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WELCOME to the show!

First-time viewer? You won’t find your snooty critics’ choice here and will more likely find some of those “underrated” on here where they are not, or at least we do try.

Due to some technical difficulties, this year We are doing an abbreviated show.


Bromance/ Bromance moment Lethal Weapon -Fridge Binge (from end of season 1)

New Show Six Valor The Brave Seal team Wisdom of the Crowd(cancled)

Remake (movie to TV) SWAT (? Don’t watch it and is the only remake I can think of)

Duo Damon Wayans & Clayne Crawford (Lethal Weapon)

Outstanding Show Direction by a Woman -Helen Shaver Vikings

Most Creative yet messed up name– Taboo’s Screwblouspip

Horror Show-Blood Drive

Scary Moment– Game of Thrones ZOMbear

Cable show – Animal Kingdom Shooter

Limited series– Unabomber

Anthology series– The Guest Book American Horror Story: Cult

Military Drama – The Brave

Most Improved – Gotham

Best Scene– Vikings S5 E3 “Homeland” The Raining Battle (and son of Ragnar)

Outstanding performance -Alex Hogh Andersen (Vikings)

Actor Stephen Amell Alex Hogh Andersen

Welcome Back– John Constantine (Legends of Tomorrow)



“Privacy? We gave that up a long time ago to watch cat videos” – Wisdom of the Crowd S1 E1


Coocious? Sounds like a damn STD- Cookie on Empire


At times he (Reno) exhibits clear socio-pathological behavior

He’s a New Yorker- Karnak & another character on Inhumans


Best Dialog

The Originals S. 4 E 8 Voodoo in my Blood

Klaus- Of course it’s quiet; it’s a trap, New Orleans witches have hated my family for 3 centuries…of course it’s a trap!

Haley- The coven protects their own. Hope is one of them now she’s part of their legacy

Klaus- Hope is a far cry from a French Quarter fortune teller and while we’re on the subject she’s 7, anyone wants to talk to her they should be asking my permission.

Haley- You’re going to be a lot of fun when she starts dating

Klaus- I’m going to be a perfect gentleman; and should any of her suitor fail to meet my expectation….I’ll compel them to the priesthood.


Inducted into the (inter?)National Movie Archives… Goonies Titanic and Die Hard


Allstate Insurance -‘All Alone” (in car)


Deluth Trading Company commercials (in general) Different, Fun and a laugh for the family

Bodega Cat- NY Lottery

Geico -Running of the Bulldogs

Butch the Dog (Full version)

Echo Dot Alexa


Nominated a 2nd year in a row again –

Amazon ‘Lion Dog’



D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow Raiders of the Lost Art S.2 E.9 Fightwith Legion of Doom Dahrk & Merlyn

Game of Thrones Dothraki & the Dragons) vs Jamie Lanister and army (no contest)

GOT Arya & Breann Sparring


Best new (summer) show– Blood Drive


Carter Matt AWards


Image result for RIP

Series memorials


Bates Motel

Vampire Diaries




Best ArticleCats in the Ancient World


Book Addition by Toni Jordan

Writing Blog promptuarium.wordpress.com/category/character-bank/

Post sweatpantsandcoffee.com/sweatpants-tv-vikings-season-5-episode-1-the-departed/




Paul Kariya & Teemu Selanne Inducted to Hockey Hall of Fame

Martin Truex jr. wins Nascar Monster Energy Cup circuit Chase Championship




Musical Episodes

CAMEOS (mostly bad)

Singers & Athletes appearing in shows (Ed Sherran cheesy Game of Thrones cameo, another GOT one that was better done with a Ny (Mets?) player however he threw a spear so I’m guess he’s a picher on the team and the first to do it…

Viking’s started it all off with a Blue Jays player in season 4. This was the way a cameo SHOULD be done. Not some cheesy crap like a singer singing, or a wrestler doing his signature move, the Torotno Blue Jays player (I forget his name.. as I don’t watch baseball) I felt he was nervous in the scene or maybe I was for him (or was that just jealousy!) however he had a legitimate Role, scene and a line or more.

Image result for Real Gravestone Rip


Chuck Berry Chris Cornell Glen Campbell Tom Petty

Chester Bennington (Linkin Park Tribute) First I was in Shock then my heart broke!

David Cassidy, Jerry Lewis Mary Tyler Moore, Erin Moran(Happy Days) John Hurt, Chuck Barris (The Gong Show), Bill Paxton, Don Rickles, Mike Connors (manix), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica Original series ), Alan Thicke (Growing Pains), Emmanuelle Riva, Miguel Ferrer (Twin Peaks 2017) Gregg Allman, Roger Moore (007) Barbara Hale (Perry mason) Adam West (Batman) Martin Landau Nelsan Ellis (True Blood’s Lafyette) George A. Romero (Director) John Heard (Bones) Ty Hardin (Bronco) Toby Hooper(director) Harry Dean Stanton (twin peaks & Alien) Robert Guillaumme aka Benson Jim Nabors (Andy Griffith Show) Della Reese, Sam Shepard,Francine York,Frank Vincent, Jay Thomas,

Martin Landau Monty Hall Chuck Barris Sue Grafton (Author)

Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka (Wrestler) George the Animal Steele

Hugh Hefner

Did i miss anyone? See more




Horror– Stephen King’s IT

Best Death – The Shallows

Animated movie- Boss Baby The Secret Life of Pets

Best Scene – Loki’s Play Thor Ragnarok and IT (both had many Memorable scenes)

Favorite Rentals– ZOOmbies Extraordinary Tales The Wave And then there were none

Surprise Catch (on television) 1985 Care Bears the Movie

Best Movie(s)(Stephen King’s) IT Great Wall Kong Skull Island Thor: Ragnarok King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Mystery– and then there were none

Performance– James McAvoy (Split)

Scared as $h!+ performance – The cast of It

Thriller The Shallows

Horror Character – Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise from IT

Action Movie– American Assassin Thor: Ragnarok





Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

Bon Jovi, The Cars, Dire Straights,Moody Blues






(The avatar awards version of the Razzies)


Worst Picture

Movie independence Day: Resurgence Resident Evil: Final Chapter Underworld: BloodWars

TV/streaming show

Most disappointing Logan

Worst Actor

Worst Supporting

Director Zach Snyder


Casting Justice League (esp. Aquaman I got not probs with Jason Mamoa but not for the Blond haired Aquaman)


Overhyped Get Out


Screen Combo

Prequel Annabel Createions (just could have been more meatier)


sequel – Guardians of the Galaxy (not aweful bad but not fun, funny or anything the original was. Felt more like a colorful Thor 1 & 2)

or just seems a flat out rip off