Ghost of a Chance (A Chintz ‘N China Mystery by Yasmine Galenorn

186885The home where my nana live has 2 really tall bookshelves (I know they are over 8 feet tall and the ceiling is reasonably high so maybe at least 16 -18 feet tall)

One night, the spirit of a woman  shows up at the end of Emerald’s bed, trying to ask for help. She ends up writing her plea that her husband killed her. The next day, in the obituaries, turns out the woman Emerald had at the end of her bed was author Susan Mitchell and died of a diabetic coma. She’d been in the hospital 4x already over the year, and so people think it was just an ‘accident of not having a handle on the condition.

Emerald has 2 kids a boy Kip and daughter Miranda. Her son has the same gift(s) as she does, ‘They see dead people’. Emerald’s daughter does not (or at least has not yet shown that she has the gift) so she gets scared easily with the things that go bump in the night or when they talk about them. However she is a budding astronomer who wants to become an astronaut.

Its close to Christmas time and her little China shop is humming with business, that and the ghosts are taking up most of her time. Susan’s ghost isn’t the problem, but the spirit that came with her. She needs to somehow help Susan prove her husband killed her, plus get rid of the nasty (and maybe find out how he showed up with her. 

Did her husband do it? He denies it and even has an alibi, so how could it have been him?

Wow are there some Red Herrings in this!

I think this was one of Yasmine’s earlier books, no where near the amount of characters as the Otherworld series which I somehow got into. (i’m just mad she had to switch to digital. Wish she could offer those of us with all the print books a free digital set of those we have. (This way we have a full set of the series in digital. Cause I’m sure many can’t afford to re-buy all the books. )

I’d say its an average Cozy mystery but It had a good flow to it, one that could be finished in a day if your the type to read that much.

Nice to bring along on vacation or read cozied up under the covers before bed.






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