Deepwater Horizon


2016, PG-13,  blu-ray,  1:47  directed by Peter Bergsstars  Mark Wahlberg, Kate Hudson, Kurt Russel, John Malkovich,  Gina Rodriguez, Brad Leland

Based on true events of the April 20th 2010  BP Deepwater  oil rig. The drama recounts the horrific experience of the crew of 126 on board and the courage that saved many lives. All due to the inept executives who want to save a few bucks by not keeping up maintenance on the rig.

Loved the daughter in this for the short time we got to see her in the beginning. I give her presentation an A+!  Makes me miss kicking butt in my grade school Science fairs! (never got to do a volcano like I wanted but what I did always seemed to get an A and an A+ anyway!)

John Malkovich and Brad Leland play the dips who basically cause the Big Problem  spill.

This was an interesting telling of what happened  in the moments of the accident all due to greedy ignorant incompetant Executives that never listen to their underlings. (Serves your asses  right when you lose money)

it took ( I think I heard) 11 lives and The spill lasted 87 days  (doing who knows what to the aquatic life)  I forget did any of these people go to jail?



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Star Trek Beyond

2016   PG-13  Blu-ray      actions, adventure, sci-fi   stars  Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Karl urban Simon Peg  et al


The opening scene is funny I’m guessing its supposed to be sort of like those fluffy tribbles (is that what they were called?)

These are some sort of Triceretops looking things (or at least what they make me think of)  They look so big while Captain Kirk is talking to them, then one stands in front of him and well… the scene escalates!

Wait did I just see a walking string bean? Oh they actually have some green aliens in this one!

The villain Krall reminds me of the Dark Elf from Thor:Dark World and sounds really familiar. I probably knew while filming was going on who it was, but I do like when I forget especially when they are in make-up and prosthetic it’s fun to guess. First I thought the really tall guy from Lost, then I was like, no can’t be as this guy isn’t the right height.

RIP Anton Yelchin     he looks different in this one some how.. like he was more muscular or something. (he didn’t look as scrawny as he did)

After an attack by Krall’s ‘killer bees’ (which remind me more of the way a certain type of a group of birds fly) we have the fall of the Enterprise who’s crew lands on various parts of what I’m calling ‘pumpkin Planet’ (too bad we couldn’t see more than one planet in a movie) though depending on the part the characters land, looks like a different planet each.

There’s a part or 2 where you can tell it’s a green screen with the characters pasted over it  one in which  captain Kirk & the Black and White alien (their backs to us) driving away.

This is definitely NOT the best of the 3! Though I can’t decide if I liked the first one or the one with Benedict Cumberbatch in it better. (however I  remember more of the sequel)

And again we get some of the ‘classics’ that Bones is so crazy about!  They ride the wave of the bee hive in a loud and distracting manor to sabotage it

The movie goes a little meta with a solo scene of Spock with some package out looking an a picture from one of the original casts. (I guess this was supposed to be a tribute to Leonard Nemoy’s passing.

Oh Simon Peg got a writing credit for this, could that be the reason it wasn’t that great?   I give it a big fat

D (I think it’s a review)




The Bronze

Image result for The Bronze2016  (HARD) R  1:10  blu-ray  Sebastian Stan,  Melissa Rouche, Thomas Middleditch,  Gary Cole,       IMDB


Former gymnast star and supremely foul mouthed and perverted  Hope Ann Gregory, is now a cranky bitter has-been living in the shadow of her former Olympic glory.  When her coach passes away, she is given the chance to coach up comer  Maggie, but plots to ruin her chances.

I literally fell off the couch laughing while watching when her father goes to wake her up! At least I’m not the only one who does that in my sleep. I guess the great timing on that plus the fact I’ve done that before is the reason I found it so funny, so if you don’t have the same reaction sorry for disappointing you.

The movie is the typical cliche sports movie. Either someone is injured (or gets in trouble) and has to persevere in some way.

When Lance shows up to check on Maggie’s progress, Hope is pissed as he’s supposed to take over Maggie’s training.  Maggie is somewhat pear shaped, and can’t get the jump and grab she needs for the high bars. Ruining her Olympic hopes. Then there’s a past Hope & Lance relationship…. all I’ll say is Nice tattoo I think I may have actually blushed (to what and where is the joke)

I’m sure that aside from the scenes mentioned, I’ll forget the rest of the movie.

Couldn’t stand the voice (really hope that’s not the actress’s real voice) and reminded me of Tonya Harding for some reason…

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In the heart of the sea

2015             PG-13               2;02           Blu-Ray      action, adaptation,classic novels, Period, drama, adventure

Chris Hemsworth, Cillian Murphy, Brendan Gleeson,Tom Holland,  Frank Dillane (more on IMDB )


The easiest way to explain is its the story of  Moby Dick, the true tale of the Whaling ship Essex chroniclingthe 90 day struggle  from the 1820s when the ship was rammed by a huge sperm whale  and sunk, stranding what’s left of the crew, and losing its oil.

Hemsworth plays Owen Chase, whose family are farmers, is a very good seaman. Sadly the sea farring families don’t see this and he’s corked into being a 1st mate, again. Captained by George Pollard played by Benjamin Walker and 2nd mate  Matthew Joy  played by Cillian Murphy

So we have a few spots of humor and well, the 1st mate has a ‘cure’ which is just NOT a good idea to do to someone with sea sickness, poor greenhorn! THis poor character ends up having to do everything no one else wants to, like being sent into the belly of the beast for what’s left but a puddle of oil in the whale they catch.


I’m mixed on how I feel. I wasn’t exactly disappointed, nor was I thrilled either.  Maybe this is one of those you actually have to read the book, but the movie hasn’t made me want to read it like some others or even tv shows have made me want to read their source material.

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