2017  R 1:49  blu-ray rental  Comedy, drama action

Anne Hathaway, Dan Stevens & Jason Sudekis

Out of work party girl Gloria is forced to move out of her flat in New York after her boyfriend kicks her out and she moves back to her hometown.  She crosses paths with an old school friend. After hanging out at the bar her friend owns News reports out of South Korea surface that Soul is being destroyed by a giant creature which Gloria comes to learn she is somehow connected to and why her seemingly non-essential existence has such an effect on the fate of the world.

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Friday Bind ~ Fool by Christopher Moore

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started May 2

finished June 9


304 page story  ( 310 Pages with author’s note)

I guess I’ve been getting distracted a bit hopefully I can get back on course

I have previously read a few of Moores books in the past. They can be mildly amusing to hilarious. So far I think my favorite has been the Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (which might be because that is one of my favorite titles, at least by how it sounds. I just love how the title sounds

Ironic Imagery – like lovely squeak turning you on a spit over a fire, an apple up both ends for color



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2018      PG-13       1:29    Jason Clarke, Helen Mirren, Sharon Snook

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A biographical drama on the house Winchester Riffles built, or more so said ‘The House that Ghosts Built’.

The Heiress Sarah, believes the’s haunted by the spirits of those that have been killed by the riffles her husband’s family invented.  She constructs s labyrinth of a mansion to ward off (or is it hide from) the spirits of ‘he riffle that won the west’ and thinks her family is cursed for it.

Jason Clarke’s Eric Price is there to give the widow a check-up from the neck-up as the board thinks she is unfit and not of sound mind to be controlling her 50% of the company. He is a rare one as rarely is anyone ever invited to the house, let alone to set foot and stay inside. There are some rules that need to be followed in this house under construction 24/7. No weapons. No Drinking No Drugs. She wants you to witness, no make that experience the haunting while sober.

Sharon Snook plays the daughter and widow Marion Mariott and mom to Henry Mariott. The Boy Henry (played by Finn Scicluna-O’Prey) seems at first to sleepwalk, but It’s worse than that.

Sarah Winchester keeps records of everyone that died by a Winchester Rifle, even ones that only did so for a few minutes. One in which is staying at the house. He even carries around a talisman of sorts, the bullet that killed him! (he had refurbished).

Sarah also draws out the plans for the rooms, which she does in the Witch’s cap (or whatever it’s called. I think its the main tower, but watch Image result for Winchester Mystery House postcardthe features its on there.: The Making of Winchester)  being guided by whichever spirit the room is for. I must say i want the window in that room. It’s (I guess stained glass) to look like a spider’s web. Which if you think about it, is what the Winchester Mystery house is, a SPider’s web that catches the spirits killed by the Riffles.

Once a spirit is ‘captured’ in its room, 13 nails (i’m guessing iron)  seals them in. Once the spirit moves on, then the room is de-constructed and another room put up.

There are 2 Stained Glass windows that I believe were said to be from Shakespeare plays one being Richard the 2nd?

Wide unclasp The Tables of their thoughts

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THese same thoughts people this little world.

One of the ghosties did give a bit of a scare, do to a little misdirection. You think you know what’s coming and the timing and it’s not where you think it will be.

I would have appreciated a couple more scares and most definitely seeing more rooms than we did.

There are aspects I did like about the movie the colors, and crispness of the rooms, the dark tones where and when it should be. But there were other things I wasn’t happy about. One big one being is it wasn’t suspenseful or even jump scares.

At one point in the history of the real Winchester Mystery House, it had 600 rooms before the earthquake of (i thin it was) 1906. You can see the Witch’s Cap on the far left.

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Despicable Me 3

See the source image2017  PG  Animation/Adventure/action   1 hr 29 min

Stars: Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Trey Parker, Miranda Cosgrove, Pierre Coffin

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Gru gets fired from the AVL (Anti-Villain League) for losing against former child star Balthazar Bratt who steals a giant rose-colored diamond for which you will have to watch as that’s a bit of a spoiler.

Gru finds himself in an identity crisis. He doesn’t want to do Villainy anymore as he promised the girls and therefore loses his minions when they quit; so what is a spy too do? Go on vacation when he is invited to meet his long lost twin who wants to be shown the tricks of the trade. Gru’s help rubs off a bit meanwhile the minions end up in jail.

Child star Bathalzar is a grown bitter man still dressing as his 1980s on-screen persona. Obsessed with his character and rewatching all his old episodes he concocts his plan to rule the world.

I don’t know why but I have a feeling of Deja Vu that Gru already met his brother in the 2nd movie and that we saw Bratt before as well. Not sure and for some reason, I could find my reviews of the previous 2 movies.

I liked the opening that was fun but I LOVED the part with the Low Rider even better. I wasn’t expecting that to happen although I wanted it to!

Gru and his brother Dru look like the Mad Magazine Spy vs Spy characters with their Black vs White wardrobes.

It was ok but I think the first one was better and I can’t really remember the 2nd aside from swearing that the antagonist and brother were already in it.

Oh Gods… that child has got a set of lungs! I think its cute she thinks she’s going to find herself a unicorn. Great job writers & animators for ruining many toddler’s innocence who may have believed in them.



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3 reasons to read a book now

Miss Musings

Have you ever wondered WHY some people read? There are certain things that reading can help you with.

The first thing is Books are usually used for education but they are not just text books or story they are (or can be…even if fiction and fantasy) experience in a single subject or topics in a subject. Think of them like this.

They are the summary of many years of experience.

Reason 1

Its the SUMMER! It’s reading season!

If you are a student now’s the time to read something you want to. (unless of course you get some stupid reading list, then I am so sorry but the faster you get through what you HAVE to, the sooner you could read something you want) heck you can even challenge yourself… read a the ones you have to all at the same time a chapter from say 1-3 of those books…

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Paper vs Digital

Miss Musings

Why Physical paper is better than the digital variations.

There are a few reasons I still prefer to use paper or a notebook to use a digital version (like a computer/laptop/internet based e-reader). E-readers are another reason but I finally gave in to getting myself a Kindle Fire a few years back so that if I couldn’t get out of bed if my back is giving me a problem I can just check my email and be entertained that way. Now I do have books on my Kindle, but I prefer to read print books. I’m sure I have a post on this or my Entertainment blog all the reasons why a print book is better. (2 reasons I love the feel of the paper even the smell.)

I still use a notebook/paper to write my drafts.

I have a small journal to write poems I get an idea for…

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