Black Summer

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I think this is a Netflix original series. I’m not keen on how they introduced the characters, Sun, Ryan,Rose, Spears, and Barbara though I believe this was done in the movie Vantage Point. As we see what each person goes through during the events of the first episode or 2. The characters for me just do not leave enough of an impression for me to care, aside from the (I forget if she was Korean or Japanese) girl.

I caught something about ZNation in the end credits. However the zombies move more like those in World War Z (which has a sequel coming according to Brad Pitt’s IMDB filmography page)

There’s chapters to the episodes which are  believe 30-40  minutes each.(the episodes NOT the chapters and of course its an 8 ep season.

A creepy black (heavy duty?) pick-up truck keeps following the mini van around. Do they want to steal their gas, the car or something more devious?

In episode 4 The curly haired idiot who can’t shut a door behind him to save his life runs into a bookstore or library and sits and leans against some stacks and beside him I see a copy of Stephen King’s CELL (The book was better than the movie and a different sort of zombie story.)

I’ll likely watch the 2nd season If they plan on one, but other than that I’ve pretty much forgotten about most of what happened.

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