The Rain

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Have you ever watched a show then unwillingly watched it again because you completely forgot that you watched it? That’s what happen with me. I believe I watched this last summer, but could not find it listed in my watch list from last year  Netflix  summer 2018.

In this Danish post-apocalyptic series, A pair of siblings fight to survive on their own in a bunker after their father brings them and their mother there;  before the rain carrying a brutal virus wipes out most of the population. The two young sibling, Rasmus and Simone embark on a search for food and safety.

Before he leaves Dad lets Simone know that she must take care of her brother at all costs, “he is the key to all of this”

I started to watch one episode right after the other, (this is now the 2nd time) and there’s now a second season, so I guess its a good idea that I had another watch of the 1st season.  As I watch the episodes, I start remembering bits and pieces  as if I had a case of amnesia, (mmm maybe that’s what is in that scary looking syringe)

They age, they run out of food and have to leave in search of finding some. This brings them across a group of young survivors who are also looking for food and supplies. Then they go into the city…

While the Siblings and group move around, ‘The others or Outsiders (sorry forget which they called them) seem to always be on their tail. They say once they take you, no one sees you again. Meanwhile there are people they come across during their journey across Denmark and Sweden that they try to find out more about the virus, but are all ‘hiding something’ although sometimes get a clue, and gives them hope of finding their father.

OFFICIAL SIte      Episode Synopsis via wiki

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Continues where last season left off (more or less).

They are on the move and shortly find the co-ordinates and what’s there. They come upon a tree that’s ‘sick’ and some people burning it (that’s stupid to me as that could possibly make the virus airborne). When they burn the tree, Rasmus has some sort of attack. Is he feeling what the tree is?

On the search for the cure for Rasmus, there’s a little adventure, action and there’s people trying to take Rasmus so they can get out of the quarantine zone. If  they were to just leave without the ‘reward’, they’ll explode!

I found this season MUCH better than the first and a lot more Bingeable.

I’m trying to figure out if Hulk or Rasmus with the virus is scarier.


If you liked Black Summer & Dark then you should like this, and vice versa

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