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the CW Invasion ~ Heroes vs Aliens

Based on the 1988 comic book miniseries Invasion! event from Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, and Bart Sears, the plot of the story is The Dominators descended on Earth to bring an end to the “threat” of Earth’s burgeoning meta-human community.

So Supergirl kicks the whole thing off, however I don’t think I qualify it as cross over material. We just get what turns out to be a few time holes that pop into this scene or that and at the end (like the last 30 seconds…literally!) Barry and Sisco show up . For me that’s just a Supergirl episode, now if they had popped in half way through and participated more in the epiosde I would consider that a cross over. So as far as her episode goes, I’m not happy with it. If this were still on CBS I would chalk it up to that but sadly for me Barry and Sisco feel like they were just added to the story at the end and of course the time holes too. 

I will be re-watching the shows but this one I won’t as I do not recall anything in it having to do with the Aliens (aside from Supergirl herself and Mon-El)


I hope the Flash’s entry into the crossover event will be better.

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The Tackle heard across Seattle

Oh My GOds! Did I just see and hea that right?! Stephen Amell The Arrow from the CW will be IN Summer Slam!?!??!

YEP I did hear right… Those papers just need to get signed!   stephen-amell-wrestling-in-summerslam-against-wwe-superstarstardust/

WELl They got THAT up right Quick!!! http://www.wwe.com/shows/summerslam/2015/stephen-amell-neville-stardust-king-barrett



‘The Flash’ Preview: A Look Ahead to the Final Episodes of Season 2

‘The Flash’ Preview: A Look Ahead to the Final Episodes of Season 2.

Didn’t read yet just saw & posted… I hope theFInale(s)  will be another cross-over!

Sinceriously …

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The Green “Arrow” Is My New Favorite Thing

ah my favorite show! (and if not then top 5.) for those of you that have not found this gem yet, you just missed a great 2 nightcross-over event between The Flash (on Tuesdays @ 8 on CW) & Arrow on Wednesdays @ 8 on CW). Arrow now in it’s 3rd season… brings humor,(even more so when Flash is around) action, some interesting baddies and it’s just a great show. it’s like getting to watch an hour long movie every week. Coming up in the Dec 10th mid-season finale, Oliver Queen (arrow) faces off against Ras A’Goul (sorry not sure of the spelling, which I saw earlier but cannot find)



If you have not been watching this gem yet, you need to start catching up. The show is already in season 3 & it doesn’t even feel like we have past the first season yet! it’s full of action, humor especially when The Flash shows up. This brings me to the cool cross-over episode you missed because you do not watch. I admit I have not seen many cross-overs of shows but I’d have to say with the amount I have I can count on my hand and this was the best! 2 nights of a Who is better/ Stephan Amell’s Oliver Queen /arrow mentoriing Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen/The Flash (the fastest Man alive…but is he really when the yellow version who killed his mother is still at large?) That leads into the Flash’s Mid-season finale on the 9th. he will face off against yellow (flash). This to me seems more like something that should be a season finale not a mid-season finale. between the cross over & the 2 mid-season finales.. what are they to do with the season finales? Will they be able to top themselves? Both these shows are run by the same show runner that of Rye, NY native (not far from me maybe an hour or so) Greg Berlanti also know for Dawson’s Creek, the upcoming Pan & another current tv series the Mysteries of Laura.
(which I have yet to catch up on, which will likely be over the hiatus) Watch & find at least one new fave!


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I know I’m a bit late to the party, but as I’m sure you realize, I am in a lot of fandoms. This week, I’ve been quite under the weather and with nothing to do but explore Netflix and sleep, I started in on my next television show obsession, Arrow. I’ve been wanting to watch this show ever since I saw this pic:

tumblr_mcptgu0mV11qc17ifo1_500 Stephen Amell and Jensen Ackles

And then there is this one, posted only last week on Twitter when Jared and Stephen went to a Pearl Jam concert together. Where’s my invite, boys??

Jared-Padalecki-image-jared-padalecki-36210653-600-800 Jared Padalecki and Stephen Amell

SWOON. My ovaries have officially exploded.

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