Hell Raiser JudgementSee the source image

2018 NR 1:21  Blu Ray

for some reason, Pinhead isn’t that white-grey color he should be. David and Sean Carter are detective brothers on the case of some serial killer. Detective Christine Edgerton comes in on the case to help and keep an eye on them. When Sean gets a lead he goes off on his own to the address left on a criminal’s laptop. Sean falls into the rabbit hole.

I hope this is the last one, because the last few that have been made are just not the quality of a good bad movie. I mean at least make it a bit campy if it’s going to be this bad. I have no idea how these are still being made (maybe to just humor those of us that are a fan of the franchise) but you are RUINING the franchise making them. They lack the elements from the earlier movies (at least the first 3)

The twist was not surprising, nor who.