Summer of Netflix (2018)

While I was looking after my Aunt’s house in July I  started my Netflix summer vacation. Trying to binge as many of the original shows and some movies as possible.  I still have many others (like some of the Marvel series to watch but I’m not going to get through everything by the first week of October. I thought I’d also re-watch the first 3 seasons of American Horror Story, as Season 8 deals with Murder house & Coven. Also watched the first 3 seasons of Goosebumps (a show I enjoyed in my teens, I’ll be working on a classic Cuts for that)

I’ve temporarily canceled streaming as the regular fall shows are starting to come back will pick up watching the rest during the holiday hiatus so I don’t have to deal with all those holiday repeats. Speaking of which, I always wonders…..WHY are there not more Jewish, Kwanzaa, Yule/solstice stories? And WHY are those that celebrate these (and others that are not Christmas) not making a big fuss of not having their own holiday entertainment?  

Anyway so this is one extra long post. Hope you enjoy

Here are my recommendations,  (some are links to the individual review)



Iron Fist

I used to play some Marvel game with the Iron Fist in it. Once I got him I had a blast using him. Sadly I can not find it among my Facebook See the source imagegame apps. I think it was called Avengers Assemble or something like that. The only problem was my favorite  couldn’t use him for a turn or 2

What’s in the show for the first few episodes needs to find itself. First off we mostly only see the siblings who took over Danny’s Family’s company. No one believes Danny is who he says he is as he was supposed to be dead and they all think he’s crazy not just because no one believes who he says he is but when he first comes back, looks like he’s homeless as well as telling those he knows he was in some mystical land where he became the Iron Fist. (Why are you telling people this in the first place, especially those that wouldn’t even understand it if you used it on them. Isn’t it bad enough that Stephen Amell from Arrow Jokes about everyone oliver Queen meets in arrow ends up being told that he’s the Arrow/hood. You are supposed to keep it a secret! )

I don’t know much about the iron fist aside from that previously mentioned video game  However he had a few cool moves and was one of my favorites to use. The fights with Danny do not have the fast kung fu choreography, however counter part and love interest Connie does. Now I found out the reason for this. The series was rushed to record, so Iron Fist star Finn Jones only had 3 weeks to train (then that should have been for at least 8 hours per day not only in a gym but with a sensei) Oh yeah and they’d give him the choreography for a fight 15 minutes before he had to perform it. So irresponsible!

I am glad to see that its getting another season so it to have a fair shot now that all that ‘family business’ is over with the childhood ‘friends’. Honestly they should have just had no more than 2 -3 episodes tops dealing with them. Now I think we will be dealing with ‘Father’ or at least K’un L’un the mystical place he was trained.

I will say reading up about the show, this has been the worst reviewed Marvel series but I am glad there is a second season, just to give the show creators and all involved another chance. I know not why it was rushed, but let’s hope they don’t pull that crap again. I’m waiting to see what’s up with Davos (didn’t like him from the moment he showed up. Seemed Sketchy to me before he said a word. Nice to see my instincts are still working. Oh yeah and in the previews his fist glows red! Oh darling however that is done.. I don’t want to be a fist… but I wouldn’t mind a little dragon magic or wisdom. I would have appreciated more of what went on in the mystical city and maybe see the dragon.

Season 2   I thin there is a bit of an improvement in the first episode as far as the fights go. That might also be because they are dealing with some gangs like Golden Tigers & the Hatchets and Joy and Davos are in cahoots.   So after finishing the 2nd season, I will say it HAS improved, and seems there’s ..oops nope won’t say it but I’m confused how Danny did that in the end.  I think it would be safe to say season 2 is no sophomore slump, actually I think there was more action and each episode didn’t feel longer than an hour.

Is he the key to stopping Luke Cage?


Stranger Things A

A series of Unfortunate Events  A+

Hemlock Grove  B

Worst Witch

I forget if they were half hour or 45 or so minute episodes. (not sure if this is a Netflix Original  but I did enjoy it and hope a 3rd season is on the way.)

Whichever Worst Witch you are watching… have a sing along! with this  Worst Witch Chants Fandom Wiki


Altered Carbon


I’ve only watched 2 episodes as of writing this and don’t have the names of the characters down yet. The Blonde Bangs girl is a cello player who is about to go on stage for a show. As her mum gets ready for the show the lights in the house start too flicker and the om gets spooked.  She shows up to the show with flowers for her daughter says sorry and leaves, with the daughter in hot pursuit. The mom I think got possessed by her own demons. Honestly I really have no idea what sort of gene movie this is supposed to be besides a mystery. The girl thinks she is some girl that was kidnapped ages ago, and she has no memories before she was I think she said 5 but she’s having dreams and she even knows where some secret door is in a room to a place she doesn’t think she’s ever been, other than in her dream.

