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Arrow: Manu Bennett Will Return as Deathstroke Despite the Actor’s Public Denial

Worst Main Characters from TV shows


Big little lies

Major Villain from Doctor Who past returning to series?

Deathstroke returning to Arrow


Why Guillermo del Toro is not directing Pacific Rim 2

New Game of Thrones character posters 

Venom Movie Listed As Horror-Science Fiction

Power Rangers Cast Lobbying For Green Ranger To Be Female WHY Not the black or Blu Rangers??

5 Action Movies That Deserve A TV Reboot

And the Next James bond is… My Vote is for Tom but I’m still PRO-CAVIL


Justice League Trailer Proves Marvel’s Superior Strategy
The Walking Dead’s Ross Marquand Nails Hilarious Movie Impressions With A Twist
Spider-Man: Homecoming – Official Trailer #2 Teaser [HD]

the CW Invasion ~ Heroes vs Aliens

Based on the 1988 comic book miniseries Invasion! event from Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo, Todd McFarlane, and Bart Sears, the plot of the story is The Dominators descended on Earth to bring an end to the “threat” of Earth’s burgeoning meta-human community.

So Supergirl kicks the whole thing off, however I don’t think I qualify it as cross over material. We just get what turns out to be a few time holes that pop into this scene or that and at the end (like the last 30 seconds…literally!) Barry and Sisco show up . For me that’s just a Supergirl episode, now if they had popped in half way through and participated more in the epiosde I would consider that a cross over. So as far as her episode goes, I’m not happy with it. If this were still on CBS I would chalk it up to that but sadly for me Barry and Sisco feel like they were just added to the story at the end and of course the time holes too. 

I will be re-watching the shows but this one I won’t as I do not recall anything in it having to do with the Aliens (aside from Supergirl herself and Mon-El)


I hope the Flash’s entry into the crossover event will be better.

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News #2

The Vikings: On the many battles in 

American Horror Story Gets Renewed For Two More Seasons
J.K. Rowling Comments On New Harry Potter Trilogy

YES!!!! WWE Randy Orton Wins the 2017 Royal Rumble

The Godzilla & King Kong Universe Finally has A Name


EXCLUSIVE: Avengers: Infinity War Production Designer Teases Many, Many New Worlds

i’ tonya movie margot robbie photos tonya harding

Santa Clarita Diet Trailer: Drew Barrymore’s Netflix Zombie Sitcom


Voltron Legendary Defender season 2

BREAKING: Green Lantern Corps Writer & Characters Revealed!

Godsmack writing new album to celebrate 20th anniversary

Malcolm David Kelley Is Up For A LOST Movie
Will Ryan Reynolds Be Involved In DC’s Green Lantern Corps Film?
David Ramsey Explains Why Arrow Would Still Beat Flash In A Fight
WWE: Randy Orton Comments On Heated Fan Altercation


EXCLUSIVE Clip From Arrow’s 100th Episode: INVASION!

Star Wars: Tony Gilroy Makes Millions for Rogue One Rewrites
Marvel Calls Out Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Yet Again
Arrow Showrunner Regrets Season 4 Olicity Storyline
New Tom Holland Photos Tease Spider-Man: Homecoming Story Points

Beauty and the Beast – Official International Trailer #1

Vikings Katheryn Winnick Wants To Play Black Canary

NEWS Netflix

Got Netflix? Lament losing House Of Cards every time you enter a tunnel? The supreme streamer now has an offline mode, for interruption-free viewing. [Read more…]

The Vampire Diaries Cast Reveals What They Want to Say to Elena If She Wakes Up
“Are you hungry?”

Star Wars: How Much Does It Cost To Power The Death Star?

Negan Meets Lucille In Latest Addition To The Walking Dead Villain’s Backstory

29 Facts You Might Not Know About “A Christmas Story”

Westworld: Is Ford’s New Narrative Escalante?


Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie Alpha 5 Revealed
The Rock’s Rampage Will Be A Monster Movie At The Core
WWE Elimination Chamber Returning In 2017

FEATURE 25 Greatest Movie Villains
Counting down the worst the big screen has to offer, from Annie Wilkes and Harry Lime to Darth Vader and, well, that would be telling…. [Read more…]

Vikings’ recap: Ragnar Returns and No One’s Happy

Marvel Tops DC With Critics Choice Nominations
Return Of The Living Dead Actor Don Calfa Passes Away At 76
Anne Rice Describes Ideal Actor to Play Lestat in Vampire Chronicles TV Series

May I suggest the piercing blues of Jared Leto or Ian Somerhalder even Travis Fimmel  (just dye their hair blond) (tying to thing of Blond haired guys….other than Chris Hemsworth, which is more a dirty blond)

NEWS Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Ahead of its imminent release Gareth Edwards took to the interwebs to answer a few probing Rogue One questions in intriguingly cryptic fashion. [Read more…]

Vikings Showrunner Michael Hirst Talks Season 4, Writing Women, and Game of Thrones Comparisons

The Mummy Teaser Trailer Released

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Wants to Be Female Thor NO NO NONONNONONO

New Spider-Man Costume Has Wings


The Simpsons: The Real Story Behind Milhouse’s Creation


Birthday News

I’m sending this a few days ahead of time as Friday the 18th I will be out celebrating my birthday (which is actually Saturday)


Voltron Live-Action Film Heads to Universal with Writer David Hayter

The Rock’s Rampage Gets A Release Date

OMG I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this!!!

