Is it self-promotion when you don’t make a penny? #Sundayblogshare #bookbloggers

I’ve read this over, now when I was in a reading group I don’t recall having this problem. Also I mention it’s a review I wrote But I’m not going to write it over and over everywhere, so I post it by link.

I don’t get paid for my blog or writing reviews (though I do wish I would get donations) it would help me out as I am not able to work a normal job.

I still have to ask the writer however if they wrote back to this moderator that they have posted n the past and what their problem was when they have never seen this moderator post before!

Ajoobacats Blog

Recently I removed myself from a FB book lovers group. It is a big group and I had contributed now and then commenting on posts if I had read a book and quite a few of my fellow bibliophiles were on there. Overall it was a friendly book group and I had been a member for over a year at least.

Every once in a while when I think I have written something of interest on this blog I post the link on a book group. I don’t post a link to my blog on book groups every time I blog a book, nor do I regularly post links in certain groups even when it’s welcome, simply because as much as I enjoy increasing my readership I don’t want to feel mercenary whilst doing it.

However, posting my top ten books of the year is a special post and I…

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