Gilmore Girls Year in the Life

4 pt series. 1 1/2 hours each episode

Watched one episode and the first scene we get Rory and Lorelai with their speed talk. After such a long time without watching (other than the occasional catch of reruns) I think I had a hard time keeping up a bit and might have had to rewind a little. Feels slower than the original series but that could be the  hour and a half episodes, so I’d say take 30-45 minute breaks.

The Ranch

30 Min. episodes   starring Ashton Kutcher  Debra Winger Danny Masterson Sam Elliot

Don’t want to hype this up but I think this is the funniest comedy I have seen in ages. (Skip the Crappy network comedies for this.) But then again I doubt all us ladies and women would like the humor; mostly guy humor consisting of, (of course) wiener jokes, drinking, pot (or Kale as Rooster told that father that’s what it was), brothers teasing each other and family insulting each other. (Ok for instance… ‘Rooster’ asks a the ranch vetSweet if he can check a rash. The character the farm vet asks if its on an animal. Then Rooster (Danny Masterson) says “well its a ON A ROOSTER” I’m trying to finish the first season (or as its called ‘part’ for some reason)  before I cancel streaming until the  network/cable holiday hiatus.

Marvel’s The Defenders

6-8 episodes

iron Fist looks a little better and faster in fights in this, though still seem a little jerky at times.

Episode 3  Danny shows up at Rand to confront the Hand and some chick that reminds me of Raj a gul’s daughter from Arrow.

I have yet to watch the other Marvel shows (and not really sure if I’m interested enough to) I just wanted to be sure to watch this before the new season of Iron Fist started in case some of the story from the first season played out more in this.

As much as I hate Batflack… I so far I think I like his daredevil better. Maybe I’ll try watching Daredevil at some point, I I have time before the fall tv season as I’m only going to stream until the end of September being most of my shows will be coming back.

I’m not crazy about Jessica Jones, at least not her attitude, but by the 3rd episode she did or said something that got on my good side. Luke Cage, I’m not sure how I feel about him.

There are some funny moments or lines between the characters. Not avengers good but enough for a laugh and while it feels like a mini avengers coming together it does not feel as exciting. (Honestly I really do wish the shows and movies would intertwine as well and I men Agents of Shield with the Netflix shows and the movies. Yes these are more minor characters but even if just once, let them at least be seen in Agents of Shield.(which should occasionally have an Avenger show up even just for one scene.)

You can OPT out of NETFLIX’s ads. Here’s how

and I urge you to call or write them that being as you pay for the service, you don’t want ads in your shows (even between episodes)

Please give them one of these alternatives

1. just add them to our notifications*

2. have  a TV icon for series and  a separate one for Movies next to the Netflix logo so we can watch when we want

3. An alphabetized list of what is new

4. Add it as a category “What to watch”

Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life



(Netflix originals?)


Blood Glacier C

Ravenous F

Delirium a C or B

The guy from that 70s show plays a character out of asylum on house arrest. Is he having hallucinations or is someone driving him crazy?

Residue  D+

Malevolent– D

Murder Party– mmm not sure if this was worse than Splatter but at least I didn’t fast forward through that. so F-

The Titan B-

Splatter Corey Feldman plays Jonny a musician who takes his own life & Tony Todd is his agent or manager (what’s the dif anyway?)

Trust me, just skip it. I do love Cory but man… he must be bankrupt or something to have agreed to be in this!

Pizza Sceptic Pizza delivery man Delivers to a house that makes him a believer. May favorite thing is the “am I in the Twilight Zone’ face.  Also I loved the twist! I enjoyed it! give it a watch (along with Tales of Halloween)

Family Blood – Now I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a vampire movie or not by the title but I gave it a watch, and have to say they really do need to use some 3d white on those teeth. Vampires have always been used as a metaphor for addiction and here is made literal.  A mother who has had past addiction problems and goes to meetings which one ends up with a vampire there. to ‘help’ her he turns her and now will no longer be able to use pills or anything of the sort as anything but blood will just make her sick. Oh yeah and ways to kill a vampire… sun won’t work on this guy (nor me I love to tan) but as he goes down the list there’s a bunch of nos and maybe 3 yes. Obviously #1 was a stake in the heart!

