Cars 3

2017  G  1:42  Blu-ray   Pixar    Action  Comedy

Owen Wilson  Larry the Cable Guy , Armie Hammer, Cristela Alonzo, Nathan Fillion , Tony Shalhoub

Veteran Race Car Lightning McQueen tries to recapture his winning ways after the sleek new rookie Jackson Storm beats him. Each race Lightning McQueen sees the other vets outraced and displaced by the rookies.  Lightning With he help of trainer Cruz Ramirez tries to recapture his winning ways, and takes her under his  I’d say wing but I guess door would be a better substitute for that phrase.

Nasacar’s Darryl Walltrip   is in this as CARTRIP and does his signature “boogety Boogety Boogety Let’s go Racing” Not sure what it is, but those boogety’s always burst a bubble for a smile or a few laughs.

I was a bit sad as they paid tribute to Paul Newman who passed on to the afterlife, and so his character Doc Hudson is remembered in this as well.

While Lightning trains in the new Rust*eeze  high tech training facility. He gets fed up and in typical cliché sports movie way goes back to basics, training the way he always did, in the dirt or sand. He and Cruz end up in a little town they think is going to be a normal race. This is the part of the movie I think I most enjoyed. Definitly the most rememberable, besides McQueen and the high-tech hilarity

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