how to tame your to Read pile

Tame your to be read pile (a medium article)

It suggests using trello and Bookbub. (now I have book bub but it was for when they would give out free books for bloggers)

I prefer using Goodreads for ALL of it! You can make lists, join in discussions (if you want) enter contests to win books and more.

What really gets me messed up is when one of my series changes from print to digital (or print from Digital) also I’m not crazy about digi books as to me they should never cost more than $5 being there is NO printing involved. Also there have been some books I’ve purchased that were not long enough to be the say $5 or more. Thankfully I usually only buy books when I get the offers from I think its BookBub,


To tame MY to read pile, as in the physical version… being I only have 2 short book cases (maybe 4-5 feet high) I have the book corner.

Between the cases and my old computer desk, is my pile. Some of this s in a large box from one of the TVs. Then I have them in a few other assorted sized boxes so that it will hopefully be a little less messy looking. Also they are by theme or by series. This way if I want to just read a series and then sell them or donate it, it’s already boxed up.

I think if I had 2 standard 8ft tall ones I might be able to get rid of the clutter of the actuall pile, as for the digital version, some of the books I have are free samples.


If you have any other ideas, how to tame them besides reading, plus what I mentioned, then please by all means leave a comment below with your ideas.

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