Dog Gone, Back Soon by Nick Trout

Dog Gone, Back Soon (Cyrus Mills, #2)    Fiction, Animals, Humor, Romance

Wait how did a fish write a book?!?!!

Mom has one of those Reader’s Digest large print  book subscriptions. She had a few laughs at this and told me a couple of them. At the start (just a chapter or so in) a big Mastiff comes in, the kid Stu made brownies tells the vet its that chocolate toxicity when in fact it was pot brownies! The dog ate the plate of them!

Being as the book large print books mom gets are 2 in one and therefore condensed, when I got to the end of the book I was just like that’s all? That’s the end? I enjoyed reading the book but wasn’t happy with the ending as it felt like it was someone brushing lint off their shoulder.

I do think it would be cool as a movie tho (maybe a tv movie would end up on Hallmark or some girly station that would be awfully written and acted.

I’d say get the real book, as this just felt like it was missing something but I’m guessing it was just the filler.

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2015   NR Horror 1:30  Ione Butler, Andrew Asper, Lala Nestor,Kim Nielsen,   more cast

A strange virus  quickly spreads through a safari park zoo called Eden which is an endangered wildlife refuge. WE

start in turning all the zoo undead. So now we all know this is a stop the creatures before they escape and cause more dismemberment and zombify everything in their path.

Being a fan of the tv series ZOO  (and trying to get my hand on a copy of the book) I thought I’d watch this as an appetizer before season 3 of the show.

one notable quote is

“It’s a zoo, NOT Jurassic Park”


Why hasn’t this been on Syfy or Chiller channel? I would have went nuts as it would have been a treasure to catch on there. Heck for all I know it could have been on there and I missed it.

One memorable part was the daughter in her mother’s office… where she is playing. I don’t want to set up the whole thing I’ll just say I will never look at a Koala the same way again.  actually you may not look at a lot of the animals the same way again. (and why I hope there’s never a zombie cats movie)


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How to find a good book

With today being the OFFICIAL first day of the Summer (aka the Summer Solstice)

that means it’s reading season for those who are not normally able to get reading unless on the beach tanning, on vacation away (heck depending how long I like to take an extra book or 2 especially if I am half way through what I am currently reading plus depends on how much there is to do, and if in the country how far from a store I am.

When it comes to choosing ANY book, I don’t go by the current best selling or what others are talking about. I will however sometimes cave to a book when it seems all my friends are reading the same one at around the same time. This happened with the Graveyard book. After a time I received a copy as a gift and when reading I found to be a children’s book, however it could be read by anyone and was interesting.

I do agree that those who do not read at all are the ones who ask how to find a book to read. Here’s my way to choose as well as some recommendations (for a few different types of genres.)

How I choose to read a book

In store print or kindle version

  1.  the cover or title catches my eye.
  2. I read the plot (on back of physical book), if It sounds interesting and I have the money I’ll buy it then and there otherwise I add it to my list.
  3. I flip through the book maybe read a paragraph or page depending on time
  4.   I keep hearing about it to the point I get curious. (This doesn’t usually happen with best sellers usually once they are not being talked about is when I get interested. Hype seems to be a turn-off for me be it book, or movie.
  5.  When I got a kindle i signed up for Bookbub and I think one other site. One of them I get recommendations on books I may be interested in. These are usually at a great price. I don’t think I’ve gotten an offer over $2.99 which to me no digital book should be more than $5 (or at most, no more than a quarter to half the price of the physical book) 


Already in my pile

  • each year I do a reading challenge which I try to theme each year. This year is series (or can be all same author) either a couple of books from a series (if I don’t have the whole set) sometimes I just read one type of genre and so on.
  •  my Mood    with the amount of books in my pile as is, I’m not exactly looking to buy any books aside from the few series I follow. If I can’t choose I sort of have a tie breaker
  • I have a little trinket box filled with ‘reading challenge’ prompts Like:  Read a book with a letter, or Read a book by an Author 30 or younger. I pick maybe 3-5 of these out and choose from there.
  • sometimes If I can’t decide from there I go on and type in the prompts and have it randomize and order and choose that way (sometimes best out of 3)


You could use the way i do it or you can

try one or all of these ideas  like Try a book Club, ask a friend or family member for a recommendation


You can find a list in my book nook of many of the books I’ve read since 2006! Anything in RED is recommended.

In the menu hoover on the Book nook and there are other pages with reviews and more Including the Book Archive which lists previous years’ reading challenges)

The Secret Life of Pets

I’m so pissed! They changed the Song the Poodle listens to in the trailer from that Thrash metal to no idea what the hell that is now, but it’s not funny like it was.

2016   PG    Blu-ray  1;30  Animated, Comedy

Louis C.K. Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Albert brooks, Dana Carvey, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell,Hannibal Buress


Happy Terrir Max ‘s world is upended when his owner brings home the large bear of a dog and a ‘mongrel’, Duke  home.

The 2 find themselves allied against a mass of abandoned pets who want to turn the tables on the humans.

