2018    R   Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh,Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Issac

Adventure, Drama, Horror


Mission Girl Power!

A covert expedition into a government area sealed off for decades. The four women.. a psychologist, surveyor, biologist, and anthropologist find a wilderness where our known laws of nature do not pertain. This is called the Shimmer.

Loved  The light house and crystal trees…

Aside from the shimmer and the trees, this was a drab piece of crap. the only int4eresting part was what the shimmer was and what was causing (or should that be creating) it.

How Portman has any awards is beyond me, and maybe one big reason the first 2 Thor movies mostly the 2nd were not u-p to par.

As for the title, I would not have titled it that. Why because Neither the world nor a species  was annihilated.