Some parts are just too cornball cheesy for me in it and there are ways to write romance without that.

frankly I’ll stick to my Black Dagger Brotherhood and Yasmine Galenorn Otherworld series books.


Dev.: you know for a wolf you don’t really stink

Fang: ::snorting:: and for a bear you don’t chafe my ass

“Vane was being as moody as a teen Gemini on her period after he’d seen some human he was now pining for”


Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Book One)by Lily Luchesi

(Paranormal Detectives #1)

started July 4 –

New adults or Upper YA   Mystery/Thriller/Supernatural

Chicago P.D. Detective 1st grade Daniel Mancini is on assignment  to follow a suspect in a homicide besides suspected of murdering two women the past couple of weeks. What happens during this case will change his life.

I’m only in the 2nd chapter and thinking I’m going to want to buy the actual print book (I received a PDF  complimentary from the Author to review) and re-read it. No Idea what page it was on but a pop-cult reference to the CW tv  channel and a mention of the Show supernatural gave me a laugh and that smirk Dean makes. Also like Lily’s (the author ) take on how vampires started.

a Supernatural thriller that has good flow; and its perfect type of book for a day at the beach, at a little over 100 pages.
I can see myself looking forward to the next in the series. I’ll have to ask the author if there’s any estimated time frame for that. The editor missed a few mistakes. There’s just the right amount of action, just when there should be one it’s there. There’s no monotonous feeling to the reading, or narration like some other books I’ve read. After reading this I feel like the last 2 I read were in that fashion!

As I may have previously mentioned on previous notes I do enjoy the pop-culture references in here. Good job for a first novella, I am hoping to find out more about the witch.
I was surprised that the main antagonist may not get a longer story arch tho’ the witch one might be more interesting anyway.
P.s. I received this book complimentary from the author as I offered to read and review it for her. Thank You Lily! For the breath of fresh reading..

Order Stake-Out (Paranormal Detectives Series Book


A Pinch of Poison

by Claudia Bishop

started july 13 -august 6

Have not really been able to read much since I am my aunt’s. For some reason I only seem to get to reading  a page or 2 (if I’m lucky 5) a day for some reason, I’m thinking this is because of the Cat-ertainment.  So now I’m home, I’m finally getting caught up and on track.

Hemlock falls sounds like a quaint little town and I like the name of the place! (After all hemlock is a deadly tree!So that right there tells ya about the town or at least series.) So reading through so far there’s work going on at the Inn, some mini mall plan going on and the sound of something crooked going on with it. Then there’s the new guy (still trying to keep up with all the characters names) who runs a ‘rag mag’ which at first I thought was going to be the mystery …wrong. Around page 60 the mystery or what starts it is finally found!

Was a good read however the reveal wasn’t even climatic (or remotely surprising) even though I didn’t even suspect the person! Stoker you’d think is more trying to sabotage the Inn than help

This also has a recipe included for Crab Clouds in the back.

Notes & Quotes

Quill ” Maybe some muscle bound cretin  or sleeveless t-shirt came clouching  through the front  door  with a cigarette hanging from his lower lip and sweat rolling off his biceps  and seduced her away”

Meg ” What?”

Quill;  “Nothing. It’s just Hot. It’s august and I feel…Witchy”

Disapprobation- strong Disapproval usually on moral grounds

Gladstone Bag – Here’s a link for Vintage ones 

Tempenade   Shibui   croesus

Semaphore- System of signalling with the arms or 2 flags (like  they do for planes)
Order A Pinch of Poison via Amazon *   find more info on Goodreads

Anne of Green Gables

Started August 6th -August 22

this starts off with the residents of Green Gables adopting a boy, but get Anne. There’s Mrs. Rachel who needs a life!” She is a no good nosey body who is a judgemental snob of a woman. Hurts Anne’s feelings; Anne stands up for herself and gets sent to her room for it.

Looking at my cover I swear she was the inspiration for Pippy Longstockings!

On page 17 (at least in my copy) I love the description of ‘The Avenue’

Anne is Born in March and is 11  Here father was a High school teacher named Walter Shirley, her mother Bertha was also a teacher before she married. She gave u teaching as she thought taking care of a husband was a full time job.

