News over the holidays

Matt Damon’s The Great Wall Opens Big In China

Marvel Comics March 2017 Solicitations
Why Gotham City Sirens Needs A Female Director
First Look at Netflix’s The Punisher Cast Together

Science of the Marvel Universe

Carrie Fisher Dead Obituary

Star Wars Icon Carrie Fisher Dead at 60
Carrie Fisher’s Sister Shares Throwback Photo And A Sweet Message

New Justice League Photo With Batman, Flash, And Wonder Woman

Avengers: Infinity War Casting Call Excludes Popular Hero Geez they couldn’t have just come out and said it? I already had my suspicions who would be in the first and second movies. Considering Tom Holland is not official Marvel Property I figured he might not be but from my understanding is that the ENTIRE Marvel universe is supposed to make an appearance in one movie or the other. I’m guessing our big names (those listed) would be in the first as most of their story-lines (or contracts) are up. Plus with the certain other characters to get their solos after infinity wars #2 is out I’m guessing all of those characters would likely be in IW 2.  My guess is, aside from the Winter Soldier… the other characters die (unless he was exaggerating.. Sebastian Stan said in an interview his contract is until he’s like 4o…or was it 45)
The Expendables Will Get Fourth and Final Film In 2018

Carrie Fisher Reportedly Suffers Heart Attack on a Plane

Here’s How Many Fighting Styles Spider-Man Used In Captain America: Civil War




The Walking Dead Spoilers: Five Moments To Expect When Season 7 Returns

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