Bloodsucking Bastards

This horror comedy starring Fran Kranz, Joey Kern, Pedro Pascale and Emma Fitzpatrick is a slow burn, but in a good way.

Overworked Evan is up for a possible promotion. He works with his slacker best friend and just broke up with his girlfriend who he works in HR.  His boss who seems to like him, hires his nemesis

I came across this free on Vudu  (one reason I do love that site. I do mean the site as on the app even in ‘My Vudu’ even when I already have many free options saved to my wishlist, I can’t see which movies are free in it until I click on the thumbnail. So I removed it from my apps.

People start going missing or coming into work looking sickly pale. However those that were slackers seem to have turned over a new leaf. Have they been brainwashed somehow?

Anyway so I don’t give anything away…. I’m just going to say

I did enjoy most of it. It was sort of a twist on that other movie or 2 I saw.. The Belko Experiment and Mayhem I think is the other title…only this has a supernatural twist.

As a life long vampire fanatic I wasn’t insulted in any way by it and was surprised it didn’t end up being a complete waste of time. I think I’ll have to mention the title in The Vampire Bible

You can check m ore cast and information here on the IMDB page

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