See the source image

(The October Society’s)  Tales of Halloween’  B

Sweet Tooth – A young boys parents let him Trick or Treat but not eat ANY of the candy, (because it rots your teeth etc) but what do they do with it? The boy stays up one Halloween to find  they are hypocrites and goes into a rage.

The Night Billy Raised Hell-

Trick– this one I think was one with a nice twist.

The Weak and the Wicked

Grimm Grinning Ghost

Ding Dong

This means War– This one is basically a Halloween yard battle. Which does not end well. Oh and I think they use an avenged Sevenfold song but not sure if it’s this means war or not.

Friday the 31st– Dorthy vs. “Jason”  or a spoof of him at least. The best thing about it is someone from Ash vs. Evil Dead (or the movies) had to have had a hand in this. Its the same campy style, even some of the sounds and make-up FX

The Ransom of Rusty    Sam Witwer from Being human stars in this Halloween Kidnapping scheme.

Bad Seed – OMG I got a kick out of this one! The Grimm grinning Jack-O’lantern is on the loose! When the guy who carved it bends over he swears he saw it move. Did he?  Defiantly one of my favorites not to mention, I was disappointed there were no more tales after this. I wanted more.


Havenhurst    B+

Stars Julie Benz (aka Darla from Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel) she just gets out of rehab and ends up moving into her sister’s old apartment. But What happed to her, and what’s with the creepy building and worse more… the landlord. I must say though the apartment is dark, I do really like it and I love hidden doors etc so I would love this place, but in this building if I find them they’d get locks put on them.


Conjuring Spirit – (Japanese?)  the beginning is a little funny with the mother watching a horror movie and the daughter comes in. LOL I’ve done that even when I DON’T try to scare my mother!!! lol

Little Evil

I’d say this little number was a little bit parody of the Omen but had a few other memorable scenes or names from other movies. I think that stopped a quarter or halfway through the movie. Just a few tips of the hat, not annoying like the ‘Scary movie’ series. Evangeline Lily…yes ‘The Wasp’ or as I call her ‘freckles’ which a character on lost nicknamed her. Also a few comedians one in which is Chris Delia, Donald Fasion is in this as well. Sometimes I swear the kid IS the same one from the Omen. Wasn’t Hilariously funny but there’s a few good parts I liked (SPOILER: like a clown on fire… I just dislike clowns to me they are RARELY funny.         Recommended.

3rd Eye 

From Bangkok an young girl suffers from what her sis believes is just nightmares or her imagination. She learns her younger sister’s 3rd eye has been open from a young age.  This means the girl can see, hear and feel the dead. The elder sis doesn’t believe and asks if her 3rd eye can be forced opened, which it can and goes on with the ritual. At first she sees no difference, later she sees bruises like fingers wrapped around her arm. Thinking something has happened she goes to the hospital to get checked out. She meets a young girl in a wheel chair who gives her a message. While here and when she gets home she learns some spirits can be nice and others can be evil (from anger and revenge).  watch on a dark & stormy night


Hold the Dark– I really wasn’t happy with this. Wolves supposedly took someone’s son, But that’s not what really happened. (thank goodness as I love wolves and while I know they are capable of doing so if food is scarce I don’t want to ever see one harmed even if it is fake) It’s a bit of a mystery but it goes from finding the boy to something else. Also I’m not even sure if they mentioned why what was done to the boy, let alone the mother. There’s a shoot out that for me was  a bit longer than it needed to be. I thought Alex Skarsgard was supposed to be a star in this but he;s more a co-star to the android Bernard from Westworld. I give it a C

but Entertainment weekly gave it a B

Tremors: A cold day in hell

I’ve never been a big fan of the Tremors movie franchise but I think those that have been will enjoy this change of scenery for the series.  Jamie Kennedy stars along side franchise star Michael Gross (also known for 80s show Family Ties). This time the battle is in the Canadian Arctic so if you are still feeling summers heat, you will be chill after watching this. I think for the first time we see a full graboid and it seems everytime someone says Ass-blaster in the movie its like childish humor (even one in the scene seems to laugh)

Hurricane Heist

Toby Kebbel  Ryan Kwanten star in this I forget if it was by the creators of or from the writers of the Fast & Furious, either way it was not up to F&F level. They re-use one of the stunts from I think the first series only in this case its  well I won’t ruin that. there’s lots of stupidity and spots that are lacking. I thought the Heist was going to be OUTSIDE during the Hurricane when I saw the title, wrong! Its not, I do feel bad for the actors who were getting soaked and thrown around though. Toby Kebbel’s southern ‘bamma’ accent impressed me. I think if It was an actor I wasn’t familiar with I would have though him to be from the south, but he’s really a Brit!

