Avengers: Infinity War


There seems to be more Where is the Soul Stone than anything, leading up to the release of the movie. Image result for soul stone mcuSome moron who must be color blind thinks its Captain America cause he thought he saw some orange in his eyes in the trailer when Thanos the Grape has a grip on him. That was the gold of Thanos’ armor if there was any ‘orange’ color in cap’s eyes. There may be some truth to that but not in Cap. Remember Heimdall who’s eyes are a topaz/orange color? I’m thinking maybe it’s in Heimdall’s armor. Could we possibly see him in Wakanda?  You could also go by Thanos’ name! The names of or what the stones are in each have a letter of his name. With this theory, I tried to see if I could find another who thought of this and I might be on the right track. It might also be  MARVEL those of which we have seen with the gems.  Between these 2 an Asgardian has it.

While watching Black Panther, I thought I might have seen the soul stone somewhere in the heart herb garden. Which my logic is this; The heart herb brought back T’Challa, it gives the Black Panther his powers and helps him go to the spirit realm to speak to his ancestors.

Otherwise, my out of left field answer that I have no explanation for Bucky. As for where the soul stone is… I’m saying in space (or some other dimension or reality) If I go by where we came upon the stones that’s 3 on earth and so far 2 from space. Which means the soul stone is in space somewhere. And being we were introduced to 2 of the stones in Thor movies, as much as I would love for it to be in possession of Heimdall, logically I don’t think they would do that. We’ve seen the Guardians handle one of the stone, and Loki in Avengers had one in his staff. It’s only fair that the soul stone is in space and has something to do with the Guardians or maybe Dr. Strange or   Is Agent Coulson the Soul Stone? and Here’s a whole bunch of other theories


Avengers: Here’s Why Civil War Came Before Infinity War

(So does that mean the infinity war comic book (series?) came before the Civil war one (or series)?

10 Big Questions That Were Still Left Unanswered After Black Panther  

and get this straight Chadwick Boseman Says ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is Not ‘Black Panther’ 1.5

We can see from the trailers Steve Rogers has now join his best bud Bucky in Wakanda, the Guardians somehow get Thor on board, Hulk, Tony, Strange and Spider-man are all teamed up

in the New York Sanctum. Ok so I get that group, its the scientist aka Genius clique. I speculate that the Guardians picked up Thor after the battle with Hela being as Asgard as the movies go, is in space. Also from interviews I know the 3rd act is supposed to be in Wakanda (which to me is a spoiler in a way). I have code names for 2 teams but not sure what to call the team in Wakanda spy, assassin, patriot, and a cat…if I use the first letter of each work would be casp or CAPS mmm Cap’s.  

See the source image







The infinity stones what are they and what they do


Avengers: Infinity War’ Fan Made Trailer Adds X-Men, Fantastic Four, and more

I think I saw Ready Player one character in that! WTF!!!

So Course I saw this at Alamo Draft house and I love when they have  at for my movie

from Alamo DraftHouse Yonkers credit @Whosgotthechalk


During the clip show, some guys mentioned some of the crazier stories in the comics. For instance, there’s some doughboy. (really?!??!) If you want to check that out its captain America #395

Saw a preview for the new Jurassic World and in 3D. OMG it looked so cool in 3d and mean the Dinosaur when it swung its head around I think i actually jumped.

The Deadpool trailer had a great line. Deadpool talking to  Cable “You’re so dark, are you sure you’re not from the DC Universe”?

 and WOW they turned ALL the lights off in the theater for this one!


Please read 

2018   PG-13   Action Drama sci-fi  Cast via IMDB  2 hours 40  minutes

Is it Just me, or does the post remind you of the Thor Ragnarok poster? And Thanos Looks like a Giant Grape turning into a raisin to me…


With all the secrecy and even the actors being kept in the dark, (only RDJ got to read the entire script) I wondered how to write about the movie for my review.

I  found out the meaning of what the warriors are chanting. its actually in one of the official languages of Afric called Isixhosa, which is a Bantu language and means “hold off” or “Holdfast”

After seeing the film, I am in shock, dumbfounded and really need a ‘Talking Infinity war show’ Either that or at least a phone call to Chris Hardwick!

Bring a tissue or ask for extra napkins at the concession stand.

I am still processing as well as wondering how to write this review without giving anything away.

First thing… Who the hela is the Lord Voldermort looking dude? Also I Finally figured out what or who Thanos reminds me of… the purple guy from one of  the 90s Power Ranger Movies. As for (in Stark’s words)  the Flying Donut in the atmosphere, is it terraforming or what? it sort of reminds me of those things in Battleship.

