Season, Series, parts and Epiosdes

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The world is a confusing thing. Especially when people don’t use words properly.

For instance I know the English use the term “SERIES” instead of season when it comes to each edition of a show. The show itself IS the series; though, I guess I see as they mean “the series”…series of episodes.

Then there was one show or as I see it ‘series’ called The Ranch that said it had 5 parts. I thought great I can finish that in a day… WRONG those so called PARTS turned out were actually seasons. That’s’ NOT a part.  A part is a small piece of something, so that would have been best used as another term for an episode. A perfect example Now Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life is a 4 part mini series of 1 1/2 hours each part.

Now if they want to use PART as Part 1 2 3 instead of Episodes fine that makes more sense. I might even understand instead of using series for season to use year, but that might not work as some series (shows) have 2 seasons in a year. There may be one in the spring/summer then later in the fall/winter.

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