American Horror Story:1984

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for season 9  we get assorted Friday the 13th style coming attractions like  a girl in the boat, ‘Camp Redwood’, some slasher style axes and knives embedded in things.

From the title we get sent back in time to the era of Ronald Regan, big hair, Wholesome family tv shows, leotards, aerobics and legwarmers and some very scary clothes or as I’ve dubbed it the Nightmare years. Frankly I prefer 60s and 70s fashion to the 80s styles and given the chance would go right back to 90s grunge given the chance, it was VERY comfortable laid back times.)  This is also the time when Slasher movies were at their prime, probably due to a few real life Serial Killers. For instanced Wes Craven’s Freddy Kreuger  of A Nightmare on Elm Street was inspired by one.  Mr Jingles reminds me of a cross between Jason, Michael and the hook man from I kow what you did last summer.

This season screams Friday the 13th to the point someone on TV Time said WHY didn’t they have the premier date to be on Friday the 13th? I saw at least one ‘easter egg’ type scene (be it on purpose or not)  the ‘accident’ on the road that I thought was going to go by way of I know what you did last summer).

Brooke Thompson played by Emma Roberts  is new to L.A. where she goes to the bright pastel (nightmare) of a gym where she makes a few friends. They are all getting out of L.A. not only because the Olympics are in town but there’s a nightstalker on the prowl.

American Horror Story: 1984 Trailer Channels All Your Favorite Slasher Films


After seeing the first episode, I think this season may become my 2nd most favorite but then again maybe I’ll give the Freakshow season another watch though as that or Coven would be by 2nd right now. The premier Brings back serial killer Richard Ramirez  See the source image

I wonder if those clothes are actually ’80s originals from (from some estate sale or thrift store) or if they were made for the show (maybe even a little of both)

I’m liking the characters so far, except for the camp’s owner Margaret Booth played by Leslie Grossman. 

The Antichrist himself Cody Fern is back and now instead of looking like Lucius Malfoy he looks like well at least reminds me of Corey Haim (in parts and if he wasn’t dead… I’d insist it was him.) Its scary.  As having lived through the 80s where I can remember a lot of these styles… THAT ALONE may be the scariest part of the show!! At least for me anyway.


In early 2019 I found out Gus Kentworthy the American Skier would play Emma Robert’s character’s boyfriend I was happy to hear. He was a favorite of mine to watch during the last Olympics and I follow him on Instagram (his dog is so cute, sometimes I’m not sure if I follow for Gus or the dog, although Birdy has his own insta  @b_pups)

Gus Kenworthy plays Chet Clancy who loses his place in the Olympics (for some reason something tells me it really happened.) for juicing. Chet is NOT Emma Roberts’ character’s boyfriend however that is not the case (at least for now)

I’m trying to figure out between him and ‘Xavier’ which will die first as they are the best looking.

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The head of the counselors Trevor played by Matthew Morrison sort of reminds me of Luke Evans character in High Rise. So far that’s about all there is I think I can mention about him, (or feel comfortable saying) before the twist.

After the twist he’s married to a wife he does not love.




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Billie Lourd plays Montana Duke a big Haired fitness nut who I’m feeling is manipulating Brooke in some way. Has a secret and maybe nefarious intentions.

She has a thing for Trevor, and way flirty with him

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DeRon Horton is a minor character and I can assure you by the Horror rules (especially of 1984) he won’t be around long.

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Angelica Ross Is Nurse Rita, who suspiciously does not seem to have that nursing personality.

There’s something about her I like, but at the same time there’s a set up to not like her.

Considering the horror Rules of 1984 will she survive?





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Margaret I get bad vibes from, so far my ‘Scorpio senses’ have not be wrong about real people,  but a character not sure what my score is …

There’s something about her that says she’s not who she says she is.

She was there when it all went down with ‘Mr. Jingles’, but I don’t think she is the victim she makes herself out to be.  I think she’s conniving and manipulative  as Montana





So who do we get as our Jason-esque serial Killer? He’s played by John Carroll Lynch who I think I heard was in the S & M suit in season 1 and Was Freak show clown 

So what’s the 4-1-1 on Mr. Jingles?

HIs real name is Benjamin Richter,  who fought in the Vietnam War and supposedly had the highest kill count, and may have enjoyed it a little too much. After his Army tenur was up he found a job as Camp Redwood’s janitor.  

In the 70s Mr Jingles killed a bunch of counselors and as his signature would cut off one of their ears as a calling card. There was one survivor that night, and after seeing the camp is again, open for business he escapes the asylum.

American Horror Story: 1984 Killer Mr. Jingles’ Backstory …

So far for me, this season is making up for the 2 or 3 I could barely watch.. Cult and Roanoke.

Loving they are doing a sort of ‘meta’ season. (as far as I feel it to be) The real fashions (and nightmares) of the 80s serial Killers  and mix it into the slasher genre of horror. The pastel colors just irk me maybe they should dress the serial killer in some then maybe it would scare me!


There’s a surprise return of one of the actors as I didn’t hear any previous news to this person being cast for the season. The brain did a few cartwheels before figuring out who the character was under the costume.


WHOA  what is this thing  is about! Is this just a teaser poster or is there going to be some weird alien looking thing in the show?


So I was disappointed in that ending. LAME! Where ethe hell is the twist and why does it seem like  its a shosrter season nd WHERE THE HELL (other than in hell) is this thing? Talk about a teaser jeez they could have use the freaking s&M suit from the first season to make some of that–>

I hope they keep Doing these.  Its a new show each season, with a perfect  mix of actors from the previous season with a sprinkling of some new ones as well.  There’s been a few seasons I hated, others that were so~so and a few that I love. I still think Murder House was the best. (Coven, Freak Show and Hotel being my other top faves). I just have to figure out Where on my list this season fits.




That New ‘American Horror Story’ Theme Has Us Nostalgic for 1984

Hopefully they have a cameo

screenrant AHS:1984 slasher-movie-cameo?

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