Time after time

ABC Sundays 9       Sci-fi Drama       starring Freddie Stroma, Josh Bowman,Nicole Ari Parker, Genesis Rodriguez

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Another Time Travel Show, Really?  This one though seems to have a better premise, not to mention is more purpose driven story to tell.

The two hour pilot  was enjoyable and man if the real Jack the Ripper was as yummy as this guy playing him…I could see why any lady would for victim to his charms. I need to watch a few more episodes to make my finally decision but I’m thinking that it will be a standout from the rest (Legends of Tomorrow,  Timeless, Frequency, if you want to count that one or that new Making History)

This series is a delightful spin on the sci-fi genre as well as classic literature and history. In 1893 London, Jack the Ripper aka Dr. John Stevenson played by  the delectably charming Josh Bowman who has been secretly slaying the ladies…quite literally. The jig is up and turns out his best friend H.G. Wells has created a Time Machine (untested).

Needless to say he steals the machine only for it to come back to Wells who follows and ends up in modern day Manhattan. Wells meets museum curator Jane Walker who is currently setting up a Wells exhibit  does not believe the wild story she hears when he’s captured by security. Once the strong willed curator has all the proof she needs that Wells is really who he says he is, she goes on the adventure of a lifetime and maybe a little romance as Wells seems quite smitten wit her.

There will be a bit of mythology which I can see being set-up through a few of the episodes. Maybe some easter eggs for those of you that have read the books (or have just heard about some of the stories) . The series looks like it will adapt or should i say crib off of some of Island of Dr. Moreau and the Invisible Man (I loved the old universal horror of that) to fuel the plot and place some twists.

I like this as it’s an ongoing story not, a full on time travel show where every week you are in… a whole new time zone, or as I in a sense see it… dimensional time zone  (as that is how I see time travel. We all have our lives we know, but there’s all those branches that coulda, shoulda, would, have been had we made another choice. To me if you go back it’s like another dimension, only if you change something in the past you could erase your existence or another’s…there’s a few things I’d like do over but which one to do first. But what are the consequences in going to and somehow changing the future?)

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