1976   Christopher George,Andrew Prince, Richard Jaeckel, Joan McCall,Joe Doresey  Directed by William Girder


Visitors to a state park are terrorized by an 18-foot grizzly bear. Christopher George who stars as the park ranger Michael Kelly hatches a plan. This fearsome forest foray (sorry just had to) is supposed to have a ‘Jaws’ feel to it.

At first, they don’t show the bear much, if at all (maybe a foot here or a patch of fur there…) but toward the end, they show more of it (body wise) with full shots. For being as old as myself (give or take a few months) it was a good suspenseful movie. The only thing that didn’t hold up was the make-up fx techniques and the 70s fashions.    I love 1970’s fashions, but between that and the contrast and colors of the picture you could tell its age.

Include this in a retro movie Marathon this needs to be part of it.

(Suggestions… do an all 70s decade or pick one from each decade 30s-2000, 2010-2018… and make sure the 30s movie.. is a universal classic! I recommend the Invisible man)

WARNING animal sensitive people

I know its fake  but it still saddens me to see it so just an err heads up

maybe even in the literal sense!


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