Carnival Row

1 season   Amazon Prime          Orlando Bloom, Cara Delevingne   Jarred Harris   SuspenseFantasyDrama

A serial killer is loose in Carnival Row, and the government turns a blind eye (as always) to lower class citizens.

The human Rycroft Philostrate (bloom) is a detective or P.I. looking into the deaths of some fae folk that have been attacked by ‘Jack’ (or Jack the hammer) every three weeks there has been an attack.

Vingette (Cara) a faerie who  at least tried to fight back against their enemy ‘The pack’. She  finds refuge on a ship bound for Burgue when it wrecks with all  the refugees from her land in the hold. She is the only one alive and is then put into servitude as the handmaid for the owner of the ship’s sister. She has some sort of past with Philo.

episode 1 Some dark god wakes

Directed by Thor FreudenthalSee the source image

The opening tells of how there was a war and that man took over the lands of the fae abandoning them to the Iron Fist..and the Fae’s homeland is now the hel they are trying to escape

That was a surprise for an opening scene a visual scare of sorts but not gory.

The Republic of Burgue  is a mix of human and fae I guess Carnival Row is a neighborhood within The City of Burgue.

As Philo looks into his Jack the fae slayer case, he’s told the fae have something something dark below.

See the source imageSee the source image

See the source image

E3   kingdoms of the moon
Flashback to philo was in war
Stationed at a far village
Backstory for him and vignette

E4 the joining of unlike things
Attack at an orphanage
Vignette goes deeper in the raven group

E5 grieve no moreSee the source image
Imo gen hosts a party to introduce her neighbor a puck
In hopes to get him acceptance in their society

E6 unaccompanied fee

Another case and someone philo just spoke to
Could it be more about rycroft and not who he thinks
A few flashbacks and a revelation
Imogen accompanies her neighbor agreus the puck
To a high class event.
Makes a crack about

7 the world to come
Rycroft is taken to the precinct
His lover betrayed him now they know his secret
Imogen goes to neighbors and helps him hang his auction painting
And plays show and tell in more than one way

8 the gloming
Philo gets transferred but why?
Is  that thing  supposed to be … with a horse mouth

finds out identity of dad  (I had a feeling was gonna be him)

I’m glad this was the 2nd Amazon original I watched, it gives me hope for the rest of the dramas. I hope there is going to be another season.

If you liked this then I HIGHLY recommend the Alienist 

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