Smokin Aces 2: Assassins’ Ball

Clayne Crawford, Vinnie Jones

Not as crazy and chaotic as the first. That one was awesome as far as I remember. For being subtitled assassins’ ball, this was tame. Though there is one part that I yelled “Now THAT is making an entrance.” (and was not expecting it.)  There’s more build up than action to this the original had an equal amount. There are twists and turns and a mystery as well.

The Hatred– A family living in the country has a strict father who won’t let his daughter leave the house, so much so she’s home schooled and has no way of socializing. When a package comes to the door I recognize the type. It was the case a movie reel would come in. (man I haven’t seen one of those since I was in grade school). The package has a special gift from the husband’s former boss. This isn’t just any boss. The man was a Nazi and was one of few that could was in Hitler’s close circle. That gift was an iron cross. One in which he buries it in the wall, and basically curses his family and the house. It feeds off your fear and hate. Not really scary but then again movies don’t scare me. A few College girls are looking to get away from school, meanwhile the house owners are going away. While they are away Regan and the girls look after a little girl, who knows ‘bad things happen in that house’. yes there’s a ghost here, and maybe a bit of a scare factor for those of you that can be. You don’t see it much. Close up once or twice and then that’s all. But a tale to teach those buying a house, to find lout the history of it and its former owners first.

Corbin Nash– Vampire story with Corey Feldman (did he go bankrupt or something? cause this might be worse than those Lost Boys ‘sequels’. At first I didn’t realize it was him. He plays he-she vampire, and Gods is that make-up on his face is horrible. and I don’t mean those eyebrows or the eyeshadow. Not sure if he has a prosthetic on where his eyebrows are but it looks like the latex is peeling, not to mention even the basic make-up is good. the tones don’t match. One is a yellowish skin tone the other  is kind of pinkish . THe acting isn’t that great either and Nash’s fangs look more fit for a werewolf then vampire fangs. There were a few funny parts but to me none funnier than Corey Feldman with a set of fangs and realizing it was him! I’d say  its sort of like a Punisher meets blade or something along those lines.

American Hero– Stars Stephen Dorff & Eddie Griffiths this (mild) comedy gave me a few laughs but then again I don’t remember ever seeing my Dorff man in a comedy. There’s one part I couldn’t stop laughing because of this. Stephen’s character MELVIN (which to this day when I hear that name I think of the reverse wedgy in Bill & Ted’s Bogus journey) who is supposed to have powers but takes a little bit before we see him use them. Is a drinker, stoner coke head who just likes to party even though he wants to be in his kid’s life. I’d say its more of a dramedy. I did enjoy it and its nice to see a new movie Dorff movie (finally)   C

Horror Story– Now one thing that peeves me off is that Netflix streaming only noted this as horror and not foreign horror to at least warn me of subtitles. It wasn’t scary at all aside from some of the acting and the cliché plot. the only thing scary about it is the creepy hotel which I would myself challenge to stay over in, however for being closed for years its more grimy than dusty and cobwebbed dirty   D

Thankfully Netflix streaming lets you set up the size, color and background of your subtitles! If I remember right just go into your member settings> profile>Subtitle Apperance


 I think Twisty from American Horror Story may have met a rival! Because aside from The twisty grin…

I think this Clown  (may be) is more terrifying. Was sadistically enjoyable but WTF was the motive or does the lack of one make it scarier and I’m a little lost on who that was at the end. The Sister that came to save the day er night, the woman with the doll or the left for dead sis that was shot in the head left for dead? I didn’t get a good look or got lost along the way. Anyway if you can stand gore and all the ‘fun’ stuff. Give it a shot. I’d say part 80s throwback part ‘slasher’ maybe with a little AHS and IT in there as well

‘Terrifier’ – Why Art is the Newest, Baddest Clown in Town

Muse starring Alex Skarsgard

Axe Murder of Viscalla  Just skip it… Watch the Ghost Adventures episode instead

The open House 

Before I wake

13 demons  (F- )

5 Netflix hacks that will change your Movie watching Experience

 Beyond the Gates– C   2 brothers and one’s girlfriend play a video board game to play for their souls and save their father’s from the game. I don’t remember there being VHS (video cassette for those of you that have no clue) board games. I know there’s some DVD trivia games but I’ve never played them. If said VHS games did exist I would certainly be interested in finding one and trying it out, if I could remember how to get the VCR to work. (I have so many cassettes I have to have one. And my dubbing one I have to find out if it can be salvaged)


BRIGHT  -D-  couldn’t finish watching, I intended to watch the 2nd half of it but have yet to.