The mother Died of Fever when Anne was only 3 months old and the father followed 4 days after.

My Life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes- Anne

Man I thought I had an imagination! Anne may be on par or way beyond mine. But damn I swear when I read her parts I hear a hyper, perky high voice and she annoys me. Though not sure if as much as the dull ass adults!

It’s been over a year now that Anne has been living at Green Gables. Her Imagination has run away with her, and oh I like that idea… a Rainbow being a dryad’s scarf.

Man I thought I had an imagination! Anne may be on par or way beyond mine. But damn I swear when I read her parts I hear a hyper, perky high voice and she annoys me. Though not sure if as much as the dull ass adults!

Oh Help me.. Ann of Green Gables (well the character) is annoyingly perky at least as a child and though still cheerful and imaginative enough as an adult she’s less obnoxious. Of course with her hopes, ambitions, and many accolades she is riding high in the book until a disruptive moment of life bursts the bubble on her perfect world. C+

Mia's TempestMia’s Tempest

Started: August 24

Pages  a bit over 100


Something is happening in the nature world, it’s the season nature fights back the pollen is extremely high. It’s so severe that people that don’t even have allergies are fatally breaking out or not able to breathe. Instead of them happening instantaneously, it seems to happen one after the other.  Ugh oh,  now my eye itches (and I kid you not on my part)…is what you ‘hear’ from one character.  It’s an allergy ‘plague’!

What is interesting about the book is that the main character is not a person, but but ‘mother nature’. The  storm  of weather plagues is the main character, reaping havoc and chaos across the globe with various severe or maybe extreme (would explain it better) weather disasters.

The narrative story has a good flow which makes it a fast read. There’s not many characters in the stories but for those that are don’t have the time to have their stories developed more.  As I am one with seasonal allergies (thank goodness the foods I’m supposedly allergic to I can eat or I would have died of starvation long ago’!)  the first chapter can get you a bit paranoid.

Read the Full review here I received this book via the author as a PDF at my request to review

The Secrets of Blood & Bone The Secrets of Blood and Bone: A Novel

by Rebecca Alexander

Started = August 27   –  September 27

a supernatural thriller (mystery?) with history, Magic and Sorcery

384 pages in a 5-3/16 x 8 binding

I will say there are lots of  magic and supernatural elements. I saw a page in back there is a character that actually lived but there are some bits of history that she took

liberties with (not that would matter to me as far as the character in question would go)

Auguries–    a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen:   (Oxford English Dictionary) “they heard the sound as an augury of death”

Sitting Cup Shot

Volkodlak – (were) wolf



Lord Saraquel= One of the 7 archangels

A full review can be found here once I’ve finished       D

“I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

FrankensteinFrankenstein – Mary Shelley

September 28  – October 25     DNF

Not counting the preface & introduction which I did not read, there is a few letters before the first chapter even happens. While reading this I could only think wtf is going on. Not sure if it’s part of the original story or not but really are not needed when you read (unless of course its an assignment in class)plus reading them would give me a small headache and makes me fall asleepso just skip right to chapter

Not sure if I mentioned previous… but this would be a great remedy for insomnia

The writing to me just seems to drone on

I Give Up! (Halfway through) Can’t take the babble and old manner of speaking. Maybe I’ll end up reading it only when in car or in it’ll become bathroom fodder (means NOT worth any other time) Or maybe read before bed. (on page 71 of 209)

True Irish Ghost StoriesTrue Irish Ghost Stories

sept 29

here’s a little funny for ya…
While reading a single knock wrapped on my door. I answered, and didn’t get a reply. Got the creeps, then after a time I hear someone leave the bathroom! I even used my little battery powered ‘hurricane’ lamp when I left my room. Had to laugh at myself.

some creepy happenings, but i think would be more spooky if they had the tales on Paranormal Witness.

