Cat and the Canary

1927   unrated   Classic  Silent B/W    Comedy, Horror , Mystery   Laura La Plante


The heirs of Cyrus West must spend a night in his creepy manse 20 years After his passing to claim their inheritance.

Annabelle West (Laura LePlante) is first in line but must be of sound mind to do so, as all of them claimed Cyrus to not be in his right mind plus she also must find the West diamonds. Of course where there are heirs, like in the middle ages, there is of course one that tries to take it into their own hands by scheming.

There’s one major red herring to throw you off who the actual culprit is. She’s just creepy in demeanor.  But man I’m glad she has nothing to do with me. This person looks like they’d be a dungeon master and I don’t mean Dungeons & Dragons!

Then we have (I think his name was) Paul  a little guy with glasses, he’s skiddish but sweet.(in the image above) The only bad thing about him is there’s times he reminds me of Reinfield from Dracula, and I can just about hear him do that weird laugh in certain scenes. (even though he doesn’t)

I like classic black and white films as they really tell a story.. The suspense builds just right; Its not forced, nor rushed.  I couldn’t figure out who it was that was messing with Annabelle.

I have been trying to find a silent movie to watch for years. I have a box set of 100 classic horror movies. Which Metropolis is another popular silent film, which is included in the set,  but I just couldn’t get through it. Cat and the Canary (rented from Netflix dvds) I was able to sit through the whole film no problem (maybe it was the music that went with it?) You want to make a bet if I check the set, that it might be in it?

There are spots you have to read, that sets things up and may explain something, but it’s mostly movie with music in the background.






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