Friday Bind- War & Peas by Jill Churchill

War and Peas (Jane Jeffry, #8)War and Peas by Jill Churchill

A Jane Jeffry Mystery

In the Burbs outside Chicago next door neighbors Jane Jeffry and Shelley Novak Who’s (whose?) quirky community seems full of murderous intent, the two friends always seem to end up stumbling (or is it bumbling?) over corpses. They sift through the scandalous mystery of motives, agendas and gossip. It’s not all serious but it is definitely not as funny as the Stephanie Plum series.

This story there’s a Pea festival put on by the Pea museum. (really?) This year it even has some sort of war re-enactment as part of the entertainment (What does that have to do with peas? are they using pea shooters?) during which one of the museum’s employ is killed.

Why? Was it for the directors position of a small museum? Over some peas that are by name one’s inheritance or for some nasty words?

ooh it was who I thought it was, and they were my ONLY suspect. I didn’t fall for any of the Red Herrings. The writing has good a good flow definitely an enjoyable mystery. With most of the characters being likable except for a few bad apples and one really sour lemon! One of the characters, a lawyer has a very eccentric fashion sense.

I just hate that when I get off to a good start reading a book that it seems like getting the last 50 pages seems to take longer than it should, a page or 2 one day or a few more another when I should be able to read the last 50 throughout the day. But so goes life!

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