Return to House on Haunted Hill

2007  UnRated, 1;21  Erik Palladino, Andrew Lee Potts

When I saw a preview of this before a rental I got a bit giddy as you can choose your own

I used to love the choose your own adventure books as a kid as you could read them over and over (Neil Patrik Harris did his autobiography in this fashion which I loved!)

Soo you can choose between the

Director’s Version   or     _*_Choose Your own

I’m sure its needless to say which I went with!

A pair of sisters do not speak much if at all when one of them calls her very busy fashion editor sister who doesn’t answer.  Regular sis (sorry forget their names) leaves a hysterical sounding voicemail. From this, you get to decide if busy calls her back.

This time instead of a professor studying fear, this one is looking for some statue. He was working with the hysterical sister. Can he find this lost statue (of some cult) before someone else does?

Erik Palladino plays a former student of the professor’s and is trying to get the statue as well, with a possible backstabber or two in his crew.

I can’t remember which choices I made (or how many times you got to) I don’t want you to choose the same I did

Honestly, I always thought the way you chose depends on your Mood at the time and your personality as well.

The so-called house looks more like some corporate building/skyscraper or even an old-fashioned hotel from the outside.

I’d say this is a give or take. I like the fun of choosing your own but you’d have to watch it a few times to see the difference between your, the directors version and another time changing your choices to see how it really is. If ONLY Marvel could have done an Avengers movie like this!





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