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Now see… I’m not happy about the new Mummy remake..(reboot whatever) and I come across this   How 2017 s THE Mummy would look in black and white    and it pisses me off even more!!!I hope they do some sort of release where it’s in black and white (or maybe somehow release 2 versions) becasue the black and white one actually looks creepy. The color version just like any other movie. I doubt this will be as good as Dracula Un-told which is supposed to be part of the shared universe as it was from Universal pictures. I just really don’t like the casting for the other monsters. maybe Jarvier Bardem is ok for Frankenstein for his height and stature but the rest really think they should have went with at least 30 somethings.

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Game of thrones trailer….

Game of Thrones 7 LOT of visual effects    &   character posters 

Vampire couple ties knot

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does sean bean really die more than other actors?  Considering those in the top 3 of dying in movies… and ‘The BEan’ as I call him is still kicking around… I think it would be safe to say he is likely to beat them out!


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And the Next James bond is… My Vote is for Tom but I’m still PRO-CAVIL


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Spider-Man: Homecoming – Official Trailer #2 Teaser [HD]

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

PG-13    2 hours & 31 minutes (or so I’ve read)

Directed by Zack Snyder

Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gardot, Jeremy Irons Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams

Estimated Budget  250,000,000    Opening weekend  166, 007, 347

 The Preview

Originally Foreseen in the 2007  movie I am Legend. I thought it was advertised in the movie as coming out in 2012, or 2014; however upon checking the trivia on IMDB.com for it

In one scene in the deserted street a billboard can be seen with a large Batman and Superman logo superimposed over each other, and the date “5-15-10”. This is an in-joke at the expense of screenwriter Akiva Goldsman. Goldsman did script rewrites for a “Batman Versus Superman” project in 2002. This was just one of the countless attempts to revive the Superman franchise that culminated in the release of Superman Returns(2006). It wouldn’t be until 2016 that Superman and Batman would share the silver screen together in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

“Deleted” scene from Batman vs Superman

the difference between Capt. America civil war & Batman vs. Superman

Trailer review from the B.A.R. 

am I the only one that sees a likeness between the ‘rock monster’ of this and the Destroyer of The first Thor movie?

I mean they are both elements (one earth and the other metal) and they both shoot that crazy blast out of their eyes.

Batman vs superman interview w with stars and Snyder

Affleck batman vs superman ny times interview

The following Is my Review as well as assorted articles and other fodder and following that is reviews of others and some article links

The Review

In a bit of goofyniess.. I thought I’d add this Tom & Jerry Weigh In On Who Wil Win: Batman  being as I LOVE Tom & Jerry and still do (even the new ones are ok but nothing like the fun of the old ones. as many times as I’ve seen the ones I saw as a kid…they still make me laugh.)

to start a friday march 25th night opening of 82 million sounds pretty good… but with the full opening weekend box office being tallied to $166 million not good for a movie well over 200 million to film.  Which mean the headline of this article “Batman v Superman” Surpasses Marvel’s Preview Night Box Office Record has got to be bogus right? The poor dear people that paid that .1 million more just didn’t know better. While if you go on the day your theater has discount day (tuesday here for $7.50) it’s worth seeing in the theater, otherwise the movie while big time decent FX, the storyline just didn’t cut it for me. It didn’t seem to flow well like they just took a jigsaw puzzle of scenes that looked like they best lined up and put them in as close of an order to make sense as possible.

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