OMG LOVE Tony Stark’s Track Suit.. omg the things He, banner and Shuri could do if they put their talents together.  Someone has performance issues, I think their feelings and ego was hurt, and no it was NOT Tony Nor Thor. I’m not sure if it was an intentional tribute thing, but there’s a part all I could think of was the twin towers, then something else happened and really seemed so.

I will hint that someone I heard is supposed to be in the movie, was not; as well as a villain rumored to be in it is. As for WHERE the soul stone is found, I, of course, WON’T  give it away but in a sense that Name thing the Thanos or Marvel does in a sense give a clue.

I think it would be ok to say we get to see Gamora as a little girl, and that Thor can understand Groot. LOL…Someone called Thanos Grimace

The soul stone needs one that you love to die, for you to acquire it. (Sort of like only one worth was able to lift Mjolnir)  Does that mean that also plays into the whole eliminating 50% of the population if Thanos gets all the stones? That at least one person for everyone that stays will lose a loved one? How was it decided (by the gauntlet or fate) who are the ones to go?

THere is a part that will now make me forever see Saturn as a forge!

Are those things what Venom is? And wonder if I’m seeing the Hulkbuster suit…  So who is in that?

There’s a moment shared with Bucky (looking a little freaked out to me) when Rocket talks to him. I’mWondering if that was supposed to be a sort of Rocky & Bullwinkle joke.

You know all our battle-hardened heroes are frustrating the crap out of me… WHY are none of you going for his head, or trying to chop off the hand with the Gauntlet??

I think in a sense the movie might be a little traumatic to our geekiness (regardless if you are a fan of the movies alone like myself or if you read the comics… I would think it would be more traumatic for you guys)

Even though we know there are deaths in the movie, the warning does not help. I think some of us are ready to see the loss of a few specific characters, (maybe Iron-man being we know there will be no more of his movies and RDJ is supposed to stop being Ironman but if at all would only do cameos) or maybe Captain America being he did not die in Civil War. Another problem could be those  I thought it would be which I will not name. However, I might be right as those who seemingly die are possibly likely to be in the next infinity war movie. (this should have had the Ragnarok subtitle, as it’s supposed to be the end (or beginning of the end, so maybe its the next Infinity war movie that should have the Ragnarok titles.) but then again we shall see what happens in the next movie as its supposed to be the end!) There’s one tragic part that I think is what haunts me so. I know my heart felt like it was breaking when I saw it, and I’m sure you will know which I mean if you have yet to see the movie.

Should I hint at how many casualties there are (or seem) to be? Something tells me many of you are expecting maybe 1-3; am I correct? I’ll just say be ready for more! Not to mention ones you may likely not see coming. Which may also be the reason for the haunting feeling after the movie is over.

Its definitely MARVELous but at the same time, it doesn’t really feel like a Marvel movie. And no, thankfully its not like a DC movie. It was still the quality, quirky and, goofiness we want and love from Marvel (studios) movies.

Opening Weekend Box Office Records

Infinity War: Find Out if You Were Killed By Thanos

Want to know if you survived ‘The Snapping? or go straight to didthanoskill.me



 Being Mocked as the most ambitious crossover

Many have posted a photo of past crossovers but that was just from one Tv show to another or maybe one movie to another. I’m not sure if this is supposed to be sarcastic but seriously. Those are not a community of characters from what 18 movies over 10 years. With many moving parts not to mention different ‘rules’, tones, and so on. Not to mention Marvel being able to give each character equal time, and if they don’t have much in the first Infinity movie then they may have more in the next. The only thing that might come close is the superhero crossovers on the CW. (and I still say DC needs to stick to tv)


Infinity War infographic

‘Avengers: Infinity War’: It’s Marvel’s Universe. We Just Live in It.

Avengers: Infinity War Directors Reveal Which Characters They’d Take on a Vacation

How Black Panther, The Guardians Of The Galaxy, And Doctor Strange Somehow Fit Into “Avengers: Infinity War”

What’s the secret  title of the next Avengers movie?(Try not to laugh at some)



 news leading up to the movie

 First Look at Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Teaming Up

What Is The Book In The Avengers: Infinity War Preview?

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Is The Most Human Of The Marvel Movies According To Anthony Mackie

Avengers: Here’s Why Civil War Came Before Infinity War

Is Thor Wielding Ultimate Mjolnir In Avengers: Infinity War?

Is Thor Wielding Jarnbjorn In The Avengers: Infinity War Teaser?

New Infinity War Details Reveal Thanos As Most Frightening Avengers Villain



Here there are either articles, reviews and so on that  may have spoilers


‘Avengers: Infinity War’ gives the fans what they want … and a few things they might not: EW review

The Incredible Avengers: Infinity War Lives Up to All the Hype



DEFINITELY Comeback AFTER seeing the movie

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