I thought this would be more set up as if they were short stories, not just a section by Haunted houses, Poltergeists, before or after death sightings etc.This was easier to read though have to keep in mind the stories are old. Like early 1900s and before that. There’s a variety of stories, haunted houses, those that may or not be actual ghosts, and a variety of other manner of the supernatural ‘spirit’ types”

If you want to read my ghostly experience Check out my 13 Frights of Halloween it’s under Day 5

Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse Doctor Who: The Drosten's Curse

Start: October 26 – November 28th

Starting out I’m a little confused as to what is going on. I think this is supposed to be the Doctor with the long scarf.  There’s something in a golf course I think in the sand trap and a character named putter (after the golf club?)

You can read the full review here  (it will be published Friday dec 4th)
Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #5)

Lover Unbound

J.R. Ward   Black Dagger Brotherhood book #5  on Vishous

December 1 – Dec 30

So learning quite a bit not only about Vishous in this but a bit about Darius as well. Poor John Matthew is the late bloomer in his class of trainees, vampire puberty is a ** Not only did Z go through some major crap in life being abducted but V has one jackass (putting it nicely, &  G-Pg-13 rated) of a father and his mother well… I won’t spoil who he finds her out to be.  I think besides Rhage & Rhevenge  I think V is likely to be the 3rd fave tied with Butch of course for their sarcasm and wit. as for Rhage & Rev… well  Not sure if I should choose the dragon over that gorgeous model on the cover of Revs (who has purple eyes) I might have to say Rev as I think that was the first hardcover I bought & 2nd book to read.  These book have a nice flow and I do enjoy the story telling but Feminists beware.

Neil Patrick Harris Choose your own Autobiography

Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

When I heard about him releasing this book I was quite intrigued, as I watched him back in the 1990’s when he was ‘Doogie’. INeil Patrick Harris choose your own then heard it was one of those ‘choose your own’ story type books (which I love as you don’t read from just front to back then you never get the same story twice.)

I was ecstatic when I saw this was an option for me to choose on Blogging for Books, (and on the day when I had gotten my cat Jonathan when I was in High School.)  in which I get a complimentary copy to read & review for my blog (now why can’t tv shows & movies do this for us as long as we won’t ruin climatic parts etc?)

The book is (in full) 291 pages, but with the choices I made while reading the first night I’m already on page 46!~ So you may not read the full book if you read it in the ‘Choose your own’ format. Also a choice you make may bring you to page 150 but the next may bring you back to the beginning.

Those choices so far were (number in parentheses was page skipped to)

  • Chose happy childhood (8)
  • read Optimism speech
  • then onto learning magic (14)

then well getting lazy instead of writing out what the choice was  I just noted the pages…

40-44 ,  46-66, 115, 124, 102, 94 (yes sometimes it brings you back to the beginning)

107 How Neil & his husband David met & David made annotations on the pages. (he seems like a cool guy, and equally funny)

194 start a family with David

207 & 257

So far the writing has a smooth flow and it’s been fun to read as far as the wit and humor we know from the ‘host with the most’ as I call him.

(yes I know that’s more a Beetlejuice line but I don’t care as for NPH in my opinion its true)

There are some illustrations, as well as photos in the middle of the book. One thing I love about books with this format is that when you want to re-read them they are a whole new book depending on your mood you choose different versions of it. So its one to keep in the library.

I have so far much enjoyed skipping around, reading the parts I’m curious about and so on. The book is written from the point of view as if YOU, the reader is Neil, though there are spots where it doesn’t seem so.  It’s smooth flow, witty and interesting.  Keep in mind, if you ever get a chance to meet him… Don’t call him Doogie or you’re the guy that played doogie’. While yes there is a fondness for the character I can see how an actor (even before reading this) would get annoyed etc about being called the character’s name (especially over and over, but people still seem to do it!! and that was the late 80s early 90s people!)

There’s one part I read about how he met his Partner David in which David makes some annotations on the pages. He seems equally witty to Neil and so makes a nice couple.

Whether you are a fan or not, I don’t think it matters. I think You’d still enjoy reading the book, and the kid inside you will LOVE choosing where to go next.

Also Don’t be surprised if your choices suddenly brings you to the end of the book, without reading the whole thing. Can you read it front to back, You could try & let me know. That’s another reason I like these sort of books, you don’t have to read the whole book the first time, but I do suggest to keep a note inside on what the choices you made were so that you could make different ones next time.

