2015  PG-13 comedy, Fantasy, Horror  1:38  Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Krista Stadler,Conchata Ferrell, David Koechner,Luke Hawker  & a bulldog named Thor! (the irony!)   IMDB info

There is no record of Krampus recorded until the 1600s WAY past Pagan age. Unless you want to associate him with Loki’s ‘Reindeer games’ helmet’ (of Marvel’s Avengers) that’s the only option.  Christmas is BASED on a mass amount of Pagan rituals so the Christians could get them to convert. Santa Claus is pretty much St. Nick & Krampus in one. Frankly considering all the crap holiday movies of all the other genres (esp. comedies) with all the joy and happiness… its about freaking time that a horror one comes out. Also there is nothing in Pagan religions that likely resembles Krampus. I find it to possibly be the Christian view of the devil having a good and bad for the holiday as there’s always a yang to the Yin .

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The profile silhouette of Krampus is imposing and creepy enough, sort of across between the Beast (from Beauty and the beast) some old witch hag and as I said Loki’s reindeer games helmet.

The movie opens with a holiday shopping montage, that I’m surprised Krampus didn’t show up right there. Honestly they need to do something about those ‘riots’ have pre-orders done and pay half or something. Anyway so while there Tom and Sarah’s son Max has some school holiday show and well …sugar hits the fan!

So now uptight mom Sarah and workaholic dad have their obnoxious relatives coming for the holidays (not sure if the parents or kids are worse though!) Hope none of your relatives are like these people!  So I think them being at the house puts the naughty meter in the red and so are getting a visit from Krampus for their 12 months of  naughty business.Though the amount of what I see in just what’s supposed to be a few hours at first I think was enough to beat out the previous months!

Adam Scott first off I think was a bad casting decision.. or was the movie also supposed to be a comedy? Oh lord yeah it was supposed to be part comedy but aside from one quote :  “Looks like Martha Stewart threw up in here” from The Aunt and delivered with perfection from 2 & 1/2 Men’s housekeeper. Aside from that it wasn’t all that funny, aside from a few Psychotic Gingerbreadmen!  but those alone were better than all of The Night BeforeImage result for Krampus Movie

And this movie might make you think twice about Ginger Bread men!

LOVED those I was baffled at first but I knew there was a reason I didn’t like that stuff! These hellions were some 5 sorts of freaky.

What do you get when you cross a Teddy Bear and a Nightmare?   This  ‘Bear Mare’, Night bare, Teddy Mare? pick one of preference! I flinched when I first saw it. (Really hope mine doesn’t turn into this or I’m so screwed as it’s right in the corner near my head I wouldn’t put it past him to literally bite someone’s head off!Image result for Krampus MovieSo in a sense the movie was sort of scary especially when Krampus was around though they should have kept it more mysterious having the silhouette, and not directly showing the talk about the horses mouth, and goat eyes! His elves reminded me of the goblin or was it a dark elf I forget from the movie Legend that starred Tom Cruise. Also the movie gave me the only snow I got to see for this holiday so for that I give it a B otherwise it was a good C!


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