Vampire Dog

2012  G  1:31  Family Comedy  Collin MacKechnie, Julia Sarah Stone,Jodi Sadowsky

I had heard of this some where, but sadly when I added it to my netflix queue, it has sat there for a year or more in the ‘saved’ section which meant Netflix did not have it nor knew if ever they’d get it. (Though they are usually good at getting foreign films.

One day I was playing around on one of my movie apps on my kindle and I came across it!!! (and noticed a few others on my saved list.

Fang the cliche name of the 500 year old vampire dog, does not drink blood, but hoovers up all the red ‘jelly’ (jell-o). He is adopted by the current surviving kin of his owner who was his care taker. He was made a vampire while saving his master from being bitten. He’s a cute dog oh and by the way… he talks!

It’s a cute funny movie., the whole family can enjoy or just you and your pet even.

its rated 4.4 stars on Stream door and I was trying to give it 5.. (gotta figure out how to rate them on there)


Find it on DVD & amazon video    or if you have a kindle download the free StreamDor app to watch any of the movies there free. Not sure if it’s free on Google or iTunes (if they have it)



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