The House with a clock in its walls

2018  PG  1:45  Jack Black  Cate Blanchette Eli Roth

well I didn’t know this was originally a book. (might have to get a copy to read)

10 Year old Lewis goes to live with his uncle after his parents die in a car accident.

We join him on his way to meet his uncle, in New Zebedee, Michigan (I have to look that up to see if it actually exists! I spent my whole life thinking Albuquerque was fictional JUST because it was mentioned in a cartoon. As far as I can find, it doesn’t seem to be a real city, but for some reason I am disappointed I didn’t find anything other than its based on Marshall)

I enjoyed this, and when my parents watched it, it sounded like they were having fun doing so. However, a lot of the good stuff was in the trailers, but there were a few other things that still made it worth a watch, even if you are a grown adult that wants to amuse your inner child.

Jack Black’s beard looks impish or devilsh, could it be both at once, I think it looked quite dashing on him. I do enjoy the insult slinging between Uncle Jon and Miss Zimmerman, those gave me a few chuckles.

oooh I love the part with that ‘fountain’ looking thing in the yard and it becoming all spacey, and that hedge lion needs a banana to take care of that problem. I also like Zimmerman’s house (well the wall décor) so my taste.

Ewww Pumpkin Slimed!

OMG I want that! I’ll give you a hint, it looks like it would be (or is) a fireplace but is an entrance. and needs to look more dragon-ish

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The House With A Clock In Its Walls Review

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