Satan’s Little Helper

2004  R   1:40 Kathryn Winnick,  Amanda Plummer

So the young boy in the movie plays some game called Satan’s little helper. He dresses as Satan(‘s little helper) for Halloween. Frankly ‘Satan’ in this looks more like Krampus! I thought it was a December Holidays movie, not Halloween.

The boy sees Satan setting up some ‘decorations’ and begs him to let him help him. Honestly, Satan is pretty nice to the kid, I’m surprised he didn’t just so some mean nasty thing to him. As the movie gets closer to the end, Satan becomes all to real and the boy’s infatuation turns to terror.

Kathryn Winnick looks pretty as a Renaissance bar wench, but I prefer her in her Shieldmaiden attire.

The movie is all too predictable, and apparently, no one taught this child about STRANGER DANGER!

The film declines as it goes on, its I think 20-30  minutes too long for me. and it’s only n hour and 40 minutes!

I do enjoy that mask though.


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