Hair Extension

See the source imageTubi. Asian horror

A salon girl with her own beautiful long hair is sent on an errand to pick up some hair extensions when the salon runs low.

Upon arrival there’s 1 symbol all over the place (it sort of looks like an ear to me). It’s supposed to be like a family crest of sorts for a community which all had beautiful hair.

When anyone is shown the hair in the box, even if they didn’t want extensions beforehand, the person is entranced and change their mind after seeing them.

Matsuo’s daughter had the same extensions done at the same salon and the dealer is questionable. After having them for a bit… The extensions change

I liked the premise of this. Instead of some monster (though I’m not knocking monster movies or other forms of traditional horror) I always wondered myself how do they acquire the hair is it synthetic some animal’s Like a horses or  real human hair? If its real human hair, is it donated, or is it like an ‘organ donation’  This is one reason i liked the movie. It may not be the best and as I always say it seems Asian horror has a thing with hair. This really puts the err nail in the coffin for me on that.

Frankly I think there should be a few more horror movies on changing looks. I can understand about if you can’t grow hair and   you want to have some real looking hair for a special event or occasion and Wigs are hot and  a pain (I’ve tried one for halloween not likely again unless its cold).  Though I mean things like a breast enhancement, or fix some sort of disfiguration. But for any other reason, I think if not to make them as entertainment, then for warnings to those that think of it.

My Explorations of Tubi TV: Part 2

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