Gifted (movie)

2017   PG-13    stars Chris Evans, McKenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenna Slate, Octavia Spencer


I missed I think 15 minutes to half an hour of this but got the gist and probably the meatier parts of the movie anyway.

Chris plays Frank (or was it Fred, either way, ones the Uncle the other is the cat!) who’s genius sister died and is left with a gifted young girl who came to live with him seven years ago.

Like mother like daughter, Frank’s niece is a genius but he keeps her in regular school and I can understand his reasoning. But at the same time, this little girl’s brain is functioning at least at a high school level if not college level. The grandmother is a ‘female dog'(I am trying to keep this review family friendly) she wants to put her in a school for gifted children (which the mother did and had no life) and the uncle doesn’t want that for her, he even says he has to be doing something right being she is such a great kid.

She’s likable and honestly, I really did cheer for her when she stood up to a bully pestering one of her peers. And she gets in trouble for it. (i forget how she dealt with the kid if she punched or pushed him but it’s not like she was the one that was constantly bullying someone. Its never the bully that gets in trouble only the one who stands up to them. Every child should be allowed to stand up for themselves, if words don’t work then you give the bully a taste of their own medicine and if that doesn’t work then you let an adult know.  My way of standing up to bullies… I always showed up for the fights. They always kept walking. (and I was a little disappointed a time or 2 when they did go on their way).  Otherwise, I would scare the crap out of them, in more ways than one. Let’s put it this way when you carry certain books around an make sure only certain people see it, what books I used, they didn’t want to mess with me. I didn’t believe in the book heck I didn’t even read it, and still haven’t but that person never bothered me again.

Anyway back on track and my apologies for the ramble.

So the mother and the son go to court decide what’s best for the kid, sans the gifted little girl. Why not bring her in at some point and ask what she wants?  (even if it’s just her and the judge may be a neutral party) Who to live with, what school or type of to go to or if she wants to skip grades and so on. Or go to regular school then have a tutor for her level?)  After all, we are the ones that more or less know what our hopes and dreams for life are. Just because you are older, and the kid’s elder does NOT mean you know what is good for her. (as my mother didn’t have a clue and ruined all I wanted for my life)

So eventually uncle frank finds or hears of clues here and there that throws some shady light that something is not right.


I agree with the poster if you read the “Heartwarming look at the meaning of  what a family reallyh is










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