I wish more books were made like this, though something tells me its a lot harder and more work than to just write it being as you have to make the notations at the bottom of where to go if you’d prefer this or that. (I need to find a way to find more books in this format… its great for adventures & even mysteries

I give it 5 stars!

  1. being unique in it’s format (the choose your own) for an autobiography
  2. the smooth writing
  3. the humor
  4. a good read, as well as
  5. re-readable & you may get a whole new story!

More info  & Author Bio   and the official site


You can also download the following book cover images to use in your review:

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.”

2016 Biblio bound Reading List

This year… my Challenge will consist of  reading (cross out means done)

  •  a book series (in Full, or a minimum of just 2-3 books from the series. (however MUST be in succession)
  • read a trilogy
    *anthology (various authors)
    *With a letter of the alphabet in the title
    *Supposed to have read in School
    *Your choice theme
    *Book with a Number in the title
    *a book with magic
    *Book with a Color in the title
    *a Book to movie adaptation (like Pride Prej. and zombies)


Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own AutobiographyNeil Patrick Harris choose your own
starting: January 1st -Jan 13

Genre: Autobiography, Humor, GLBT

Challenge Theme:Autobiography

Format: Choose your own
Order from Amazon Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography

I’ve kept track of the parts I’ve read in case anyone else is interested in reading the parts I did or wants to read a completely different variation of the book.

my choices have been choose happy childhood-8

Read optimism speech & onto the start learning magic after that. (even teaches you a trick!!)  14

then well getting lazy instead of writing out what it went to I just noted the pages…

40-44,    46-66    115    124      102    94

107 How Neil & his husband David met & David made annotations on the pages. (he seems like a cool guy, and equally funny)

I have so far much enjoyed skipping around, reading the parts I’m curious about and so on. The book is written from the point of view as if YOU, the reader is Neil, though there are spots where it doesn’t seem so.  It’s smooth flow, witty and interesting.  Keep in mind, if you ever get a chance to meet him… Don’t call him Doogie or ‘your’s the guy that played doogie’. While yes there is a fondness for the character I can see how an actor (even before reading this) would get annoyed etc about being called the name of his character (especially over and over, but people still seem to do it!! and that was the late 80s early 90s people!)

see the full review in the post

Pride Prejudice & ZombiesPride and Prejudice and Zombies (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, #1) by Seth Grahame-Smith

started…  January 16 – Feb

DNF = did not finish

Book Challenge theme: a book made into a movie

The chapters so far are short, and the text semi-smooth but a fairly easy read. It feels like it picks up then loses steam to me.. I am still trying to get through it but doesn’t mean its bad, it’s because I’m being a naughty girl & being distracted playing games on my kindle! (I KNEW it would be a bad idea for me to get)

for those of you that have yet to see the movie adaptation, a friend (& the only person’s opinion I respect when it comes to movies) was not happy with the movie.

Has been DEMOTED to Waiting & Bathroom fodder~~~~ scratch that…I’m just going to forget about it. Sad though as I had no problem reading the prequel a couple years ago.


 Darkness Raging

Darkness Raging (Otherworld/Sisters of the Moon, #18)
by Yasmine Galenorn

Started: February 14th -March 19

Challenge theme: Paranormal/Supernatural, Magic, Fantasy, Non-human creatures)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

We start with the girls sitting around waiting for a call from anyone that has seen any activity. One way or another be it from FH-CSI or this call they would still get the call to go out and take care of the creatures that come through the rouge portals from Otherworld.

Telazar (sp) has been upping the ante each time he sends his bone walkers etc. through the portals. The Dragonkin have joined the fight in otherworld.

Ready Player OneReady Player one

by Ernest Cline

372 pages

Genre Sci-fi, Adventure, Fiction

Started March 21    Finished April 13
Challenge theme: book with a number in it, adapted to movie    (learn about the upcoming movie )

My Goodreads updates

Sci fi fans and those who grew up in the 1980s will enjoy this.”

