2015   NR Horror 1:30  Ione Butler, Andrew Asper, Lala Nestor,Kim Nielsen,   more cast

A strange virus  quickly spreads through a safari park zoo called Eden which is an endangered wildlife refuge. WE

start in turning all the zoo undead. So now we all know this is a stop the creatures before they escape and cause more dismemberment and zombify everything in their path.

Being a fan of the tv series ZOO  (and trying to get my hand on a copy of the book) I thought I’d watch this as an appetizer before season 3 of the show.

one notable quote is

“It’s a zoo, NOT Jurassic Park”


Why hasn’t this been on Syfy or Chiller channel? I would have went nuts as it would have been a treasure to catch on there. Heck for all I know it could have been on there and I missed it.

One memorable part was the daughter in her mother’s office… where she is playing. I don’t want to set up the whole thing I’ll just say I will never look at a Koala the same way again.  actually you may not look at a lot of the animals the same way again. (and why I hope there’s never a zombie cats movie)


Basically a ‘nobody’ cast or at least I haven’t heard of them, though one did

look familiar though looking at his filmography I don’t know why.

It made me sad to see the animals killed (or at least the ones that looked like real animals were used..if any at all) but they are zombies so for the (ethical) animal lover the movie was scary in a sense  and the (morbid humor and) horror lover though not scared in the horror sense but was fun a little gore, not much as far as I remember (not gushes for just the sake of being gory like some which turns the movie camp)

So anyway those 2 sides of me Animal lover and horror nut had a real fight while watching this. (maybe that’s why I enjoyed it because it pulled me in 2 ways knowing what’s right yet not wanting to do/see it at the same time.)

Love the name of that ape or was it gorilla… Kifo cute name for to me an

I did enjoy this though for what to me was a bunch of nobodies in the movie. As for the overall movie I remember quite a bit of it and would recommend it.. Just not to watch it before going to any safari, Zoo or refuge. I  mention that as I purposely watched the first Final Destination movie the night before going on a plane… and of course for the first time (I think it was the 3rd or 4th time on a plane to Toronto) we had turbulence and I nearly freaked out! I went white knuckle clutching the arm rests, and I don’t freak out or scare easy. So If you are planning a trip to one of these I ask wait til you’ve been there (depending on your horror sensitivity) cause you may not want to go back!
ugly (fake looking) animal. I don’t care for much of the  monkey species… some are cute maybe 5% but none in this were even before they were zombies (heck in a morbid way.. they were cuter that way!)

Find it on Amazon Video & DVD here


Well after watching this I’ll never be able to look at a Koala the same way again. I jsut don’t like the angle this was done at, but you can see some stuffed animal toys on a shelf… That ratty old looking plushie,(this gift doesn’t do it justice looked worse)  I’m guessing is not. This was a sad turn for me; The poor girl almost had me crying after her encounter after what transpired with what she said.


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