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Terminator Genisys


2015  PG-13   2:05  blu-ray

**  Arnold schwarzenegger Matt Smith, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, & Jai Courtney

J.K. Simmons returns for a few scenes  and the liquid metal guy in here again (no its not the T2 guy that is now on Scorpion)

The disk sleeve says it’s a prequel (but I’ve heard it ignores the 3rd movie w. Nick Stahl) and reveals a very different back story for Sarah Connor, (resistance leader John Connor’s mother for those that have been living under a rock). Jai Courtney who plays Kyle Reese gives us the L.A. 2029 narrative

OUCH…That hurt Oh Poor Kyle  Is this supposed to be comedic? T2 was better with that. This one I think is trying to hard.

Sarah: Bite me

Terminator (Arnold):that is a very immature response

October 2017 Genisys aka Skynet starts. Please don’t tell me everyone is going to go all Y2K again next year!?

Oh That was a bad make-up job someone did for the scar/cut on john . Definitely not well done I looks

John Connor & Kyle Reese played by Jason Clarke & Jai Courtney

like it was done in foam and the coloring is a bit orange in tone. Someone had to rush that, I can do better as an amateur (or as I say master amateur)

Now I have some serious beef with the ass that edited the trailers. Who was the D-bag moron that put a KEY spoiler in it?! It ruined the surprise (even though I thought at some point they might go that way with John) now as I said it’s in the trailer and for that reason I should have just used the image I wanted but I guess when I saw the trailer I was hoping it was some sort of a trick from the resistance. Sadly there is no hope, as what I saw in the trailer wasn’t metal or liquid metal but I think some nano tech. he’s not a terminator or human. Is it wrong to mention I wish Sam Worthington were back for this? I guess that they thought one Aussie was great (and stole the show in salvation) so why not double the fun with Clarke & Courtney. A friend of mine wasn’t crazy about Courtney being in it, but I told him that it wasn’t his fault the movie was bad. The actors can only do so much as (to me at least) what mainly determines a movie to be a hit is mainly the script and the direction.

WOW that’s some F** flying. Didn’t know choppers could do that or at least if it wasn’t CGI. Other than the usual arnold terminator quips and one disturbing smile  (LMAO after I just said that “Kyle Reese’ said it too!)

If the writer of T2 or Salvation wrote this I would be seriously surprised!  This really did nothing as far as my opinion to further the story  (saga) of the series. It felt like a big step back. Who’s idea was it to make another? Throwing this in and screwing with the mythos is a serious brain fart  (to put it nicely) There were no good quotes like what terminator 2 gave us, that I think some still quote. I thought Courtney’s role was going to be a terminator thank goodness I was wrong,though someone else was which as previously mention was in the trailer. That should not have been, and for most would have been a shocking twist had it not been in the trailer. Hey maybe if it weren’t, that twist surprise just may have landed the movie better reviews.   Then well for the ladies I have to mention Jai Courtney with no shirt (or clothes) well that’s a gift of Aussie Grade A beefcake (or maybe I should say B as to me Chris Hemsworth is THE ‘Grade A’ mayeb for him I should note PRIME while Jai & another fave Aussie or 2 can just be Grade A)

anyway I’m struggling on whether to give it a C or D-

Rent or purchase via Amazon Terminator Genisys