Kong Skull island

2017   PG-13  Action,aDventure, Fantasy

Tom Hiddleston, John Goodman Samuel L. Jackson Toby Kebbell  Brie Larson John C. Riley Shea Whigham,Corey Hawkins

In the March 10th issue of Entertainment weekly measured up the many incarnations of King Kong strating with the
1933 Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedeck’s original, in which the ape’s size fluctuates depending on the scene. So how does Kong measure up in 2017?  read on to find out!

The original’s 24 foot size changes between scenes especially to make him seem bigger next to the Manhattan skyline.

In the 1962 King Kong vs. Godzilla Kong is 148 feet high. I was surprised to read that the idea was originally to pit a giant Frankenstein against Godzilla.

1967’s Kaiju movie, King Kong Escapes he was shrunk down to 66 feet and faced off against the Mechani-kong.

1976 he’s 10 feet shorter in the american remake of King Kong, only instead of scaling the Empire State Building, he takes to the Twin Towers. (mmm there’s got to be a Rampage video game joke in there somewhere)

In 2005’s King Kong directed by Peter Jackson who was more realistic went back to 25 feet tall.

In Kong Skull Island… we are back to the growth spurt at 100 feet in preparation for the Godzilla vs. King Kong match of 2020! I was going to write that the size not only makes Kong King of every jungle, but the globe… seeing the size of him in 1962 would make that comment wrong. (That would be more fitting of the 1962 version) However this Kong would be much better than Trump, as he never shuts up.

so what about the review of our new Kong?

First of all I want to let you know in case you have not heard or figured it out already, this movie is the start of the ‘Monsterverse’, some of which you can see in this awesome Japanese poster (WHY can’t they ever do ones like these for us here?!!?)

My guess is some of the creatures we see in this will be in some new “Kong vs …” or they will be pitted against Godzilla even. I have heard a new ‘zilla is on the way!

I went to see this on discount day (tuesday) at Alamo Draft House which is now (at least until 2pm) is ‘Free For All”  which means, Lights up, sound down, ok to chatter and for all ages”  but do they kick people out for doing any of that after 2 (esp. with crying kids?) Unless it’s a G or PG movie babies should not be aloud in viewing rooms (unless of course you make crying rooms again!)  Also I’m wondering if because of this that they did not play the crazy clips and stuff they did before all the other movies I’ve seen here, or is it just done for Superhero movies? Anyway I was very disappointed with the lack of clips, as I love seeing them. It’s usually stuff from all over the world current or retro and so on.

The movie opens in 1944 over the South Pacific when one of our guys goes down as well as an enemy pilot  and survives the crash. While both are about to fight (or in the midst of one) but stop at something they had never seen before.

July 1973  Bill Randa who works for Monarch and researches Massive unidentified Organisms and Huston Brooks are trying to get money for an expedition to an uncharted  island that is legend. Until now no satellite has been able to find it and the island  is usually covered in a perpetual storm mass. Turns out it’s the legendary Skull island.

Randa is sure that the ‘testing’ done in that area (I forget when) was actually not testing but trying to kill something.

I love the Bar Scene with Tom! Finally gets to be a badass!

As previously mention the island has a perpetual storm system surrounding it that keeps it hidden. (What I want to know is why would an island always be surrounded by a storm system. What would be the cause of that?)

I love the red lightning on those dark dense clouds!

They drop BOMBS! to map for geological survey.. are you kidding me?  Serves your asses right if you get eaten by anything!

Continuity problem!!!  There’s 4 Heilos on deck that take off for the island. Later they are shown in formation and shows maybe 10 so where’d the others come from? There was no other boat around so where’d those others come from? I asked my dad he said the aircraft carriers (or as I call it the floating runway) have where they have a bay underneath when the air craft are being worked on. This was not that kind of ship though.

Well Fox 5 and Fox 3 are down from a flying Palm tree and a floating palm. Someone falls out of heilo and toward Kongs mouth then switches off to someone taking a bite of a sandwich  (thought What the hell but chuckled at irony)

3rd down by a superman punch… wait is WWE Roman Reigns putting in time for Kong??  We’ve got a few spinsters as well!  After all this

“That was a non-practical encounter”

Never drop bombs unless you want to unleash the beasts!

Ok climbing up on a chair or anything will not help you with this spider.. (doubt I’ll see the future Vs. movie that thing is in!) Oh and Impaled through the mouth.. talk about gag me!

Talk about a sushi buffet! You could have made at least 5 of every squid or was that octopus dish known to man.. or in this case gorilla!

So Kong is so mad because the bombs woke the ‘skull crushers’  which come up from the vents and are the reason there are no other Kongs. Those things killed all the others, now it’s only King Kong which keeps them, especially the big one at bay. No Kong, good bye humans on the island.

There’s an ooooh aaaah moment. Think of a snow globe, without the snow but add the aurora borealis!

So they are in a literal valley of death, what is that ash and fog from? I can only think of a volcano, is that what the fumes and vents are from?

Every king Kong movie that comes out, all I can think of is the one I saw in Black and white (I think it was) in 3-D on WPIX with the old carboard Red & blue glasses.. This would be worth a watch in 3D but that was at a later time.

That’s the penultimate fist punch!

Uh…Oh it”s the BIG ONE!!! I think with this one… I can officially say.. “Welcome to the Monsterverse”!

Those things look like the Tao Tei  from the great wall (at least sort of)  Oh Kong gets bitchslapped by a tail!

Holy Crap… talk about improvising! Kong McGyvered a  propeller mace! I don’t know why (maybe it was the superman punch) but I’, expecting Kong to RKO the thjing. You’ve got brass knuckles Kong’s got rusty ones! Eww what was that, that came out after its tongue?


a Chest pound and roar to remind you who’s King

 (or maybe that was more like a ‘AND DON’T COME BACK”)


I enjoyed the movie, and think it was worth the money on a theater screen. I just wish I would have been able  to get to a 3D viewing instead. I give it a


as in BANG for your Buck!

my apologies for the late post, I did see it in the theater but somehow it just slid through scheduling.  I can say worth a blu-ray purchase or the 3d 4k whatever versions available to the public! The bigger the screen you have, the better!!!




Tom Hiddleston steps into the media jungle




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