Selected Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

The first so called tale “A knights tale” is certainly NOT!

Well at least not what I thought it was going to be. I thought it was what the Heath Ledger and Paul Bettany Movie was supposed to have been based on.. boy was I wrong on that!

For 1 its definitely NOT that story. Its about Theseus and Palamon (half the names I’m not even sure if I am pronunciation right.) and there’s just too much

Now I write poems of varying sorts, and as much as I appreciate a story in poetic (rhyming) form (which more or less is how I prefer poems to be for flow) this is ridiculous It gets tiring to read. (but I don’t write poems this long!!  I’m hoping the Poetic Edda is written in a less tiring way. Also I think there may just be too many characters in this or too much going on that I get bored and tune out.


There’s another story or 2, but sadly I don’t remember the titles.  I took a break from it to read Wicked Charms by Janet Evanovich… Now I can’t seem to find it next to my bed and I don’t see it in my discard (sale/give away) pile.

But hey maybe its better that way. Though I could hae used it to read the other night as I couldn’t fall asleep and at least the first story I could only read a few pages a sitting (maybe 2 or 3) before I’d start to feel tired (and get a little headache)

I’m hoping the next story in it Is not as long, also for me reading a poem that’s a story (at least not the first story in this) is a bore.

While I respect someone sitting there (hopefully patiently) writing an entire story in poetic form, I hope the Poetic Edda will be more interesting than this way.  It felt like those last few minutes of class or work til vacation that never seem to want to end.

ONce I find it and read more I’ll update it here. My apologies for the incomplete review.

So I have now found the book. The Miller’s Tale and The Tale of the wife of Bath I will  add those reviews here once I can finish each of them.


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