Demons (tv)

2009  TV   Crackle (app)  English Mini series .. Christian Cooke ,Holliday Grainger, Zoë Tapper,Philip Glenister         IMDBpage

Luke is a teen or college student and comes to find out he’s the last Van Helsing. No not as in Stoker’s version but the real deal.

I like the theme song, it’s a bit catchy but not as much as the one for Buffy the vampire slayer which this is somewhat that premise. There’s less of a ‘scooby-gang’ though you could say there’s a ‘Giles’ (which was her Watcher)

Philip Glenister plays the would be ‘Giles’ (almost looks like him) Rupert Galvin who knew Luke’s dad, and has watched over Luke through the years. He’s the one that will train him though he and Mina (Zoe Tapper) keep too much from him. No Luke doesn’t help much as he goes to school, and tries to keep his social life.

Mina is blind but somehow find the books to research etc. Luke and Ruby have been friends since grade 4  and she is does or is starting to fancy him as more so. She’s the only one that learns of his Slayer secret.

In this they call the supernatural beings ‘Half-lifes’  and you ” just grade and smite them”. For instance i the episode ‘Suckers ‘ yep you guessed it, Vampires they are a type 12 (on and man is the master AWFUL at bowling) Oh and that ‘Zippy’ character won’t ruin it. but I was cracking up.

Also we get a little bit of Shakespearian Insults (well sort of) Galvin calling (I think it was) Thrip a ‘Festering plug of Drain slime”  honestly I wish more shows and movies had insults like that. (at least that way you don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the insult.



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