10pm (est)   NBC  stars Clive Standen (Vikings)  Jennifer Beals , Gaius Charles   (IMDB)

Taken the tv series is a prequel to the movie series, that made Liam Neeson an action star in his mid-50s.

Its  the origin story of Liam Neeson’s Taken movie character Bryan Mills. to which we meet at 35 years of age, a former  green beret and yes ladies the character is single!  Although it’s a genesis series depicting the evolution of the character, it does take place in present time, and how the hero became the hero, before he had the full ‘particular set of skills’

Star Clive Standen a martial arts master who is best known as Rollo in the History series Vikings first had to shed some of his bulk of Rollo’s 220 pounds before filming.

Besides the trailers I was able to see the opening scene before the premier of the show, and between the two it looked like it was worth a watch (even if you are not in Vikings withdrawal) and a good action show. The first movie was pretty cool but then there were the sequels.

Bryan loses his sister during a hit on their train ride home in revenge by drug lord Carlos Meija, who’s son was killed in a hostage situation.  The situation leaves him broken and filled with guilt he wasn’t able to save the one he loved. His sense of personal failure is the demon he’ll be battling.
He’s also being watched by some black ops team, in which he is recruited by Christina Hart who is the deputy director of National intelligence and reports to the president. He’s wired to protect others and a diamond in the rough. She just has to enhance his skills. Where the movie Bryan Mills works alone, this Bryan will have some help with saving the world. The ops team is hidden deep in the national security apparatus f the country and led by John (Friday Night Lights’ Gaius Charles better remembered as ‘SMASH’) The group has U.S., Foreign and Domestic jurisdiction

Bryan will get close to his sister’s friend Asha played by Brooklyn Sudano.


The show I’ve read, if compared to other shows ” has the real world scenarios of Homeland and the pace and momentum of 24″; and just like Jack Bauer he’ll go dark as he wonders if the country he’s working for is just
as bad as the people- the terrorists, kidnappers, cartel bosses he’s told to catch.

Neeson had some unexpected advise for Clive taking over his iconic role:  “never lose the heart of Bryan Mills” so Clive says “I have free license within reason, to reinvent the character a little bit, but I want him to be someone who could eventually be the Bryan Mills that Liam played int he Film” That is…”Clark kent most of the time and Superman when he picks up a gun”

Standen in one of the articles I read mentioned (writing from memory so may not be an exact quote):

What is interesting about Mills is he’s not the suave sophisticated Bond who always has the perfect suit, hair, line for the ladies best villains, gadgets and so on. Nor is he the cold calculated Jason Bourne, conflicted by his memory loss because he was made to be a perfect soldier. He’s also not the tech savy characters of Mission
He also said   Apart from the car stunts which are really dangerous he does most of his own.

With 2 -3 episodes now watched, I say its a keeper.  For anyone that’s a fan of the vikings,  its going to likely take me all season to get used to Clive without his long Viking hair (even though it had since been cut shorter as he’s now a French Duke)


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