Michael Shannon Fell Asleep Watching Batman V Superman

It WOULD have been nice if they tried to decode what they are talking about here

Were Daryl And Rick Sending Hidden Messages During The Walking Dead?


That massive CW Arrow, Supergirl, Legends & Flash crossover? ….Happens starting Monday 28th

The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln Talks How Long Rick’s Been Keeping A Secret

Oh yeah it was such a big secret! Gee who forgot that whats her face was cheating on her husband (when she thought he was dead and more so after he came back?) I so wasn’t surprised!  I figured Judith was Shane’s if not Rick’s I mean she was preggers all too fast.

The Walking Dead: Daryl’s Morse Code Message To Rick Decoded

Danai Gurira Compares Black Panther Role To The Walking Dead’s Michonn

Legends of Tomorrow Moving to Tuesday Nights

Oliver Faces An Alternate Timeline While Team Arrow Faces “Invasion!” In 100th Episode
The Flash and Cisco Come to National City in Supergirl’s “Medusa” Synopsis
The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow Synopses Give A Good Idea What Invasion! Is About
Ryan Reynolds Gets Roasted by His Twin in GQ Interview
Suicide Squad Ends Domestic Theatric Run With $325 Million
Dungeon & Dragons Inducted Into Toy Hall Of Fame

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey Spinoff Movie Gets a Writer

Marvel Announces Inhumans Series On ABC

Arrow EP On A Character Death For Episode 100: “I Always Want Everyone Worried”

Jeremy Renner’s Daughter Is Already Following In Hawkeye’s Footsteps

Experience Suicide Squad In 360 And As Harley Quinn


Characters We Want On Arrow
It looks AWESOME!!!
5 Actors Who Almost Played Negan On The Walking Dead

Oh Crap I SO would go with Henry Rollins as Negan,

Matt Dillion would have be good but doesn’t have that intimidation factor

Now You See Me 3 Finds Script Writers

New Underworld: Blood Wars International Trailer Released

Sons Of Anarchy Spin-Off: Mayans MC – Everything We Know So Far

First Look At Kong In Kong Skull Island

Sons Of Anarchy: Kurt Sutter Teases Series Future With New Abel Photo

Stranger Things: Director Reveals Season 2 Plot, Teases Season 3

Sausage Party Header
EXCLUSIVE Sausage Party Clip And You’re All Invited

Ghost in the Shell Teaser for Trailer Shows Scarlett Johansson in Action

Westworld: More Evidence That Bernard Is A Robot

DC’s Young Animal Review Roundup

The Walking Dead: How Does Negan Compare To The Governor?
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Teaser Trailer
Westworld Looking Good For A Second Season
New Footage For Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Released

Dead of News

The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero Praises Andrew Lincoln’s Performance  Great Performance yes, but I was quite disappointed in all the hype for the episode, mostly that of which came from the writers and actors mouths. Did I get upset, did I cry at who got the kiss from Lucille? NOPE! But then again I KNEW it wasn’t going to be the “big 3”  it was (what I call) a minor major and a ‘repeat’ so to speak of someone else that was in serious danger….so I’m yelling Cop-out

DC TV Crossover Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shows The Superhero Committee
The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero’s Message To Complaining Fans

Norman Reedus Reacts To Shocking Kills In The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

Arrow: Is Tommy Merlyn Really Prometheus?  (not sure if that’s possible considering “Tommy” is on Chicago M.D. (or I know it’s One of them Chicago shows) but maybe he did the scenes during the other show’s hiatus.

The Walking Dead: Greg Nicotero Says Negan’s Victims Are Not Dead




Toys of Terror #124

fangoria.com – Welcome to TOYS OF TERROR, Fango’s weekly feature exhibiting the coolest horror accessories across the web. Whether you’re a collector, connoisseur or simply making your love of horror a family aff…

Thor: Ragnarok: First Look at Chris Hemsworth’s New Thor Costume

Power Rangers Movie T-Rex Battle Zord Revealed

JJ Abrams Next Film In The Cloverfield Series Revealed
The Walking Dead: Robert Kirkman Says Steven Yeun Blacked Out His First Day On Set

The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere Hits Over 20 Million Viewers

Vince McMahon Says He’s Open To Selling WWE
Five Comic Characters We’d Like To See Play Hockey
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story IMAX Standee Holds Hidden Messages

My Bizarre Weekend In Gilmore Girls’ Real-life Stars Hollow Blurred The Lines Between Reality And Fiction

Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed Ink Pod Deal With Warner Bros. TV

Avengers: Infinity War Working Title Revealed
The Flash’s Rick Cosnett On If He Would Play Reverse-Flash In An Alternate Timeline Or Universe


this next one is a spoiler

The Walking Dead’s Greg Nicotero Shares Graphic Images Of Glenn’s Makeup

Fan writes Obituary for glen

Deadpool 2 Working Title Revealed

Chuck Palahniuk on the “Personalized,” “Unique,” and ’80s Rock-Inspired Bait: Off-Color Stories For You To Color



The Scariest Films of the 2000s


Film Critics Name the Best Movie Theaters In the World



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