Book Bind ~Putting on the Witch

28504472by Joyce and Jim LaVene

Retired Witches Mystery

pages  292

Molly and her coven of friends: Elsie, Dorothy, Dorthy’s ghostly Mother Olivia are invited to Dorthy’s boyfriend Brian’s birthday ball. He doesn’t even want it, he just wants to hang out with them. So they all go to the party.

Early in the party founding member of the Witch Council  Makeleigh (from Egypt I believe) tells Molly there needs to be a change of the governing laws of

the Witches and her it would be brought up at a meeting there. She is later found dead in some pink sitting room, with a knife in her back.

Now there’s a thing about witches being born knowing what day they will die (and I think how). They are not usually killed by normal means but with a power dampening spell on the castle, everyone inside is only at half power. So they work together to solve the murder.  The only clue they have is Mekeleigh’s last words Aba Mho Ord. 

Then there’s the matter of Brian’s gift from Dorothy who purchased it from a mysterious man. A cat to be his familiar upon holding will find out its name Kalyna, which Molly says looks like Toothless the black dragon in How to Train your Dragon. She and Elsie get a funny feeling from the cat, and she likes no one but Brian.

The witchfinder of the inquisition Antonio something is summoned from his punishment by the council to find the murderer. By page 60 or 68 I had my suspicions about 2 characters, but was wrong. I’m sure one was supposed to be an obvious red herring.

I enjoyed how they worked everything out together, even educating the Witchfinder on a better way to get information than torturing people. The story also shows those you may think are the villain or have a bad reputation, are not always what they are made out to be. Likely just made to look that way by snooty aristocrats who are afraid of magic different from their own.



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