Haunted Honeymoon (a comedy Chiller)

Image result for Haunted Honeymoon1986  PG  Gene Wilder, Gilda Radner,  Dom Deluise, Jonathan Pryce,


Larry Abbot, speaker in the radio horror shows of Manhattan Mystery Theater with his Fiance Vicki. For the wedding they go to the mansion (or is it a palace) where he grew up.  His Psychiatrist uncle shows up at the radio station to cure Larry of his fear which has again come to the forefront sine getting engaged  three weeks ago.

The idea is to  give him a shock therapy, scare the fear out of him! Snakes in your drawers, & the moose was chuckle worthy…  odd happenings around the castle, and greedy relatives who want his inheritance (gee that’s original….)

I wouldn’t exactly call it Haunted or a honeymoon (as they aren’t married upon arriving there or even get married by the middle of the movie) thought that is the name of the story they are performing o the air. There’s 2-3 musical numbers which aren’t annoying (as many come off as with me)  and didn’t recognize Dom Deluise in drag!!!

Wait is Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy of Harry Potter fame)  some sort of relative to Jonathan Pryce? They’ve got the same shaped head and hairline….

a little dated with the styles but I did love the interior sets of the mansion (or whatever you want to call it) and claim Mr. Larry Abnott cured of his neurotic speech defect and exaggerated bursts of fear



You can find it here on Blu-ray or dvd 


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