“Adventure yeah…a smooth read and man do I have to look up some of the 80s pop culture (esp. Some of the did games) in here. Titles sound familiar but don’t remember premise”

“I can’t stop reading, but at the same time I don’t want to finish the book! (It’s fun great for anyone that is or has been a ‘gamer’ or geek of any sort.”

The search for the Jade key…sounds a bit legend of Zelda, or just me?”

Wade Watts  our main character and narrative host who is a ‘Gunter’; an hunter of a video game easter egg that will change the life of whoever wins it. The story is a plethora of 1980’s pop-culture nostalgia.  with a 70s topping & a sprinkle of decades after.

Read the Full Review here  (when Finished)


April/ May

Lover Enshrined

Lover Enshrined (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #6)by J.R. ward

Date Started: April  15 -June 14

Challenge Theme:  your choosing, book series

Genre Paranormal Romance

Book #6 of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series  this one is on Phury  the celibate  brother with the  multi colored mane of hair .

Picks up 5-6 months after last books as  it’s mentioned Cormia has been at the mansion for that amount of time now. Phury having John hang out with her and teacher about this colorful world (the otherside where the chosen live EVERYTHING is white).

Lash finally takes things too far with John, who attacks him but fails and Quhinn steps getting in trouble. The Omega is looking for his son who is planted among the brotherhood’s trainees. So who is it? I think we may have figured that one out when the program started!~ he’s rushed to Haver’s clinic while Quinn is stuck in a limbo of sorts, kicked out of his family and may get death should Lash die.

140-41 Flashback to when he left home

This is a story of Addiction and recovery as well as evolution (in a sense) the evolution of a races traditions and that some need to be stopped or the race will no longer be.

We not only learn more about Phury but his brother as well, and more about how the species tranditions.

Not my favorite of what I have read of the series so far, but I think that’s obvious considering it took me 2 months to finish it. At least  if I’m good girl & can catch up as I’m 3 books behind schedule maybe I can get to reading Rhev’s book at the end of the year.

For Full review the-black-dagger-brotherhood-by-j-r-ward/


The Vampire Hound

by Jim Kraft

Start Date:  June 15 -?

Challenge Theme:  Your Choice                 Pages: 191      age :Children

Genres: Action, suspense,  humor

I stumbled upon this at a thrift store and thought I could read it and give it to one of the kids in my neighborhood. Another thing is, I am reading it to ‘cheat’ and get caught up on my reading challenge of I think 20 books for the year.

Barksdale happens to be a gentle vampire living in Victorian London, who  uses his fortune to help the poor.

Keeping his secret to a select few, his comfy existence is threatened when a Vampire hunter arrives in London and the hound is his target. Supposed to be action packed of suspense and humor as well. So it started off slow so I had a hard time but becomes more interesting and therefore picks up about halfway through. The story is cute and all the ‘people’ are animals there’s a family of rats,  a ferret & Bear and a few other minor characters.


Super What?Super What? by Jax Abbott
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

age: YA     Format: Paperback    Genres: Humor, Fantasy, romance

Started:   ? Finished    July 19           Challenge theme: Your choice

Quick read to catch up on my reading challenge.
Jessie is the teen daughter of a couple of Superheroes, and lost her dad 2 years ago. He mom has basically checked out since then leaving her to take care of he lil sis Chloe.

The 15 year old Jessie not only has to deal with normal puberty which is bad enough try getting super powers along with it. “Supurberty” (super puberty as I’ve dubbed it) when powers are finally showing up. Jessie is going through both at once and has multiple powers, and after a bad bout of cramp, it turns out she’s the one that blasted the windows in her classroom (in her school of normals) out without knowing it.

View all my reviews

Miranda Rights

Paranormal Detectives book #2      by Lily Luchesi 

Miranda's Rights (Paranormal Detectives Book Two)

Started July 20 –      Genres: Paranormal  Horror Crime Thriller    Format: Kindle

Challenge Theme: Your Choice

I read the first book I think last year or maybe the year before, and enjoyed it. This one I’m a bit confused with not sure if it’s another case or supposed to be like a prequel. Maybe it was just a part or 2 that had me think that.  I asked the author and its a Sequel with flashbacks. I’m sure its doesn’t help that I don’t get to read a chapter or 2 every day. The series is written from Angelica Cross’ perspective in the present day with flashbacks to her childhood.

