Happy Holidays

Image result for Winter solstice gifI wanted to send you good tidings for your Holiday and from here (Until at least the 27)  Multi-screen Mo_Ti_Vision is going on holiday leave.  There will be one more post that will be on Friday. In the mean time I may be working on the Avatar Awards which will ‘air’ on December 29th! (Yes from now on if I don’t get all the movies I want to see crammed in before this date (any year) I will just publish it. Also this is the last year I will post it as a page, as If I do one to some extent every year, It’s likely best to just make them as posts and have an archive of them in the Avatar tab.

and I included a sugar cookie recipe I found at the end. I’m going to make mine from instant as I already got the package, but I’m going to make edible glitter for them! You can find the recipe in my Pintrest Recipes board.

Wishing you all…


Image result for happy Winter solstice gifImage result for happy channakkah gif  Image result for Merry Christmas gifImage result for happy Kwanzaa gif

Image result for Festivus gif

For those Holidays I missed (or I should say, haven’t heard of)

 or   Image result for happy whatever doesn't offend youSugar Cookie Recipe Christmas 100% Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel Tea Towel

And Image result for Merry Christmas gif
Image result for happy Winter solstice gif




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