Gidget is a poof of a dog, more like a talking cotton ball! Chloe is a snooty fat cat, Peppe a Chihuahua and Mel I guess is a bull dog (which I later found out was actually a pug).

As I mentioned in the beginning of this about the trailer being changed,  I guess that was sort of a test or something.  Still LOVE the headbanger poodle, still cracked me up while watching the movie! Maybe I found it funny as that’s my choice of music but the movie or 2 I saw in theaters that had it in the previews the rest of the audience had a laugh too so I guess it wasn’t just me. (I guess it’s funny because it’s a prissy poodle plus goes from that classical musical to metal let alone THRASH metal!)

Now we get to the Psycho bunny which is either where Happy Bunny came from or the idea for it was taken from the “Cute But Psycho…Things even out  Happy Bunny stickers  (and the knock off version)

It’s enjoyable for the whole family especially if you are pet owners and I’d advise to SKIP NINE LIVES as this is a much better story.

The colors are so bright and vivid as though you;d never seen before.

“It’s poo poo with a dash of caca”

Sausage palace Grease + Willy Wonka

‘Great You’re in  love, How gross for everyone’..

-Mmm that sounds more like Grumpy cat but I think it was the Bunny.


Find some quotes and goodies here

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Pop’s Party Tips


Some sort of Game pieces



PG     2015    1:51   Josh Wiggins, Robbie Amell, Lauren Graham, Thomas Hayden Church,  Jay Hernandez

Based on real events

Max a military trained dog is adopted by his trainer’s family after he dies in the line of duty. Not only does the dog help the family to grieve but also helps to solve the case of the soldier’s death and a local crime ring.

I like the story, but I didn’t like they had a couple dog fights in it, even if Max was protecting his new owner. I didn’t like the bridge scene either, it made me sad and as an animal lover.. no shame it made me upset and I cried a bit but it didn’t last long.The movie pulls the heart especially if you are like me and love our furry friends more than your fellow man. (even just a little more)

Max the dog is a handsome German Shepard or so looks, is quite the handsome one. I think the girl said it was a different breed than that though.  I checked out the credits and the main Max dog is really named Carlos and his doubles played by Jaggger, Pax, Dude, Pilot and Chaos.  I was wondering why the dog looked different at times. Also there were a couple of rottweilers called Draco played by Atlas and doubled by Ebony  and the other was Loki …wait for it… played by Odin (really is that a jke just for me?)  who was doubled by Ursa and greta.

as I have many cousins in the various branches f the military and Veterans in the family (dad,Uncle, Gramps, a family friend or 2 and older cousins) I saved this & Captain America :Winter soldier to watch over memorial day weekend as we had no plans.

If you are one of those families of the military I salute you & your soldier, be they human or K-9. Thank you for your part in keeping us safe.

I would definitely recommend to watch but like I said, I didn’t like seeing the animals fight (or get hurt) even when I know its fake. So have someone with you to hide what you don’t want to see.

The song   Forever Young (sorry not sure who by)  playing over the credits is fitting

Oh and remember, when a normally friendly dog growls and barks at someone… its a warning they’re not to be trusted. (cats can be the same way, I had a scaredy cat at one point, and when a boyfriend came over she just sat there and let him pet her! My family & I couldn’t believe it! Now I have a cat that loves people, so if someone comes and she avoids them… I know something is wrong with that person. Honestly animals can be smarter than we are)




TV Tuesdays: Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies (2014) PosterSecrets & Lies is an hour long crime drama and stars (as you likely already know) Ryan Phillippe  (oh how I have missed thee!!… and gleeful he has come to the small screen, about the only way he’d be in my bedroom ::evil grin:: )  as Ben Garner & Juliette Lewis as Detective Andrea Cornell who is steely cold & you can already tell has judged him as guilty.

The pilot starts with Phillippe’s character Running home from his jog, but really it’s after he finds his Neighbor from across the street, Jess’s son in the woods… dead. (this you all know from the coming attractions already or should.)

Did he do it? Not sure, a twist here, a red herring there.. all I know is whether or not he did or did not the detective is such a pain that I feel like she’s harassing me through him! The media the classless asses they are gives the younger daughter a panic attack (seriously even if they think he did it, they should have a cop detail to at least keep things in check at least for the daughters!)

So far nothing predictable; though there are times he seems to second guess himself. So what is he feeling guilty of?

I highly recommend this must watch and not just as a second hand, background fodder type of show. Also you would really only have to commit to this season as on Jimmy Kimmel (you’ll see in the following videos) Ryan mentioned that it will be new cast members next season. If I heard right I think it’s only 9-10 episodes and they have already shown 2 of the episodes Sunday the first.

One highlight of the first video, Ryan explaining that his son gets jealous when he shows affection to his on screen children.

On other notes

OMG!!! from Fairy Vampire to FRANKENSTEIN?!!?!


little-girl feeding-some-crows-so-they-started-bringing-her-gifts…. with a hugh-jackman-cameo/

Talking Cats… I had the first one on speaker and my cat heard it & started going bonkers!