Angelica is the founder of the PID, and has a past with detective Mancini. They were married in one of his past lives. He doesn’t like vampires, even though he seems to have been with 2, although one was human when they were together. Witch  Fiona Gargoyle (man that sounds like a monster high character) Wait that’s not the right spelling… but its something like Guilfoyle  (maybe that isn’t the actual character’s name but I don’t have my kindle in front of me to check spelling) was obsessed with detective Mancini in his past life, and if she can’t have him, then no one can.  Angelica after dispatching the witch in the last book or so we think, learns she is back and thinks she may be a demon or be in co-hoots with them. Miranda a woman from Danny’s past and vampire, has come back now that her family is all gone  and joins the case. The witch is utilizing werewolves to attack the detectives, to catch Danny and kill Angelica.  I remember the last book having more action, this one is more suspenseful so I guess with each book we may get more of a heavier lean on a certain genre.  What is Fiona’s ultimate plan? Will she be able to make her special Werewolves, ones of her own making that will only be loyal to her, and will they actually succeed in capturing the detectives? Did I mention Detective Mancini is psychic? If he touches someone or something he will see the past.

Order your Kindle or paperback copy here via Amazon

The #Paranormal Detectives Series

Enter the #Underworld of #Chicago

Doctor Who: The Drosten’s Curse

I started this 26th October and it has taken me I’d bet a full month to get through as I finished it on November 28th.

I wasn’t able to gain any momentum in reading it, as the writing or the typos the editor missed (unless the person self edited which is never a good thing) ruined any as I was getting into it.

The story was about a being that was and at the same time was not physical. It fed off the negative thoughts of the people in the surrounding area, this creature s the Bah-Zokar. The creature is in the golf course (great place for negative thoughts and emotions). When an elderly woman was young she found the egg which looked like a golf ball but without the dimples.

After reading this I much prefer to watch Doctor Who rather than read another book especially if it’s from the same author A.J. Kenned.  The writing was not well at the beginning and did not flow well (and likely the reason it took me so long to read it.) and that’s with excusing the typos I ended up re-reading for the fact I thought I read it wrong.

To me just like some book to movie adaptations do not work, tv to book does not always transfer well. I know it also depending on the writing of the author. For instance:

I read a book from the Supernatural series, and it was as though the writers of the show wrote the book itself. I was wishing for the story from the book to be an actual episode, it was written so well. (there’s one other of the supernatural series books I was interested in reading as well I need to find)  now I don’t know if its on particular author that writes the books or a variety (like how there can be different directors for each episode of a TV show, but maybe that should be the case that only one author writes the stories or the person who does the writing for the show give a quick read to see if it translates well or not (like how J.K. Rowling had say in much of the Harry Potter movies).

Another thing I wasn’t crazy about was though it seems as though it was the Doctor who I call Doctor Scarf… I’ve seen a picture or even a clip or 2 of the actor as Doctor Who but I’m only familiar with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi (and some of David Tennant’s) Doctor. To me the cover should note  in some way that its the scarf doctor (not everyone reads the back covers especially when many end up only having blurbs about the book and not what it’s about. The back of this book doesn’t even give any hint as to which form of the Doctor it is. While reading I kept switching between seeing Capaldi then it would refer to the Doctor’s scarf and then I’d go back to a blurry image of a figure with the scarf or even funnier Capaldi in the Scarf!!

for me at least there should have been a warning which it was, because though the Doctor can travel through time and space… I cannot and was born in the 70s and our Cable just started carrying BBCAmerica a few years ago. So to me this came as a little outdated for the use of I think he’s the 4th doctor the one with the scarf .

Aside from getting through the first half of the book, the last at some point became more readable, though not sure about smooth.

For those that take their time or just reading during commercials, in waiting rooms, or in the Bathroom this book is fine, and for those that are just die hard Whovians.


You can also check out my updates for it on Goodreads

I received this book complimentary from Blogging for Books to read and review

More INfo  * Author Bio