Poor Will Smith & Joel Edgerton who plays an Orc! IK have heard there is supposed to be a a sequel though/



Best TV shows and movies on Netflix right now




WWE wrestler Dolph Ziggler stars INSTEAD of The Rock, Cena or the Miz! Oh yeah and Kane is in it too. We get glimpses in one part of some of the other WWE superstars as well.



(No not THE CAVE with Eddie Cibrian & Cole Houser  Heidi Toini, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen, Benjamin Helstadimdb page

this is from I think Norway) Though it’s sort of like the cave but minus someone turning into a creature, and this isn’t a horror movie. Three friends, Adrian and wife Charlie and Victor which seems to have some sort of history with Charlie all go on a road trip around the mountains to go cave exploring.  Victor is a bit of a monster.  This wasn’t really bad, but aside from the Norwegian star in it, was minimally memorable. (afterwards found  ‘Adrian’ on Instagram and told him how I liked it and that at first I honestly thought he was an actor from Iceland that was in Dracula untold. Thankfully he saw the likeness. He seemed like a nice guy, and honestly its not always you get a reply. So it was quite nice of him, and for a few minutes made me feel a little special (as I’ve had a bad summer as my kitty has passed on)

The Mansion   -French with subtitles of course… A bunch of friends go to a remote mansion to have their New Years eve party. The new Year comes and the party becomes a nightmare. I really don’t know what to say about this. I’m baffled; Even at how to describe it. Not sure if even to say it was good or bad. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it and it had its funny and funny cause something was stupid moments.


The Rift: Dark side of the Moon – I was actually looking for The Rift. Not sure if this was the sequel to the one I was looking for but sadly this sucked. Thank goodness it was only a hour and a half (though I could have watched an episode of Altered carbon or 2 instead. This is a sci-fi defect the first half is about the female lead losing her son to cancer. Then the mission they are going on is supposed to be that a satellite fell. There’s no satellite. But what the hell is going on and why is there an astronaut on that table! Weirdness the kid they come across when they arrive comes off as a revenant or zombie like to me. So I may sort of already have this all figured out. If you are curious skip to the last 45 minutes!

The Cloverfield Paradox

What a bomb! No wonder it didn’t even make it to theaters! I was going through some old magazines and found the article it was advertised during the Super bowl as well that Entertainment Weekly said its a bad movie.

Apparently the noise around this franchise is more than its quality. The first one I wasn’t crazy about but at least the monster was there and the mystery of what was going on kept you watching. The one with John Goodman 10 Cloverfield lane all I remember is the girl always trying to escape and that Shower Curtain. This one… The only cool thing about it is someone’s arm somehow gets stuck in the wall. What the hell kind of material is that and the fact it looked like spiral ham when they got the arm out.

First of all why are they in space? Also I don’t think I heard what the space station was working on, what was that beam of light supposed to do? We know what it did. Supposed too be a horror film, but there’s no horror about it unless you want to count the boredom you’ll feel as horror. Oh and there’s that ending that says there’s yet another Chapter in this all over the place story. I’ll just say the last scene could have been added to a Pacific rim movie!  It’s nothing but cookie cutter characters and story.  I feel bad for Daniel Bruhl, he’s a better actor than this, but then he did accept to star in it. For your sanity… please skip it. You’ll feel like you’ve got cabin fever a severe case of it


& Whenever season 3 of A series of Unfortunate events   (March)  and Stranger Things starts in 2019

The Ringer broke down Netflix’s business model. Here’s the quick and dirty:

  1. Thanks to streaming, between 2007 and 2012, the company went from about 7.4 million users to 33.2 million users.
  2. Netflix decided to cut content licensing costs and make its own original programming. (What’s up, Stranger Things?!)
  3. They predict they will have more than 1,000 original offerings to stream by the end of the year putting them in the financial red.
  4. But, original programming pulls in new subscribers which is what investors are psyched about which is why their stock keeps going up, and up, and up, and…
  5. That means they’re starting to target international subscribers.
  6. In one glorious leap of faith, they plan to scale back original production to slash costs and wait for the end to come. Or maybe the beginning. Who knows? Bring on Stranger Things: Season 3!


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